Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 29: The truth always comes out

newsletter el paraiso verde 2Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

Only now can we begin to answer the many questions you have asked since October 2023.

Our silence on the unqualified and unrealistic comments in various social media was necessary in order not to jeopardize the land register project.

In the first interview on the topic of “Change of presidency”, taking over the management and, above all, the finances, I provide the first insight into the presidency I took over on October 17, 2023. Among other things, the following topics are highlighted for the first time:

  1. Why we had to relinquish all financial control and control over business decisions from the beginning of the El Paraiso Verde project.
  2. Why a group of Paraguayans led by an Argentinean made the key business decisions (many without our knowledge, some key ones against our orders).
  3. Why it was not possible to dismiss this president earlier and why we had to act cautiously.
  4. Why we ultimately had to take over the management, even though management is not the job of the founders in any project of this size.
  5. Why we had to wait so long.
  6. What has changed
  7. How El Paraiso Verde NEW, now under the control of the founders, is realizing the original plan, a paradise for 4-6000 awakened (unvaccinated) people.

El Paraiso Verde – The Truth always comes out

This is just the beginning of a journey on which we will enter the new era with the awakened people. The road is still hard and rocky, but we can see the success after just a few months of our management. After taking over the business, we found around 800,000 euros in liabilities and invoices that had not been reported in the handover. However, we have paid all suppliers. or settled. One new construction contract has been started and a second will be started shortly.

El Paraiso Verde has been rebuilt from scratch 3 times. Now we finally have the conditions to make El Paraiso Verde great.

We have created this habitat for you. Now it’s up to you to come and create with us!

All our love
Erwin Annau


Explanatory text for forwarding

If you are asked about various chat posts about the EPV, send the link for the interview and the following text (in 2 languages) in response.

1. When we started the El Paraiso Verde project, the former president was recommended to us as the only person capable of carrying out the project. However, this man demanded that he hold the checkbook and make all the business decisions. We have worked with trustees on projects in different countries all our lives and have never had a problem with a dishonest trustee. As he was the trustee of 16 companies (with full authority over finances and business decisions), we interviewed 5 of the owners and they confirmed that this man was honest and had integrity. After all, he claimed to own 2 large cattle ranches in Argentina, he “didn’t have to work” and he was supposedly a deacon of the Roman Catholic Church. We were invited and attended many masses, which he held in a church in Villarrica together with a priest. He had only accepted the mandate on the condition of full control.

2. We, the founders of the project, limited ourselves to marketing, spreading the message and sales. And that was 16 hours of work – 7 days a week.

3. In the summer and fall of 2023, it became increasingly clear that the former president must have misappropriated and/or misused a considerable amount of funds, as they were missing without proper explanation

4. Therefore we, the founders of El Paraiso Verde, had to take over the administration and finances on October 17th. This was never planned, but we had to do it to save the project.

“Those who flee have something to hide”: In October 2023, the former president left the house we had given him free of charge without being asked to leave. He handed over the computers of the finance department and the president’s office with permanently deleted hard disks. As a result, we did not have the crucial financial data and the balance sheet could not be prepared. Our lawyer is currently considering the appropriate legal action. As the old saying goes, “the cover-up always catches up with you”.

5. We have removed the former president and his entire management team from El Paraiso Verde. The iron broom was used.

6. We could not speak publicly about the possible illegal actions of these people, because accusations without solid evidence would have led to NO entry in the Catastro, NO titles, NO El Paraiso Verde.

7. That is why we had to remain silent during the most difficult time of our lives, until the Cadastre was ready (a very political authority) and the Land Registry was ready to accept the public documents and NOTHING could stop or hinder the process.

8. Qualified settlers have full insight into our finances and into our books from 2016 until today

We – the founders – have stayed to get to the bottom of all this and make things right and heal. This will take some time.

Paraiso Verde is now free and will be built as it was planned.


the founders, Dr. Erwin Annau, Sylvia Annau


Info week Wednesday March 13, 2024 to Thursday March 21, 2024


All the best

Erwin and Sylvia Annau

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