Noah’s Ark No. 22: Ticket to El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde fans,

Over 400,000 people follow our videos, our newsletters and our websites.

Over 400,000 people would either come to us as soon as possible or would come if their own home were to break up.

We are facing a problem: now many are waiting to buy land in EPV, but if something “major” happens in the world, 100,000 people will probably want to come to us immediately. That would mean chaos deluxe for our consultants, for our employees and for the settlers.

We only have room for 4000 people (one in 100 of the current interested parties).

Therefore, only ONE in 100 of our fans can find a place for themselves and their family at Noah’s Ark El Paraiso Verde.

But since many still have to sell their homes, quit jobs, close businesses and take care of other personal obligations, we have sharpened our pencils, taken the ruler out of the drawer and drawn and divided large plots of land into small plots.



  • The goal NOW: secure a FIXED place in El Paraiso Verde with an immediately feasible investment.  Several people can also secure a place (e.g. family), only ONE buyer will be registered by us as the owner of the paradise ticket plot.
  • Later: Exchange the Paradise Ticket plot for a residential plot and invest the difference. Or – if the tsunami of emigrants really comes – you can also build houses (semi-detached houses, terraced houses) on these Paradise Ticket plots and live there. All Paradise Ticket plots will have water, electricity and internet.
  • Later: Building a house (to live in or to rent out)

Here are some examples:

Pueblo Pirapo

Duplexes or row house plots with little garden:

Grundstücke 1

Grundstücke 1 nah

Example detailed view of duplex house plot B. Duplexes with a maximum width of 5 meters, or row houses across the width of the plot.

Several plots can be combined.

Grundstück 13006


13079 nah

Pueblo Pirapo


Duplex plot A: 96m2 25.000.000 PGY, depending on the exchange rate approx. 3.333,- Euro or approx. 3425,- USD

Duplex plot B: 120 m2 30.000.000,- Guarani, (depending on the exchange rate) approx. 4.000,- Euro or approx. 4.110,-USD.

Example of a semi-detached house. Interior walls are freely selectable.

Pueblo Pirapo
Further examples of settlements with smaller lots:Pueblo Caracol

Pueblo Caracol A

Pueblo Caracol B

Pueblo 50

Pueblo 50 (Cincuenta)

Plots can still be merged in these 3 settlements.

For example, 51M and N were merged. This means that a house does not have to be built on each plot. The plans show the maximum number of houses.

The construction method in the estates is mandatory. In Pueblo 50 and Pueblo Caracol A and B, hipped roofs are mandatory. Flat roofs are prescribed in Pueblo Pirapo.

The aim was to quickly offer affordable, small plots so that those who want to come in the future can be SURE that they will get a place in El Paraiso Verde when it is time for them.

Plots between 142 and 400 m2 that are not on the water can be purchased from PGY 250,000 per m2.

Each plot can be resold for a price of your choice.

If there is a rush of settlers, the price may be considerably higher, as we will not be able to accept any more settlers once the ticket plots have been sold out.

Requirements for settlers: the condominium contract must be signed. Only people who have not been vaccinated against MRNA will be accepted as settlers. The admission of new settlers will only be approved after the prescribed information week.

Procedure: Prospective buyers first have a Skype conversation with one of our consultants.

We will be happy to resell your Paradise Ticket plot for a fee of 15% of the purchase price.

Secure your Paradise Ticket plot now (limited offer)

For all other free plots of land

the 30% discount until the end of December!

For payments received by 31.12.2023

10% discount for resale plots

Secure a 30% discount on plots now:

With the Paradise Ticket plot, you can be sure of getting a place at El Paraiso Verde when you need a new home.

Your Erwin Annau

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