Noah’s Ark No. 26: Where do you go- when there is o place to go? All is new at El PARAISO VERDE

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

Please watch this first, and then read about the exciting changes at El Paraiso Verde.

The new Year 2024 has begun and everything is new.

The takeover of the presidency by the founders is completed. All department heads around the former president have left. We are working closely together with settlers and specialists to look into the books of the former management to determine further action.

We now have for the first-time control over finances and all aspects of management. The financial advisory board of expert settlers has full insight in all bank accounts, income and into all books. Within less than 3 months the project is fully on track.

The amount of construction sites taken over from the previous construction management went from 63 to 46. Eight homes will be completed with protocol within the month of January. All NEW construction projects of RELJUV are being started immediately and will be finished as quickly as possible, weather permitting, while the rest of the OLD construction sites will be completed as soon as possible.

The cataster is now officially complete. Here is the screen shot from the catastre website

Mesa de Salida

Right now, the 1711 titles are being prepared. The issuing of titles starts in March of 2024.

The following is a summarized review with the outlook of the near future for all who have not followed us since the beginning and for all who are looking for a place to go when there is no place to go in their homeland.

El Paraiso Verde

The largest Urbanization project in South America

Development of a City infrastructure under new management for a planned self-sufficient community of 6000 settlers

Google Übersicht EPV

Google Übersicht EPV nah

The GOAL of El Paraiso Verde

El Paraiso Verde was founded in August of 2016 with the purpose of creating a self-sufficient community for about 6000 people based on the following principles:

  • an international community, where people can live in peace and mutual respect, independent of their religion, ethnic or world views,
  • clean, natural, healthy and alternative, organic nutrition for all settlers,
  • self-sufficiency in times of crisis,
  • clean air,
  • clean water,
  • freedom from toxins of all kinds including radiation from 5G,
  • energy independence with the development of new technologies for clean energy,
  • alternative health using natural medicine wherever possible,
  • alternative education (critical, independent thinking anthroposophical principles, science based on premise that it can only progress if dissenting opinions are permitted) from kindergarden to University.

Since COVID the community decided to become the world’s ONLY self-sufficient, large community of 100% mRNA-unjabbed settlers. The settlers are also against 5G and other microwave-based wireless technologies.

These decisions of the settlers – though based in their concerns for their physical, mental and spiritual health – brought about a unique feature which will make El Paraiso Verde the only place where hundreds of thousands of Radiation- and MRNA – sensitive people or convinced „anti-jabbers and anti 5G-ers“ would want to live, especially in case of another pandemic, in case of forced vaccinations or restriction of individual rights or in case of an attempted transition to a sort of „New World Order“ in their home country.

Considering that about 15% of the world population is strictly against 5G and MRNA-vaccines theoretically the potential settlers would be over 600 million of mostly “awakened”, educated and aware people.

About 600.000 persons worldwide have in the last few years visited one of our web sites (or websites that promote El Paraiso Verde) or viewed at least one of our more than 1000 Videos.

Only 1% of these interested people will be able to get a place to live at El Paraiso Verde.

Supply and demand may demand to reserve a „Plan B2“ property and maybe even build a house and lease it until the time for a move has come. Supply and demand also opens up an extraordinary investment opportunity.

The Accomplishments of El Paraiso Verde:

  • Environmental permit: EPV has the largest environmental permit ever issued in South America. An „impossible task“ performed with costly political work for over 7 years.
  • The unification of 3 estancias in 2 different municipalities into ONE Project (divided into 2 properties, one is the commercial and agricultural part, the other the residential area)
  • Division of the residential area into 1711 properties that will receive separate title deeds.
  • Currently all properties (with the exception of the new settlements, like Caracol) are getting their title deeds starting in March 2024. Titles to settlers will be transferred according to the condominium contract. If you have questions regarding your situation contact us at
  • the monumental infrastructure of Paraiso Verde can be seen from outer space
  • New settlements within EPV have been planned by dividing larger lots into smaller lots. These new settlements will be submitted to catastro in 2026 which enables the sale of lots WITH the possibility of unifying or dividing of lots and changing boundaries of properties at no cost until the filing with catastro.
  • The new situation with titles and with the new management allows investors to buy a complete development. RELJUV S.a.e.c.a. will build the infrastructure and sell the lots to new settlers. One third of the earnings goes to cost (advertisemet, commissions, taxes, fees…) one third to Reljuv and one third to the investor. Example: Pueblo  Caracol A and B. (only lots that have not already been sold individually).

Caracol A und B

  • We have the land to do at a few more of these settlements with different plans.
  • The construction of more than a dozen lakes, waterways and a dam around the urbanization to protect against floods is completed. The dam has now for 2 years withstood all eight floods, one of them was the highest flood ever recorded in history.
  • Construction and completion of over 100 buildings for agriculture, animals, commercial and residential.


El Paraiso Verde now offers a home for everyone:

  1. Come, rent one of our hotel rooms (with or without kitchen) and stay for a few days, weeks or up to 3 months (unjabbed tenants only) and if you
  2. Decide to stay, do the info week with „green card“ (residence card and cedula) and stay with us at our hotel or at one of the rental residences of our settlers.
  3. Secure YOUR stay at El Paraiso Verde in times of crises with a „Paradise Lot“ starting at USD 5000,-
  4. Come here to visit and decide if you want to live at EPV in the future and find „your lot“ while you are here, and exchange your Paradise Lot free of charge if you like.
  5. Invest into El Pariso Verde by buying your lot, building your new home and come whenever you want (or when you have to). We can help you with renting your house until you are ready to move.
  6. We also have interesting opportunities for larger investors. Please contact us at

All settlers and investors are secured by property if they agree with our condominium. They are owners of properties.

El Paraiso Verde is a unique place to live for awakened and sensitive people.

El Paraiso Verde provides a secure home, a safe haven if you want to travel a lot, a secure Plan B if you „have to go“ and now also investment opportunities for small and even very large investors. There will never be another project like El Paraiso Verde in terms of size, of approved environmental changes, of scope and of a „philosophy“ behind it.

  • The hard pioneer phase with all its traps, trials, tribulations is over.
  • We have survived, floods, fires, governments, corruption and many setbacks but we made it.
  • Now we – the owners and founders – make sure that your investment is managed properly, and you will receive ownership of your property.
  • Now with individual lots and titles El Paraiso Verde is going into its next phase together with experienced developers that have made the impossible possible.

But above all – we would love to have you here with us to go into the new era together.

Love, Erwin and Sylvia Annau

Dr. Erwin Annau
Founder and (now) President of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

Sylvia Annau
Founder and (now) Vice President of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

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