Migration to Paraguay – Questions and Answers about El Paraiso Verde

On this page you will discover general questions and answers (Q&A) about El Paraiso Verde in Paraguay.


What is the El Paraiso Verde Paraguay?

After 4 years of intensive research, we have found for you a safe place in a Christian and democratic country – Paraguay, in the heart of South America. El Paraiso Verde is located in the southern part of Paraguay, about 130 km southeast of the capital Asuncion. The nearest major city is the university town of Villarrica with 70,000 inhabitants, 4 universities and a university hospital. In an independent community we can offer you the realization of your life dream – life in freedom.

Who is not allowed to participate in El Paraiso Verde? Who do we not want?

Whoever feels ideologically affiliated with a religion, worldview or ideology that views other people as inferior, or even openly calls for oppression or violence against people of other religions or worldviews in speech or writing, please refrain from contacting us. Whoever, as a member or sympathizer of such an ideology, tries to sneak into our community despite this clear statement on our part, will be excluded by us as soon as we find this out.

How do you solve the enormous need for electricity in El Paraiso Verde?

Almost 100% of all our investors and emigrants want to live self-sufficiently. Energy self-sufficiency, with our revolutionary metal-hydroxide batteries, photovoltaic and inverter, costs about 12,500 euros per household (normal consumption), and 9,860 euros in the campaign.

For just over 1,000 euros more, our residents are energy self-sufficient. Electricity comes free of charge from the sun.

We therefore supply – if someone wants to move to his property – generator power. This is chargeable (replacement of fuel costs and wear and tear of the generator) – therefore at cost price. Thus, each resident has the opportunity to plan his plot and thus his energy self-sufficiency – without stress. Until everything is built, the electricity comes from us.

Can my children study in Paraguay?

Villarrica has 4 universities. But also in El Paraiso Verde a university will be opened soon, where you can study different subjects.

Can I make a living in Paraguay or El Paraiso Verde?

In a country that has had a constant economic growth of almost 5% for more than 20 years and where (unlike Germany) there is nothing and everything is needed, every German who had a qualification and was willing to work became wealthy or rich.

Almost without taxes, with a cost of living between 1/5 and 1/10 of the cost of living in Germany and in a country where you are allowed to do everything that is more and more forbidden in Germany (especially: to think differently and to be critical), you can build a future for yourself.

My recommendation: personal conversation (in the presence of your partner) on Skype and the preparation of a retreat. Based on their qualifications, we can develop a plan to build your personal existence in El Paraiso Verde.

Is Paraguay safe and what is the crime rate?

Paraguay has less than one tenth of the crime rate you find in major German cities today. Crime rates in the area of Paraguay we are in (Caazapa) are equivalent to Germany in the 1960s.

Can I just rent an Apartment or a House in the El Paraiso Verde?

Of course. You can rent an apartment or a house here for weeks, month or even for years, as you like. In this time you can feel into the El Paraiso Verde and decide later if you want to stay or to leave again.

How does it look if I want to work in Paraiso Verde?

Basically, we leave your activity in Paraiso Verde to your own wishes and needs. What arrangements you make with other residents about your employment is up to you. RELJUV S.A. generally only hires employees whose duties are typically non-self-employed (accounting, support services). Alternative practitioners, doctors, consultants, consulters and craftsmen generally work on a self-employed basis.

Paraguay is a country that needs people who think and act independently. Those who absolutely need the social protection of an employment relationship and the social network must consider emigrating to South America.

On some websites you read a lot of criticism about El Paraiso Verde. Why?

El Paraiso Verde is the largest settlement project in South America and also brings the most immigrants to Paraguay. Most of the criticism comes mostly from other immigration workers who see El Paraiso Verde as competition. In addition, El Paraiso Verde does not indiscriminately accept every seeder who wants to settle here and has been asked to leave. This has sometimes led to backlash. Despite all of this, El Paraiso Verde is concerned with fostering peace and community. This requires a certain amount of choice.

Is El Paraiso Verde a haven for NAZIS?

Nazi is a word that is ostracized by certain groups of people or ideologies. That is correct. Unfortunately, today this word is abhorrently and reprehensibly misused to “shove” those who think differently politically into a “corner. The word Nazi is instrumentalized in order to enforce equalization of opinion with unworldly, extremely left-wing multi-culti ideologies. These ideologies destroy all values for which our ancestors fought and died. Ethics, morality, family and respect in dealing with fellow human beings have nothing to do with NAZI.

Is El Paraiso Verde a cult? What is it really like there?

Definitely not. We are finally cured of all sects after painful experience and will reject any “sect” in any case. Everyone can believe what they want on their own property – with the exception of the clarification below regarding who we do NOT want. We will never position ourselves as leaders or gurus or accept such here. We are also just normal people who have taken on the task of preparing the playing field. All participants have to play themselves.

Clearly, however, we will not allow participation in our community of people who belong to a world-conquering religion or such an ideology or worldview.

Why are there so many negative rumors about El Paraiso Verde?

Reljuv S.A. and therefore El Paraiso Verde have the largest immigration assistance service in all of Paraguay and are also able to transfer higher amounts of money to Paraguay from all over the world. Therefore, this is a thorn in the side of other immigration assistance services that exist in the country and spread rumors extensively. In addition, the ever-increasing wave of emigration in Europe is something that governments there would like to curb, and thus attempts are made to malign larger immigration assistance services.

What is the YPY Lake?

The YPY Lake is the biggest lake in El Paraiso Verde with the most beautiful and best plots of land. A small center will also be built here with a café and other nice things to do.

The lake is so big that theoretically one could also sail on it or use many kinds of boats. A central point for tourism, which is planned sometime in El Paraiso Verde, is certainly the YPY lake.

I would buy an apartment in the town of YPY, can I?

We have apartments planned in the city core that we will start selling in mid-2018. Expect around 900-1000 euros/m² for the apartment, depending on the equipment turnkey. In case of purchase, we can respond to your wishes in the equipment. The apartments are basically offered as 2 room apartments (approx. 48m²) and 3 room apartments (approx. 70m²), but other sizes can also be planned and built for the buyer.

Since you are planning all kinds of landscaping such as lakes, rivers, etc., there are again huge costs that you want to pass on to the community. What additional costs can be expected for these facilities?

That’s why we have the Silent Society, which is accessible only to the landowners and fellow residents (NOT- public).

This company makes the infrastructure measures according to a plan, which provides for an annual, reasonable distribution (from the 2nd full business year) and puts the distribution to a large extent mainly into the construction of the infrastructure or in the future also into the purchase of further plots of land. Only those interested parties who have purchased a plot of land by means of a preliminary contract can take advantage of this offer.  Information will be given only after the purchase and transfer of the land investment. Included in the price of the land is a significant portion of the construction of the infrastructure that is now necessary.

Lakes and rivers are also financed by the deposits of the land prices. Those who have a larger plot of land have the opportunity, within the framework of a reasonable building code, to raise the land level, in exchange for compensation for excavation and transportation costs. This finances large parts of these infrastructure measures.

Do partial payments go for land in El Paraiso Verde?

We have some “challenges” with partial payments: If someone transfers installments of 10,000 Euros, – or any smaller amount under which “nothing is reported” to stay “under the radar” somewhere in Germany (National Bank, Tax Office, etc.): this usually does not work because bank computers register multiple transfers from one account to another as one. There should be half a year or more between transfers. Typically, it is safe to assume that multiple partial transfers are more likely to lead to inquiries by the bank’s money laundering department and possibly a money laundering SAR than one properly documented – i.e., with proof of the source of the money – “large” transfer.

The challenge of exporting the money is one side, importing it into Paraguay is the other and also much more complicated. We have to go to the bank for all the partial amounts and explain them. In any case, the bank only wants proof that the total amount was legally generated (e.g. house sale, company sale, inheritance, tax return with corresponding income, custody account liquidation, life insurance – one of these proofs is enough). A remittance with proof is a fraction of the work and there is no “suspicion” that something is wrong. All proofs must also be CERTIFIED translated. These are then presented to the bank so that the money laundering department can let the money through. Paraguay, like almost all countries in the world, had to sign the international money laundering agreements to avoid being “blacklisted” like the Pacific nation of Vanuatu. Blacklist means: no more money will be sent there and no money will be accepted from such a state.

The transfer must come from the account of the person who also bought the property. For married couples with separate accounts, this can lead to “challenges” in importing foreign currency if “she” bought the property according to the contract, but “he” transfers an installment from his account out of love. It becomes even more difficult when an installment (or the total amount) comes from a corporate account, but the corporate owner bought the property privately. This may result in a repayment of the amount transferred.

What is a “Superaedificat” and what does it mean for me if I buy an apartment in Pira Tava?

A superaedificat is a separate building on another person’s land. This legal instrument has existed since Roman law. It is legally established in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. (§435 General, Civil Code).

Most superaedificats are bath huts or temporary buildings of light construction (e.g. The land belongs to the municipality, The allotment garden hut to the tenant of the land). However, a superaedificat can also be a very solid building. The most famous example is the Imperial Hotel in Vienna (where presidents and kings stay), which was not demolished after 99 years (it is a listed building).

In Pira Tava we have taken the super predicate out of the legal drawer. Why?

An apartment in Pira Tava should only be inhabited for a maximum of 2.5 years, so that the El Paraiso Verde co-inhabitant can design his property, plant and build his dream house during this time.
Through the purchase, our residents have their money safely parked in a property and get their money back when they move out after deducting a wear and tear fee (1/300 of the investment).
This gives them an extremely low cost for living until completion, about a quarter of a rent for such an apartment.
Can I rent out my guest house (welcome house) or guest apartment?

A guest house or apartment located on the El Paraiso Verde property can be rented out by the owner at any time. If desired, we will be happy to advertise the vacant guest houses and apartments of our fellow residents via the Internet with a hotel booking program and offer these services and, if needed, hotel services for a fee.

An apartment on Pira Tava is intended for self-living. If a resident cannot be with us all year round, he/she can rent the apartment. Usage fee and operating costs continue during this period.

If RELJUV S.A. is allowed to use the apartment in the absence of the owner, the wear and tear fee and operating costs will be waived during the months of RELJUV S.A.’s use.

Do you plan to build more visitor apartments?

Sure, in the end about 700 visitor apartments.

Can I build an apartment on my property that you will rent and manage for me?

That is also planned. You build a guest house or apartment on your property. We agree to advertise the accommodation, find tenants and place them with you. Therefore, we recommend that all apartments and guest houses have lockable storage rooms where you can store your personal belongings while you are away.

For example, if you are staying with us for only 1 or 2 months a year, put your personal belongings in the storage room and leave the things from the storage room for the tenants to use (bed linen, dishes, upholstery, blankets….). We take photos of the condition of the apartment (house). Then we will rent. You say when you will come back, so that the house (apartment) is then free for you again. We make the final cleaning and photos to be able to charge possible damages to the tenant (and we control the completeness of the inventory).

Is it possible to buy such an apartment in a community?

This is not planned for the time being. Maybe in a later stage. Currently, our fellow residents build guest houses on their property first, before realizing their personal housing dream. These guest houses are either welcome houses (3 sizes) or Buenvenido apartments.

Buenvenido apartments can be built in any number (even in blocks of 4 apartments on 2 floors). Most of the plots are big enough to build e.g. 2 bienvenido apartments side by side, which is a house of about 50m2.

The biggest complex at the moment is the hotel block C in Pira Tava.  24 apartments on 2 floors.

Renting can be done as monthly rent (customer cooks, washes and cleans by himself) or with hotel services (cleaning, washing, cooking) for a fee.

What are the initial costs for such an apartment?

It is best to assume (including VAT) about 25,000 euros. Depending on the equipment and type of construction, it can be less, or more if the equipment is luxurious. Each apartment has a shower AND a bathtub, so that our health guests can also take prescribed therapeutic baths.

What rents have been achieved so far?

We cannot guarantee or make any promises about the profitability of renting. Our experience so far is that no matter how fast we build, we are close to 100% occupancy. And more and more people come to stay with us for a while before they buy. Tourism has not even started yet and the health center with planned up to 700 visitors will not start until 2020.

So far, even containers have been rented by our fellow residents for up to 20 euros a day (600 euros a month). However, this is not a basis for calculation. With monthly renting one could count on approx. 400-480 euro after present situation. Remains after costs approx. 300-350 euro. This means an amortization in approx. 6-8 years with MONTHLY renting (without hotel services, customer cooks himself, washes himself, cleans himself).

For daily or weekly rentals, the returns would have to be higher, but then the hotel services are added.

Hotel: we currently (2019) charge about 20-25 euros per day without breakfast per apartment. The apartment is cleaned and tidied by us.

What is the estimated occupancy rate based on your experience so far?

Currently the occupancy rate would be very high, we haven’t even started the health center yet but are struggling to accommodate people, often they have to stay at the hotel in Caazapa when they visit us. We expect to have the construction speed close to the demand by the end of 2019. We will be open to tourists in the fall of 2020. At that time, most of those tourists will be staying in our residents’ welcome houses or buenvenido apartments.

Consult a tax advisor?

Therefore, talk to your tax advisor about how to transfer the entire amount at once without tax consequences, and send us proof of the origin of the funds corresponding to the amount transferred.

Can you drill your own deep well at El Paraiso Verde? How much does it cost?

At a few meters depth there is groundwater good enough for irrigation. At 100-200m depth we have the “best water in the world”. The quality is better than most “mineral water” you can buy for expensive money.

A deep well may be drilled by anyone with a plot of land of 1,000 m² or more, at their own expense. We recommend that neighbors join together.

We deliver water from a deep well to the property, but through long pipes. The water quality of the own deep well is better. The cost is between 6,000 and 16,000 euros (depending on the rock strata). Our first deep well in Paraiso Verde was a little over 6,000 euros.

However, there are already 13 deep wells so far and they supply the whole El Paraiso Verde. For this reason, there is no need for a separate deep well that supplies only one household.

Do I have any running costs in El Paraiso Verde?

There are no running costs planned, because from the harvest yield a part is used for further care/reforestation. This is clearly regulated in the management contract.

Can a parcel of land in El Paraiso Verde be turned into cash again?

The special legal structure of El Paraiso Verde allows parcels and plots to be exchanged, sold or given away quickly and without great cost or effort. The plots can be sold again at any time. Of course, we are happy to assist in this process.

After the second thinning for value and energy wood from the 8th year, according to the available calculations, the original amount invested is returned by the trees you sell.

Is the investment in Paraiso Verde safe?

There is an investment protection agreement between Germany and Paraguay dating back to 1997. Even in the case of unilateral termination, the country is still liable to the investor for twenty years.

Thus, Paraguay offers more security than Germany. Autonomous communities in Paraguay have been protected by all forms of government for almost 500 years, as they form the backbone of the economy. According to the constitution of Paraguay, expropriation is virtually impossible.

What is the condominium contract?

These are the principles of life as they must be signed contractually to be part of the community. Those who are willing to accept and abide by these principles of life are welcome to El Paraiso Verde. This Condominium Contract will be presented to you and signed prior to your arrival at El Paraiso Verde.

Is the community’s constitution already fixed at El Paraiso Verde?

The basic principles in El Paraiso Verde (Condominium Contract)

The basic principles of our constitution can be found on all our web pages (see also Condominium Contract). These are a formulation of our basic principles, which will not change. This constitution is the basis for the constitution of our autonomous community. Violation of the Condominium Contract may result in expulsion from the community.

Are burials possible at the El Paraiso Verde property?

Generally, this is prohibited by Paraguayan law. Exemptions have been granted time and again, but cannot be promised. Only autonomous communities are allowed to have their own cemetery.

Can the community of El Paraiso Verde sell the plots?

Each individual plot holder can sell the right to use their plot. Since the interest in El Paraiso Verde is very high and increasing, a sale is possible.

Land registration of my absolute rights to my parcel?

When will the land registration of my absolute rights to my parcel be done and do I have to be on site (Paraguay) to do it?

As soon as an area is completely sold, the survey is carried out. These new partial areas will then be notarized by the notary.
If the complete sale of the area does not take place within one year, a date in the year is fixed by contract, on which the registration begins.
Buyers do not have to go to Paraguay, because the purchase is executed by the company via power of attorney.

What right do I acquire if I want to participate in El Paraiso Verde?

As long as it is run according to its statute and the community remains as such (with an operating company representing it to the outside world and a community of people who have their plots within that community), this autonomous community will remain. Some of these communities are over 200 years old.

If for whatever reason this community were to dissolve, the individual members (parcel owners) would retain their property. Only the community and the associated benefits of such would come to an end.

  • The community makes its own laws and rules.
  • Anyone doing business in Paraguay needs a tax number.
  • Paraguay levies: Income Tax 10%, Corporate Tax 10%, Value Added Tax 10%.
    (as of July 2018)

The purpose of our community El Paraiso Verde is regional development in every aspect: economic, cultural, educational, technical… El Paraiso Verde has many other purposes, including alternative health, rejuvenation, self-realization, creating a place of peace.

Each parcel owner receives all the rights of RELJUV S.A. to his parcel by means of a notarial deed. Therefore, each Parcel Owner has an irrevocable, perpetual, alienable, heritable and all others exclusive right of use to his Parcel.

This right of use is equivalent to the ownership of real estate.

Real Property Title in Paraguay and in El Paraiso Verde?

The transfer of real property has a TITLE and a mode, as in all legal systems derived from Roman law.

The title is everywhere the contract of sale, the mode in Paraguay is the notarial deed, since this deed becomes final and NOT the land registration. That means: in case of emergency, what is written in the deed is valid and not what is written in the land register. In this respect, the land register law of South America differs fundamentally from the corresponding laws in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The reason is that in South America the surveying is not yet exact enough and also the legal relationships of large areas are not clarified. In Central Europe there are partly land registers, which are more than 1000 years old and therefore the legislators have introduced the land register registration as mode after many surveys and regulations concerning property borders sometime.

Land ownership in Paraguay?

This was not always the case. Paraguay still has a long way to go here. Therefore, the notarial deed is the mode and therefore the process by which the ownership of the land is made known. The registration in the land register in Paraguay MAY be correct, but if this is opposed by a notarial deed of registration, this deed is valid.

Repurchase agreement for pension property possible?

The repurchase agreement applies only to those who have additionally purchased a precautionary plot, with the prospect of a one- or two-year return.

Return of the safe property possible?

Yes, two weeks from the beginning of the cedula application info trip, it is possible to return the purchased safe plot or exchange it for another one.

Are you an independent colony?

Not yet, but work is being done this year (2021) to become an independent colony. One of the conditions is the submission of at least 100 signed condominium contracts.

Are there any levies to El Paraiso Verde?

El Paraiso Verde does not charge taxes, but those who run a business, e.g. an online business or other business income, pay 5% annually to El Paraiso Verde. This tax serves the community and is deposited in a common pool for emergencies and for the protection of El Paraiso Verde.