Bank Crash 2023? How do I secure my money?

A Safe Investment in your Future

In El Paraiso Verde you can also invest, for example in apartments.

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This is a safe investment option in view of the global financial situation of the banks and the threat of a bank crash in 2023 or 2024.

El Paraiso Verde is managed by the company Reljuv S.A. and acts as a service provider for this community of settlers in Paraguay. Reljuv also offers secure investments, such as the following example in an apartment that can be placed and built on the El Paraiso Verde property.

The following images are an excellent demonstration of how to invest your saved money or finances wisely so that it does not fall victim to the state in your country.


1. Paraguay Investment: The CashCow Program

Our alternative: Investment in the best tangible asset

At El Paraiso Verde we offer high quality FOOD – REAL meat in times of insect and mealworm nutrition propaganda. Therefore, we recommend to our prospective clients the following investment program with 12% profit, in which everyone can participate who wants to:

The interest in investing savings and assets in the ever-growing tangible asset “cattle” is enormous.

The first 10 released CashCow packages were reserved or sold within 4 days. The second 10 packages will be released for purchase next week. A maximum of 100 packages will be available within the next 4 months based on the current state of the pastures.
Therefore, reserving CashCow packages is prudent.

Regarding the most common question:

The CashCow program is completely managed and accounted for separately from the day-to-day operations of El Paraiso Verde. Backup property and share of the approximately 70 cattle per CashCow package are the property of the investor until settlement.

If you…

  • at least 150% security
  • 12% return after ONE year and
  • are interested in saving your assets from the upcoming events in Europe and North America…

then please register your interest here:

Registration: CashCow-Package

CashCow Program – News

Balance after 10 days:

  • The first 5 herds (350 animals) of investors are now on pasture. Money has arrived, cattle with numbers assigned to investors – and animals are increasing daily.
  • 4 CashCow packages are currently on the way, one is additionally invested in cash.
  • We are buying another 5 herds next week.
  • Another 6 CashCow packages are committed for first half of June. The pastures for these have been released. Purchase of these 6 herds by end of June 2023.
  • If program continues as before, sell out of 100 packages (7000 cattle) between end of August and end of September 2023. Or sooner if a large investor comes in. Large investors are encouraged. The mRNA vaccination status is not relevant to the investment.
  • Some of the pastures have been reseeded so that by then the reseeding will have grown appropriately.

We are ready for 7000 cattle by the end of September 2023.

“I want to save my money from the impending crash and invest in the tangible asset COWS with land security!” – then get in touch at:

2. Apartments

3. Paraguay Investment: Houses

House Tim

IMMEDIATELY into your own home in El Paraiso Verde!

Rare opportunity – HOUSE TIM turnkey PV-80I

Prefabricated houses in El Paraiso Verde are in great demand.

HAUS TIM in “PUEBLO 80” in the district of Paraiso Verde is a unique opportunity to move immediately into your own home in El Paraiso Verde without waiting for your own house to be built.

The location is simply ideal: on foot: 3 minutes to the planned village and the public lake under construction there, 6 minutes to the Bambambo, to the Mini-Mercado and to the Pira Tava Lake, 6 minutes to the YPY Lake with its recreation area.

Thus, the house TIM is located in the best, central location and yet in a quiet side street, which is only used by residents.

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House Gabriele

In 3 months in your own house with endless distant view!

Absolute quiet location, distant view, jungle view – HAUS GABRIELE P1-44G and P1-44H
HAUS GABRIELE is located at the edge of the “Pueblo de la luna” in the district of Pirapo 1, in the southeast of the settlement area of El Paraiso Verde.

Pueblo de la luna is the name of this next village to be built in El Paraiso Verde, because the starry nights and the moon that rises in the east and shines brightly over the Pirapo River offer an always new experience for the future inhabitants of the “Moon Village”.

It is so quiet there that one can enjoy the “symphony of nature” day and night. During the day swallows, herons, hawks, even sometimes an eagle fly over the floodplain of the Pirapo. At night you can hear the crickets chirping, enjoy thousands of flashing lights of fireflies and be happy when an owl “comes to visit” again.

Living in the Gabriele House becomes a therapy because of the infinite distant view to the south and the view over the primeval forest at the Pirapo. Once you have experienced the sunrise behind the jungle, you will become an early riser, even if you have been a morning person until now.

The Pueblo de La Luna will be a cozy little village with a main square with a (already planted) park and a pedestrian zone with restaurants: Haus Gabriele is about 150 meters away from the main square – far enough to enjoy the tranquility and close enough to walk to Christophe’s French restaurant, currently under construction, in a few minutes as early as 2024. A small bar is to be built next to it. A small private brewery is also planned nearby.

The view to the southeast cannot be obstructed from the shaded terrace if lot P1-44H is purchased, and to the southwest the endless view will hardly be obstructed due to the large lot P1-45B.

The Gabriele house is “builder ready”. For a turnkey house only tiles, sanitary jets, the kitchen and the sewage system are missing. This equipment can be selected from our rich offer and installed within 3 months. The house is connected to the electricity and drinking water network.

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EPV Southeast page:

House Christian

Residence in (green) paradise!

Luxurious domicile or residential project – HAUS CHRISTIAN PV-62 and PV-63

HAUS CHRISTIAN is located on the west side of El Paraiso Verde in a planned villa neighborhood with large hectare lots and wide views of the daily breathtaking sunset.

The west side of EL Paraiso Verde is reserved for villa properties or upscale hotel and residential complexes. The location in the Paraiso Verde district is ideal – 3 minutes walk to Ypy Lake, 10 minutes to the new village on the jungle and about 15 minutes to Pira Tava. The park-like garden of plots PV-62 and 63 has a crescent-shaped lake of 2,963 m2 framed by palm trees and equipped with a swimming platform The shores can still be shaped, e.g. for a sandy beach.

Living in the house Christian offers both a shady east terrace and an infinite distant view to the west and thus the daily experience of sunset in El Paraiso Verde. The west side waterscape is not expected to be built for many years (perhaps decades) to come, and even after the west side is developed, the high platform and size of the lot guarantee sunset views from the expansive terrace of House Christian.

House Christian is “turnkey” including an indoor AND an outdoor kitchen, a carport, plus storage room and large storage areas, a large vegetable garden with partial shade and a total of 5 large clay platforms on which houses, villas, apartments or other buildings can be built.
The house Christian and the two plots 62 and 63 are already connected to the electricity and drinking water network.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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