Noahs Ark No. 27: New Contracts – Transfer of Ownership – Register has been submitted

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Liebe El Paraiso Verde Fans,

Since we, the founders, took over the presidency, things have been done as quickly as possible. After the official completion of the cadastral work on 3.1.2024 at 13:14:38…

Mesa de Salida

our notary immediately went on a day and night shift with her entire team to prepare the file for the register within 14 days. I can still remember her last WhatsApp from Thursday last week…. she was very tired…..

But on Saturday, January 13 – exactly 14 days after taking over the files from the land registry – we were at the notary’s office and I took over the decision of the land registry and signed the submission to the register.

Einreichung Register mit Erwin
Signature on the application for submission to the register.

Einreichen Register mit Sylvia

Sylvia has the process of identifying the properties explained to her.

On January 16, all 1711 titles were submitted to the registry. Due to the number of plots, we were promised that everything would be ready for the submission of individual titles by the end of February.

This means that the public deeds for your properties will be drawn up from March.

On Friday, January 12, 2024, we received all the georeference data for all the properties for the entire El Paraiso Verde.

The submission and geo-reference data allows us to do something we have been waiting 7 years to do. AND: We did this within 3 days (day and night shift again).


For example, this is what plots of land look like in our plan, which we have been working on for 7 years:

pdf Plan EPV

The same properties are listed in the RELJUV cadastre:

Reljuv Kataster

This is the georeference plan of the entire settlement area. Each individual plot is entered by hand with its number…

Georeferenzplan neu

This is what the same region looks like in the georeference plan:

Georeferenzplan nah
And every single one of the properties entered by hand can be found in the official land register of the Paraguayan land registry.

Grundstücksverzeicnis Kataster 1

Grundstücksverzeichnis Kataster 2

This means that almost every one of the 1711 plots of land designated for the title is clearly defined in the public land register (cadastre) using Google coordinates. For a few plots, boundary corrections still need to be made.

This means that we can now sell and transfer ownership of certain plots of land listed in Paraguay’s public land register to you. A milestone has been reached.

What is the difference between the previous contracts and the new contracts?

gs excell 1

IMPORTANT: every buyer can have his contract registered with the land register as a preventive measure after the contract has been fulfilled. This means that claims made at a later date can no longer be asserted

(principle of priority of earlier entries in the land register over later entries)

The contract includes a detailed plan of the property signed by 3 persons (if a house is sold, the location of the house is also included). An example:

Detailplan Grundstück

And this is a simple example of Google coordinates. For a property with a curved boundary, these coordinates make up 3-4 sides.

Google Koordinaten

Which means that within a few weeks the rumor house of cards surrounding El Paraiso Verde has collapsed.

1. we ARE in the cadastre

2. every owner of a registrable property is registered and receives his title physically when all requirements (condominium contract, property paid in full, etc.) are met.

Any buyer who has a notarized contract at EL Paraiso Verde should contact us if they would like to have this contract BEFORE the titles are issued. This will be drawn up by us for all those who fulfill the requirements, against reimbursement of costs.

Spread the word:

A new wind is blowing at El Paraiso Verde, and wonderful people come to every Info Week.

THEREFORE: Secure your place at the February info week or NEW MARCH TRIP !!!


And here it is, titleable contracts and registered ownership. Your founders fulfill the promises.

El Paraiso Verde will be BIG and is BIG.

Erwin Annau and Sylvia Annau

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