Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 30: El Paraiso Verde, a safe place in unsafe times

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

2024 will be a very interesting year. Anything CAN happen, something WILL happen, but nobody knows WHAT and we don’t even want to imagine what COULD happen.

All the more reason to look for a place to live NOW where you…..

  • can live SAFELY in peace and quiet (even if it is becoming more insecure all over the world due to the crises),
  • know what is in your food and drink
  • can determine the treatment methods for themselves and their children
  • where you can live in absolute peace and quiet as long as you do not disturb the peace of your fellow human beings.
  • can rely on a loving and consistent administration that enforces the condominium contract,
  • which forms the basis of peaceful and respectful coexistence.
  • you meet many awakened people who you feel you have known for a very long time.

Most settlers, but especially emigrants who have lived in Paraguay for a long time, know and appreciate what a jewel El Paraiso Verde is.

Rainer – in Paraguay for 20 Years

After the video, he had to get home quickly. He couldn’t even make the short trip as he has to guard his house. Something we can’t imagine here in El Paraiso Verde.

Many settlers leave their houses and cars unlocked, even though we point out to them that this is not recommended or advised by the RELJUV.

Our children are outside all day. The children of our relatives in Vienna are quite different, as they have to be taken everywhere and supervised.

Here are videos with the activities of our settlers. This is what’s going on at El Paraiso Verde today:

Jazz Club „The Library“ or the „Hardrock-Library“ in El Paraiso Verde

We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and now we’ve achieved another goal. A multifunctional event room with a stage in El Paraiso Verde.

All the technology is permanently installed and therefore offers the possibility of holding a concert, a jam session or simply making music at short notice. We have a grand piano, a concert organ, keyboards, drums and a professional P.A. system.

You are invited to jam with us.

Houses in the EPV

There are currently only 4 finished houses for sale in El Paraiso Verde. 2 of them are in the upper price segment.

During the last trip, 2 finished houses were sold, one of them a few days after the previous owner decided to stay in the Swiss mountains after all.

The purchase prices for one house were settled directly between buyer and seller (as the buyers had completed the info week), the houses are paid for.

Here are some impressions of the two large fincas in El Paraiso Verde.

Finka del Sol with 1,5 Hektar, 4 House Platforms, Media Sombra

Casa del Lago: A residence for the discerning

and all these with Titles!

Take a look at our website or contact us at if you want to live in your house directly or (in the case of almost finished houses) quickly.

WE are El Paraiso Verde, WE ARE FREE


All Love, Erwin Annau

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