Rumors about the magic El Paraiso Verde in Paraguay

El Paraiso Verde rumors come up in a community every now and then. A sentence uttered is passed on, and by the third or fourth person, an assumption quickly becomes a “fact.” Rumors have a bad side and a good side. The bad side is that they can irritate settlers or cause discord, but the good side is that settlers who live with their hearts in the community are never swayed by rumors. Thus, clarity emerges as to who lives with his heart in El Paraiso Verde and who does not. Below are some of the rumors that had already made the rounds about the El Paraiso Verde…


On some websites you read a lot of criticism about El Paraiso Verde. Why?

El Paraiso Verde is the largest settlement project in South America and also brings the most immigrants to Paraguay. Most of the criticism comes from other immigration workers and Real estate agents who see El Paraiso Verde as competition and spread rumors so that people do not use our service for immigrants. In addition, El Paraiso Verde does not indiscriminately accept every settler who wants to settle here and some has been asked to leave. This sometimes leads to backlash. Despite all of this, El Paraiso Verde is committed to fostering peace and community. This requires a certain amount of choice.

Does El Paraiso Verde really exist or does it only exist on paper?

Yes, the El Paraiso Verde settler project does really exist. Unfortunately, rumors often have more power than the truth for a short time, but in the long run, the truth always wins out. El Paraiso Verde currently has about 250 settlers and over 120 Paraguayan employees and has already built tens of houses and offers 1,600 plots for sale, many of which have already been sold. It is now even more beautiful than on the videos of El Paraiso Verde on Youtube.

In El Paraiso Verde, you don’t really own the property. Is that right?

After a probationary period of about 9 months, you will get a title for your property. This is how many colonies in Paraguay do it to ensure community cohesion. It’s like a probationary period, if you will.

Are there other websites or articles that write positively about El Paraiso Verde?

Yes, there are. See: The Wandering InvestorMatrixblogger – Ritas WebseiteDie UnbestechlichenDie neue ZeitConnektarSebastain ZehnerTransformierLiebe das Ganze BlogLichtnahrung 2015 and others… (use Google Chrome for automatic translation).

Is it true that from Germany and many other countries now tens of thousands immigrate to Paraguay?

Yes, it is true. In 2015, there were e.g. about 150,000 people who preferred Paraguay to Germany. From an internal source we have learned that now 20 times as many applications have been filed in 2021 – and that just in Germany to emigrate to Paraguay. According to statistics, there were almost one million emigrants to Paraguay in 2020, but we can assume that the numbers are even higher.

Is it true that only Pensioners live in El Paraiso Verde?

No, that is not the case. Every age group is represented in El Paraiso Verde, i.e. from 1 year old to 78 years old. Children and teenagers make up about 25%. The most common are families with children.

The Mainstream Media wrote that more than 3.000 settlers live in El Paraiso Verde. Is this true?

No, this is not true. As always the mainstream media researched badly. In El Paraiso Verde live maybe 250 settlers.

Do I have to work at El Paraiso Verde and lend a hand?

No, only if you want to. Many settlers have brought their savings and invested them in the project and therefore do not need to work anymore. Therefore, for many settlers, permanent vacation is the order of the day. However, if you would like to pitch in and help, or if you would like to become self-employed here in some way, you are welcome to do so. We don’t force anyone to do anything.

Is it true that thousands of settlers live in El Paraiso Verde? This is what the press has written.

At the moment there are about 250 settlers from different countries of the world living in El Paraiso Verde (2023). Obviously, something very special must be happening in El Paraiso Verde that the magazines and newspapers that Bill Gates sponsors are trying to warm up all these rumors. But as it looks, unsuccessfully, because the website of El Paraiso Verde is getting more and more hits, well over 1000% since September 2021.

Is it true that the Paraguayan Government is annoyed with El Paraiso Verde because so many immigrants come here?

We don’t know if this applies to all German emigrants, but El Paraiso Verde is very well respected by the Paraguayan government because so many Paraguayans are given work here and we also sort out the settlers well. Politicians even come by more often and enjoy our project. Also they have extended the duration of the criminal record from 3 to 6 months to make it easier to immigrate to Paraguay.

Is it true that only gurus and spirituals live in El Paraiso Verde and everyone tries to convince the others of their belief system?

No, you can believe what you want here. Also, it is not allowed to harass others with one’s own belief system or to convince someone of it under pressure. There is no proselytizing here. In El Paraiso Verde live largely politically awakened people. Maybe 20% of the settlers are also interested in spiritual and philosophical topics.

El Paraiso Verde is home only to swindlers, Reichsbürger, antivaxxers, right-wingers, Corona deniers, and so on. Is that true?

No, it isn’t. All kinds of people live in El Paraiso Verde. But they have recognized that Corona is the common flu. You can see this in any statistic that compares “Corona” to the flu.

We are not antivaxxers either, but advocates of the right of choice over the substances someone gets into their body. Everyone needs to do their own research on whether they want to get the vaccinations currently offered. The integrity of one’s body and the free choice of treatment are enshrined in the Constitution of Paraguay and they are a human right. Therefore, we are against any compulsion to vaccinate – directly, indirectly or through bullying.

We also have nothing to do with the right, the left, religions or worldviews. We reject every racism from deepest conviction. This has already been made clear X times and does not need to be reported again. Whoever wants to spread right-wing and left-wing extremist ideas and whoever practices religious intolerance (no matter what religion or ideology) or wants to proselytize others, will not stay at El Paraiso Verde.

All of the above are terms that the mainstream media have devised to defame people who oppose the Corona policy, house arrests, and indirect coercive inoculations. In El Paraiso Verde there are many ordinary families who care about peace and happiness. They are like you and me and long for a small paradise where they can live self-determined and free, without multiple taxation, high unjustified prices, massive laws where everyone can only be punished in some way, regulations and mass manipulation by the press, that one can only look to move to a country with more freedoms.

In El Paraiso Verde everyone has Corona? Is that true?

No, that is also a rumor. Here, with a crowd of about 400 people, not one case is known – although no one wears a mask and a hug with a kiss on the left and on the right cheek is standard.

One or two newspapers said that the military goes in and out of your country to vaccinate everyone and that vaccine refusers are reported to the Paraguayan Ministry of Health. Is that true?

No, this is an attempt via mainstream media to stem the great wave of emigration from any country to Paraguay. Also, the Paraguayan Ministry of Health has publicly stated that such articles are misinformation.

It has been written in the German media that compulsory vaccination will soon be enforced in Paraguay. Is this true?

No, that is also a rumor. The constitution in Paraguay explicitly states that every person is free to choose the type of medical treatment he or she receives and may not be forced to undergo vaccination or any other medical or medical treatment.

Is it true that Paraguayans are a very rebellious people?

Yes, it is true. New legislation on the so-called corona measures are only recommendations for Paraguayans. And if the Paraguayans don’t like something that the government thinks should be laid down, there can be a lot of demos, with mollotov cocktails sometimes being thrown at Parliament. Even a lockdown is only of very short duration and still the stores remain open. Even the policemen do not wear their masks over their noses, if they wear them at all. Also, Paraguay is very large and measures can only be reasonably enforced in the big cities due to the small government staff.

Is El Paraiso Verde a haven for Nazis?

No, in El Paraiso Verde live normal people. They are politically awake, but follow no political direction. There exist no right or left, the settlers think by themselves.

Is El Paraiso Verde a sect? What is it really like there?

Definitely not. In any case, we reject any “sectarianism”. Everyone is free to believe what they want – with the exception of the clarification below regarding who we do NOT want. We will never position ourselves as leaders or gurus or accept such here. We are also just normal people who have taken on the task of preparing the playing field. All participants have to play themselves. Clearly, however, we will not allow participation in our community by people who belong to a world-conquering religion or any such ideology or worldview.

Is it true that the Paraguayan government is promoting El Paraiso Verde?

Paraguayan President Santiago Pena likes El Paraiso Verde and has personally visited several times our place here. In addition, Paraguay always enjoys immigrants from other countries and are very open and warm towards them.

In El Paraiso Verde you don’t get a title for your property

No, this is not true. One gets his title after at least 9 months of settlerhood. We consider this as the minimum time of a kind of probationary period to find out if one is a person who likes living in a community or not.

The lots in El Paraiso Verde are swampland, I heard?

When the El Paraiso Verde project was founded and built in 2016, some parts of the land was under water after a heavy rain. However, just 2-3 years later everything was drained, dams were built, a huge ditch was drawn around the whole land and perfectly built up with rivers and lakes. For many years now, the land has been perfectly set up and is dry. Therefore, this rumor has been completely outdated for years and still belonged to the pioneer era.

Do really ingenious inventors, high-grade scientists, clairvoyants, telepaths etc. live in El Paraiso Verde?

Nikola Tesla doesn’t exactly live in El Paraiso Verde now, but certainly some resourceful minds have come together here and one or the other discovery or invention has already been made, which could already revolutionize the world. El Paraiso Verde is already a great Eureka. And yes, also people with paranormal abilities exist here.

Someone once told me that you can be bugged in El Paraiso Verde, is that true?

No, that is not true either. We once had a very paranoid settler here who was looking for microphones under the tables in the café because she couldn’t explain how we could knew she was trying to poach other settlers. When she left, she then spreads such a rumor in Paraguay at every opportunity. In fact, however, due to years of experience, in encounters with the most diverse settlers, we know here how some think and can therefore be well assessed by us. We always laughed about this and has been a running joke for some time. This individual case demonstrates very well how quickly rumors about El Paraiso Verde can arise.

I found a video on the Internet of a former settler who said that you don’t get your money back. Is this true?

In every country in the world, you are responsible for selling your own land or house by your own if you do not want to keep it. You can’t go to the previous owner and demand to buy the land back. But as a gesture of goodwill, the Reljuv company even offers this, that in some cases they buy back the land at a certain price, although they are not obliged to do so. Also, such a settler is not obligated to have Reljuv buy back his land, you can also indicate an interested party who will then apply to be a settler and thus offer the land at whatever price you want. There are also contracts for everything you can invest in as a settler. No one is forced to sign a contract that has a duration of 2 years and then you should stick to this period.

Is El Paraiso Verde led by Scientologists?

No, this rumor arose because the founder Erwin Annau once spent some time with the Scientologists 24 years ago when he had set out to test out many religions and communities. He left the Scientologists 24 years ago and today he is a great critic of this sect.

Are there really German imperial flags at El Paraiso Verde, as is claimed in the German press?

No, there are no flags here at all, at most a Paraguayan flag, if at all.

Is there really an underground base under your huge Lake Ypi?

No, that’s just a rumor. Lake Ypi is so big that you can sail a boat on it, and it’s also a popular swimming spot. Such rumors demonstrate that there exist a lot of rumors about a place with a new concept and a new living.

Does Angela Merkel really have a plot of land in El Paraiso Verde and want to retire there after her escape from Germany?

No, fortunately this is also only a rumor.

Does ex-President Bush really plan to move to the same property with Angela Merkel in Paraguay?

We do not know whether Angela Merkel or ex-President Bush really have a property in Paraguay, but certainly not in El Paraiso Verde.