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Fundamental Principles

Fundamental Principles of the Community  El Paraiso Verde

We create a Peaceful and Independent Society… a new kind of Living in Freedom

1 – Common Goodwill

Anyone is good to anyone.

2 – Mutual Respect

We respect each other as individuals. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, their philosophies and their faith, even if they do not align with our own individual opinions, our views, or our faith.

We value and respect dissent – the “other point of view” – as the basis of science and progress as well as a guarantee of freedom for our own views.

We do not invalidate the opinions, philosophies and beliefs of our fellow residents. We do not evaluate them, and we do not pass judgement on them.

We meet each other without prejudice.

We always interact with mutual respect.

3 – Communication and Conflict Resolution

We “talk it out”

Open and direct communication in case of disagreements or questions is essential. We speak DIRECTLY to the person who can answer the question, settle the conflict or solve the problem. We don’t talk about each other; we primarily talk to each other.

We approach problems calmly and logically and do our best not to spread our own bad mood or ill temper. We understand that we control our emotions. Others are neither at fault for, nor can they control our moods.

In doing so, we respect that each person is entitled to a good day.

4 – Prevention and Clarification of Rumors

We are aware that the fastest way to destroy any community is the spreading of rumors.

Any statements that are unfounded,  seem unreasonable, are unsubstantiated or raise doubts about the integrity or the intentions of individuals, council members or the founders have to be addressed directly.

Any slander spread by a resident about the community, individual members, the Settlers’ Council, the founders and the sponsoring societies will be traced back to the originator to be clarified with all parties concerned.

5 – Reliability

The handshake – your word is your bond

We strive to be truthful in all our promises and statements. We make every effort to keep promises, and to fulfill promises made.

If, for some unforeseen reason, this is not possible, we will work out alternative solutions directly with the concerned party, and in the spirit of mutual goodwill.

We acknowledge verbal agreements but rely on written forms for important matters, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

6 – Solidarity

The spirit of community

We are a community, and thus our words and actions will demonstrate our affiliation with the other inhabitants of El Paraiso Verde.

We will avoid statements and actions that harm, disparage, or discredit the community, individual members or employees. We will resolve our differences within the community whenever possible.

7 – Freedom

Personal freedom is based on the conscientious treatment of our fellow human beings. Total freedom requires total accountability for our own actions. We bear responsibility for ourselves as individuals, and thus through extension, to our community and our environment.

8 – Common Sense

We will consider all aspects of life in all our actions – people, animals and nature.

We will practice the highest possible degree of reason and prudence in dealing with our environment.

We will not do anything that we do not want done to us.

9 – Independence

We work – each for himself – to maintain ourselves as independently as possible and to earn our daily living independently of the community.

This includes self-sufficiency through your own homestead, but essentially furthers the autonomy of the community.

10 – Consideration and Tolerance

We show consideration for our community members, our Paraguayan neighbors, and towards the environment. With our actions we consider the consequences for our fellow men and our environment.

We accept the individuality of others, and recognize each other’s right to be “different,” as long as fellow human beings are consequently not restricted in their freedom.

11 – Compassion

We have compassion for the less fortunate. We help from a position of economic strength. We do so voluntarily and self-determined, because we consider it our human duty to take on social responsibility. At the same time, we as a community take care not to compromise our own strength by an irresponsible share of social cases. Only in this way can we effectively help in times of need.

12 – Trust

We rely on our residents to be honest, sincere and trustworthy. Every individual sets an example of honesty, sincerity and trustworthiness.

13 – Employees and fair compensation

All our co-workers are treated with utmost respect regardless of their nationality.  The quality of interactions is based upon mutual respect. Any conflict is dealt with directly, with regard to the chain of command. We understand that we have a symbiotic relationship with our employees and strive for a healthy work balance of demand and encouragement. We respect our employees’ rights. We will always compensate them fairly, correctly, and punctually, and in accordance with the laws of the country. We, the people of El Paraiso Verde, April 2020

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