Q&A: The Truth comes to Light

The truth comes to light – is an extra page of Reljuv S.A.e.c.a. that we have created to give Reljuv the opportunity to comment on the accusations of some individuals.

About the situation:

  1. There are a few lawyers in Paraguay who, due to too few clients, resort to tricks in order to make high profits. Such lawyers persuade former settlers to extort money from Reljuv with videos, chats, discussion groups on the Internet and criminal charges. For this reason, this page serves to give Reljuv the opportunity to comment on this. Sometimes it reads like a thriller and we thought it is a must-read.
  2. There are some real estate agents who see El Paraiso Verde as their biggest competition and pay people to poach settlers from El Paraiso Verde and offer 10% commission for dubious sales. This is a business that not every former settler can resist when they are in a foreign country and don’t have a lot of finances.

Do you like thrillers? Yes? No problem, we sometimes got our own thrillers here and if you are interested, take a look…

The Present Cases:

The File: Mike Mason

Mike Mason was at El Paraiso Verde for a while and was almost conspicuously friendly, but suddenly he turned his tune and left. Unfortunately, Familiy Mason fell into the hands of Mrs. Ravioli, the lawyer behind many such blackmail TikTok videos. She always advises her clients to commit extortion, libel and defamation with false claims online by threatening companies to publish these criminal videos if you don’t pay and – if Reljuv doesn’t go along with her extortion scheme – getting her clients to publish these extortion videos as leverage. This is good business for the lawyer, which she does with some companies to supplement her salary. Also interesting: the lawyer’s sister happens to be a real estate agent and views the El Paraiso Verde as their biggest competition.

Afterwards, Mason attacked El Paraiso Verde on Tiktok very strongly and also claimed that he never got his money back and blackmailed the board of Reljuv with this video.

Here you can find our files to: PDF Mike Mason.
And here is also a statement on the case on YouTube: LINK.

The File: Film Contribution from ARTE TV german

ARTE TV turned up at the gates of El Paraiso Verde and tried all sorts of tricks to gain access to the site, including with the help of a mother whose daughter lives at El Paraiso Verde. The mother claimed that her daughter Indira was being forcibly detained here. We then gave the mother access to talk to her daughter. The journalists from ARTE TV did not include the result of this discussion in their report, but instead presented their report as if El Paraiso Verde were a sect that imprisons its people. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Note at this point: Many thanks for the publicity and for the many new followers and people interested in El Paraiso Verde. The ARTE  “report”, even though it portrayed everything very negatively, has brought us many new visitors and interested parties. Nowadays, more and more people are realizing that you are better off if you believe the opposite of what the bought media presents nowadays.

Here is a statistic that clearly shows that trust in the mainstream media is increasingly declining.

And HERE is the statement by Indira, whose mother claims on ARTE that she is being held in El Paraiso Verde and easily clarifies the case.

Case: Reljuv Embezzlement

The founders had a deep friendship with a certain gentleman who also lived in El Paraiso Verde and ran Reljuv S.A. as president and financial administrator and who, at a certain point, suddenly turned around for some reason and embezzled many millions and left El Paraiso Verde in a hurry. This affected the founders both personally and commercially. This honorable gentleman embezzled a very large sum and still denies it today.

According to the founders, however, this whole crisis will be completely resolved within 1-2 years and everyone who still has a claim will be paid out. Most settlers, even those who have invested large sums, continue to trust the founders, who have since taken over the financial management of Reljuv so that this never happens again.

A brief overview of the crisis in 2023:

  • April 2023 – The founders become suspicious as more and more funds and building materials were missing. Preliminary research begins.
  • August 2023 – The founders demand to see the bookkeeping and bank accounts.
  • September 2023 – It becomes clear that many funds in the 7-digit range are missing. Measures are reconsidered. Insolvency looms, construction is halted and many local employees are made redundant. Some settlers are very unsettled.
  • October 2023 – The founders take over the management and presidency of Reljuv as well as the administration of all bank accounts so that this never happens again.
  • January 2024 – The construction freeze is gradually lifted and the houses of the old settlers continue to be built, unpaid and hidden bills are paid. Evidence is collected.
  • February 2024 – The most urgent debts are paid. Calm slowly returns. The houses of the old settlers are gradually completed.

You can see a video about this whole incident HERE. Everything is explained there!

Note: Of course, there are still some settlers at the moment, which can hardly be ruled out with such a large number of settlers who are still very skeptical and lack confidence. This is inevitable and understandable. But at this point it should be acknowledged that more and more settlers understand that what has happened cannot be changed and that everyone is in the same boat. Only if they stick together can this crisis be resolved. And lo and behold, El Paraiso Verde is starting to turn a profit again and this strengthens the belief and hope that the project will return to its usual state. None of this affects the newly arriving settlers in any way, as their investments are handled separately.

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