Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 28: Autarky in El Paraiso Verde – Goals for 2024

newsletter el paraiso verde 2Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

The last Info Week was a success. People are seeing more and more clearly that a new wind is now blowing in the EPV and that the funds are under the control of the founders and will remain in El Paraiso Verde.

New buildings and new investments (after October 17, 2023) will be invested separately from previous commitments. The first new construction contract from after October 17 has been awarded, the (Swiss) builder has been paid and work will start shortly.

Of the 63 unfinished building sites I took over, 17 were completed and a further 8 sites will be finished by February 15.

There was a lot of interest in buying finished houses. 2 houses were sold. There are currently only 2 more finished houses and 3 semi-finished houses on the market (in addition to the 2 large fincas). It therefore pays off to build and rent in the EPV now with the option of using the building yourself or selling it on during the crisis.

The finished rental properties at the settlers are rented out. Fortunately, we have vacant hotel rooms and apartments that you can move into. You can then secure a house or apartment to rent before the settlers’ rental properties are completed.

The resale of properties by RELJUV has also increased. 3 plots of land have been resold in recent weeks and the share agreed with the seller was paid out directly.

Self-sufficiency in the event of a crisis

The major goal of the El Paraiso Verde settler community for 2024

A large proportion of the vegetables we need, a small proportion of the fruit, almost all of the meat and a large proportion of the eggs are already produced in the EPV. The produce is used in the catering trade or sold to the settlers.

A nice start, but much more needs to be done. An invitation to all those out there who are looking for a place to live when food (with the exception of insect food) is becoming scarce on the shelves in Europe and when an authority acting in secret decides what can be paid for. After all, the cash ban in Europe is now a done deal.

New active groups of the settlers

We invite YOU to come and join us

How to join us:

  • on a visit for up to 3 months. Rent a room and get a taste of the NEW EL Paraiso Verde – under the leadership of the founders.
  • As a permanent tenant for as long as you like (info week with Cedula required)
  • Buy a Paradise Ticket plot or a larger residential plot and secure a permanent place in the EPV, come here, rent and co-create with us.
  • Invest in the largest real estate project in South America, save your assets from the CBDC dictatorship, come here and help shape where your assets are invested.

Self-sufficiency groups in the EPV

Growing your own mate / terere herbs

Do you remember the vegetable garden behind the Minimercado with the cake beds?

This was awakened from its slumber by our active group “Medicinal herbs in the EPV” and is now being lovingly redesigned. We invite you who know medicinal herbs or are simply interested in “God’s medicine” to come and help

Drying and selling medicinal herbs

This is how a new branch of the EPV business begins – without a business license, requirements, regulations and authorities. To preserve the harvested herbs, the settlers set up a herb and food preservation group.

Dryers provided by the settlers were used to preserve and package medicinal herbs. Here are a few photos:

Dörrgeräte 1 Dörrgerät2

abgepackte Kräuter


The newly formed group aims to produce a new compost to improve soil quality and strengthen plants (using vegetable waste, manure from our own animals)

With our existing composting facility, you – the compost terrapreta and soil improvement experts – have the opportunity to get involved. Come and join us and build up the compost production and possibly also the Terra Preta production for up to 6000 people!


Some settlers have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of various plants (carrots, peanuts, manioc, corn, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, sugar cane, zucchini, banana, papaya, tomatoes). Some of these fruits can be dried or boiled down or processed into flour, bringing us a step closer to self-sufficiency.


Clean water of mineral water quality is no problem at EPV. The second largest underground river in the world (Aquafer) is tapped from wells between 100 and 300 meters deep.

A problem would only arise in the event of a prolonged power failure, as the pumps are powered by electricity. Our group of electricians, plumbers and interested settlers are working on converting one of our deep wells with solar cells and a battery.

In the event of a power failure, water is now available for around 20 houses. After the trial phase, this concept is to be extended to other deep wells so that all houses in the EPV can be supplied with water.

As you can see, experts in “free energy” are needed here. Anyone who feels concerned as an inventor here would have the ideal and safe environment in the EPV to gradually bring table models to series maturity.


A large plot of land between Pira Tava and the campo was made available free of charge by us founders (“fruit tree avenue”) so that the settlers can grow fruit for their own use and (as the orchard is near the school) the children can learn fruit growing.

The group will continue to maintain the fruit tree avenue and look after it so that we have our own fruit. The trees were donated by the settlers as part of a project. The existing fruit and vegetables are now being planned and processed even better.

The group is working on more options for preserving (jams, compotes….)

They are also starting to plan which fruit will be ripe in the coming days.


Here you can see the conservation group at work

Beginning commercial production

Some settlers are already producing food products, which are also sold to the outside world: Milk, quark, yoghurt, ice cream, cheese, spreads, bread, rolls, cakes, pies, EM (Effective Microorganisms), CDL, dog treats, etc.

Computer-controlled production of door signs and key rings
Dirk has a small 3D printer and CAD-controlled machines with which he makes things like this:


Astrid in her new practice:

Astrid is a competent physiotherapist. Many settlers are regularly treated by her.

She and her family have now moved into our two containers, where we lived and worked for 17 months. The large container is the apartment and the small container is perfect as a practice.


neue Praxis Astrid

We now have many gifted therapists and naturopaths in the EPV.

One more reason to live in the EPV, far away from the medical dictatorship.


We are looking for experts or knowledgeable people who would like to move to El Paraiso Verde in the following specialist areas:

1. humus
2. organic cultivation
3. permaculture
4. fruit growing
5. earth building
6. house building in general and everything connected with it.

If you are good with social media or internet advertising, you can build up an existence here in EPV.

Our new slogan in the NEW EPV: “El Paraiso Verde changes the earth”

VERY MUCH is different since October 17, 2023. El Paraiso Verde will become exactly as it was envisioned and created by us founders and as it may finally be manifested NOW – TOGETHER WITH YOU. Come and create with us!

All Love

Erwin and Sylvia Annau


February Info Week February 15-22
MARCH INFO WEEK one day longer in March
Wednesday March 13, 2024 to Thursday March 21, 2024


Why still go to EPV in 2024?

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