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Immigrate to Paraguay has become one of the most popular immigration destinations for English and German speakers. Mostly this is due to the politics that currently prevail in Europe, England, USA, Australia and many more countries. It is the same with the rapidly rising costs of electricity and gas. And more and more people are seriously thinking about immigration.

This is quite understandable, since these countries are now considered countries for the rich with a lot of vitamin B. Paraguay, on the other hand, has a very low cost of living and freedom is still very important and existent.

For this reason, the immigration to Paraguay has become an excellent option, not only because of the low energy prices, but also fiscally. After all, Paraguay has no foreign tax laws. If you continue to draw your earnings from another country, you will live tax-free in Paraguay. And even if you work in Paraguay, you only have to pay 10% income tax. This is many times more favorable than in German speaking countries and Europe in general.

Courage to Immigrate to Paraguay

Many people do not dare to simply pack their bags and immigrate. What is the reason for this? In our opinion, it is due to too little information. We not only provide all the necessary information, but we offer an all-inclusive package for immigrate to Paraguay. In this way, immigrate with us becomes a pleasant and relaxing journey. Yes, even if you want to come alone, no matter if you are a man or a woman.

Paraguay citizenship required? We offer everything for immigrate to Paraguay…

Immigrate to Paraguay has never been easier than now. For this reason you are welcome to contact us without any obligation. Simply write to us and receive a free consultation. Click on contact.

Do you no longer feel “at home” at home?

Then come to us in “El Paradiso Verde” in our “Green Paradise”.

Do you have a SEEKING for FREEDOM?

We have not put our focus on these worries, but on THE SOLUTION.

You can enjoy a life of freedom. NOW – or whenever you prefer to retire from UK, USA, Australia or elsewhere.

Emigrants to Paraguay become more and more

…More and more Germans, Swiss, Austrians, English, Australians and Americans are turning their backs on what is left of our homeland. They are planning to immigrate to Paraguay.

These are people who have bid adieu to their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors forever to seek a new, a more successful, a freer and an easier life elsewhere on this beautiful planet.

These are people who have said goodbye to their homeland and the homeland of their ancestors forever to seek a new, a more successful, a freer and an easier life elsewhere on this beautiful planet.

The immigration trend from UK, USA, Australia or elsewhere is strongly increasing.

Many of the emigrants have an academic degree, a large part are self-employed entrepreneurs, who no longer see a future in the current developments in the western world. Currently we are experiencing the largest “brain drain”, the largest exodus of the most capable, proficient and intelligent fellow citizens in history.

Every single person who has made the inner decision to leave his country has emerged in recent years, the first question they ask themselves is, “WHERE TO?”

We have been asking ourselves this question for four years, checking, comparing and also personally looking at some countries. It was a long checklist of facts that had to be compared, information from the internet had to be questioned and corrected and in the end we also looked at the shortlist in person.

In the end, after 4 years we were left with a country where the chances for a successful, but also relaxing and healthy life are the highest and the risks are the lowest.

Immigrate to Paraguay – Immigration as an Alternative

Paraguay is located in the heart of South America. With a total area of 406,752 km² it is as large as Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein together. The low population density of 7 million inhabitants, offers enough space to grow – economically, socially and spiritually.

Paraguay has a stable democracy of young people. More than 70% of the population is younger than 35 years. The population is very friendly (there are studies that Paraguayans are said to be the most fun-loving people in the world), open-minded and eager to learn.

In a word, those who come to Paraguay are always welcome and those who put their knowledge and diligence to work in Paraguay will be prosperous, perhaps wealthy, within a short period of time.

On this website we will analyze the individual factors that speak for Paraguay and present our own project in Paraguay – “El Paraiso Verde” – the Green Paradise. On an area of 16 square kilometers we offer people from Europe (mainly Germans and Austrians) space for their personal growth in every respect: economically, culturally, health-wise, spiritually, socially…

Paraguay is a country of opportunities, a country where German and English speaking have already found their new home and where you will greet many more compatriots with “Grüß Gott” or “Hi Guys” in Paraguay.

Immigrate to Paraguay? Yes or No?

In our long lasting effort to offer our clients the greatest possible freedom from the “matrix” (authorities, tax office, taxes, bureaucracy, “disease medicine”), we wanted above all to find a place where we can realize all our goals.

No one MUST immigrate, everyone CAN immigrate when she or he sees fit. The laws of Paraguay allow one to obtain a permanent residency permit as soon as possible.

Unlike virtually every other country in the world, you are not required to relocate within a certain period of time. Therefore, many of our investors have obtained immigration papers and stay in Europe as long as they feel safe there.

Big advantage: once the borders are closed in your country, the borders in all other countries of the world are also closed. In this case, you can officially walk past all the refugee lines in Paraguay and get through passport control as a “resident” to your new home. This is the optimal plan B.

An investment in the country and a permanent residence permit in Paraguay are therefore essential if the security of the family is to be guaranteed in the sign of the progressive disintegrating society in UK, USA, Australia or elsewhere.

Living in Peace and Freedom

After 4 years of intensive research we have found a safe place for you to immigrate to Paraguay in a Christian and democratic country – Paraguay, in the heart of South America.

El Paraiso Verde is located in the southern part of Paraguay, about 130 km southeast of the capital Asuncion. The next bigger city is the university town Villarrica with 70.000 inhabitants, 4 universities and a university hospital.

In an independent community we can offer you the realization of your life dream – living in freedom.

On about 1600 hectares (16km²), mainly Germans, Swiss, Austrians, Australians, English and Americans are building a new home to show that you can become very successful and live happily without tax repression, over foreignization and bureaucracy.

The key points for Immigrate to Paraguay…

We, Erwin and Sylvia, and meanwhile about 250 settlers have decided when immigrate to Paraguay to move and build a safe independent, free and autonomous community. Security in freedom for each settler, for their children and descendants. This concern was very important to us and immigrate to Paraguay has been the only option for us and we do not regret a single day having made this decision.

We are looking forward to talk with you.

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