Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 32: Immigration Paraguay: Self-employed entrepreneur at the age of 19 – Julius in El Paraiso Verde

newsletter el paraiso verde 2Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

For young people who want to achieve and create something in their lives, El Paraiso Verde is the place to be. Nobody asks how old you are, what you have learned or how many titles you have in front of your name. Here you will only be judged on what you ACTUALLY DO!

This also explains why some came to EPV, ran their mouths and produced NOTHING and then left and then blamed everyone else (preferably Erwin and Sylvia) on social media for their own incompetence. Sorry, El Paraiso Verde is the place of truth. Foaming at the mouth and muzzlers are recognized in EPV. This has nothing to do with us founders, but with the new era of truth we are all entering.

What failures do not recognize:

“He who blames another for his failure also gives the other person all the power over his life.”

“SUCCESS in life only comes to those who take FULL responsibility for all their mistakes and failures.”

“Change is only possible after taking full responsibility for the current situation.”

Julius is different: 19 years old, NO drugs, discipline, a goal and consistency. You can be successful in El Paraiso Verde with that – and in life too, by the way, only in EPV you CAN already be an independent entrepreneur at 19.


Young people at El Paraiso Verde – Julius in the new bakery:

The youngest (single, by the way 😉 ) entrepreneur at EPV talks about his experiences in Germany and how and why he decided to move to EPV with his parents. Julius is in the middle of life. Awakened, self-confident, stable – that’s what you can achieve in EPV if you take your life into your own hands.

If you are unpecked and not a SMOMBIE (smart phone zombie), but want to make something of your life, get in touch with us: Email:

At El Paraiso Verde, young people have a future because they can CREATE their own future here.

All the best, Erwin Annau

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