Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 23: Christmas in El Paraiso Verde: Freedom and Peace for a Happy 2024

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Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

A cleansing thunderstorm is currently descending on the land. I sit on the terrace and watch the spectacle.

Another year has passed, the “darn” seventh year. The 7 hard years with the 7 plagues are over.

On 17 October, we took over the part of the company that we had not intended to take over (management, organization, expenses, finances, bank, cheques, accounts payable, personnel, security, etc.).

Our aim was to create a community, to plan and build a paradise and to enter the new era with you, in which everyone can seek, find and live their soul-spiritual “God-child potential” according to their convictions.

Yes, we wanted to explore together with you the topics of clean nutrition, free energy, absolute, natural health, spiritual abilities and the exploration of the possibilities for a healthy, potentially “eternal” life and to carry the message about El Paraiso Verde out into the world. That was the division of labor. That was our task.

The good news and the message for 2024: We will remain true to our goals, our community and El Paraiso Verde and we will work with you to turn the goals of El Paraiso Verde into a living reality.

Since 17 October, we have brought order, ethics and discipline to the organization of El Paraiso Verde.

The workforce has shrunk to around one sixth, efficiency has improved significantly and our employees are happy to work for the company under the new management.

The former president has left the company and the project along with his circle of employees and department heads.

We have made great progress in organizing the “legacy” left behind.

We have settled the major challenges so that every claim from the former presidency can be fulfilled.

Cataster has finished entering all the properties. Currently, 1,711 files are being stamped with the exit and clearance stamps. It was foreseeable that this could not be completed in one day but would take 1-2 weeks. The stamp festival in the Cataster should be ready next week. Then our notary can collect the file and submit it to the register (land registry office).

Now peace, tranquillity, order and, gradually, clarity can finally return. Everything will be fine and ultimately better – because we have now created a foundation of experience and knowledge.

This gives us stability for the future.

The El Paraiso Verde “Christmas table” is set. You can come.

We wish you a blessed, merry, relaxing and happy Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year.

All our love

Erwin und Sylvia Annau

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