Noahs Ark No. 25: 2024 – The Year of El Paraiso Verde – A happy new Year

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Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

In recent weeks, investors who KNEW that the cadastral process was unstoppable, trusted us, and that we would make it happen, have purchased almost all the plots around the center of the Paraiso Verde district at a “Catastro discount”.

Now each of the 1,711 plots of land designated for the title is clearly defined by Google coordinates in the public land register (cadastre).

With a notary contract for one of these plots, you have, since December 29, acquired a clearly identifiable property in the public register.

Some future settlers spontaneously hopped on the next plane, visited us and secured plots within walking distance of the new village center.

This is exactly the right action to take in January 2024: securing a plot of land in a safe, self-sufficient location far away from the events expected this year.

A safe, “pest-free” place with clean air, clean water and natural food.

If you can, you should book the info week from January 11 to 18 and secure your new home or your plan B. If you come quickly to the info week, you can still get a special offer on certain plots.

Including Lago de la Flor, only 8 plots around the new village center are still “white”. For these plots and for all other white plots, there will be a “Registro discount” of 20% in January 2024. There is a 5% “Registro discount” for all resale plots (in purple).

Red are all sold plots, orange are all plots in the process of being sold.

Katastro graue Felder neu

We are now looking for families for the GREY plots who want to open a store, a restaurant or a practice in the new village or practice a craft and present their work, or investors who want to build rental properties (some of them two-storey).

A restaurant, a café, a “juice store” and a brewery are to be built on the public lake. Entrepreneurs are being sought for this. The gray area will become a pedestrian zone with apartment buildings, stores and restaurants. Ernst and Elisabeth’s family are building a large house with a pottery, a meeting center, special childcare and apartments (these are the two red plots in the grey area)

For the gray plots there are discounts for suitable projects depending on the proposed project. Inquiries in this regard at:

Lago del Corazon is now fully open. There are only 4 plots left (with a “Registro discount” of 20%).

The first YPY city residential plots (50-55 and 27) were also released 2 days ago. 3 of them have already been sold.

Kataster Lago Corazon
Further plots have been released around Caracol A and B, 7 of which are already in the sales process.

Kataster Caracol

You can see here how our EPV cadastre team is currently entering Caracol A into our map.

The plots in this district will be submitted for division in 2025. This has the advantage that plots can still be merged and boundaries can still be changed. From the time of submission for division (which takes 1-2 years), it is no longer possible to change the boundaries (merging).

The REGISTRO process is defined by law and deadlines are set.

Next step for all plots that will receive their titles in the next few weeks: a separate registration number is assigned for each of the 1711 plots and a file is created. This takes about 6 weeks. After that, it will take another 6 weeks to issue and submit the first public deeds.

If you can, make sure you secure a place at the information week in January.

If you can’t, make an appointment with us as soon as possible.

A successful, safe, healthy 2024 in peace, love and abundance.

Erwin Annau

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