Noahs Ark No. 24: Cadastral Ready – DONE – LISTO – COMPLETO!!!

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Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

We still can’t believe it. We’ve known since yesterday afternoon at 15:50!

That was the truly historic moment that Heinz captured on camera, when Sylvia came into my humble “hermitage”, tapped me on the shoulder from behind, looked at me with an unforgettable smile and said: “Look at me”…

Sylvia, Erwin, Gerhild

I saw the smile, but it took me a few more seconds to realize it… it’s DONE, DONE, DONE!

Land Title Paraguay

The largest real estate project in South America now has 1,711 plots on the cadastre.

As I write this, tears are still streaming down my face. An indescribable ordeal has come to an END.

Exactly to the day, on December 27, 2018 – FIVE YEARS AGO – we received the letter from the Supreme Court of Paraguay with the positive decision on the approval to merge the 3 estancias into one urban development, in accordance with the urban development plan approved by the environmental authority.

The approval of this plan alone was a feat never before accomplished in South America. We had achieved the “impossible”.

Then we were told: “It will take 1-2 years and then you will have the titles”. But it took 5 indescribable years…

Here are the documents:

1. the georeference plan signed by the land registry with all the plots.
2. the resolution (extract) signed by the land registry for the urban development now registered.

Stempel 1

Stempel 2

Stempel 3

Many, many thanks to everyone who prayed for us, meditated, manifested, thought positively and sent us their warmth and love. We have created, seen and manifested this paradise together. Now the plan of a home for about 5,000 awakened and HEARTful people from all over the world is becoming REALITY.

The process of title creation begins TOMORROW (still in 2023).

We wish you a happy, healthy, joyful, safe, warm and blessed new year in love, joy, peace and abundance.


All Love
Erwin and Sylvia Annau

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