Rescue in the event of a burst pipe – Experience Report

A wonderful good morning to everyone, many thanks to everyone who visited our flea market yesterday. It was a lovely afternoon spent in good company.
When I came home from Lydia afterwards, I was surprised by a big mishap. By switching on the power, so they explained to me, so much pressure must have built up in the water system, that a pipe on the water pump came loose and this caused a huge flood (thankfully only behind the house). I could only turn off the main water tap.
Uwe informed Magno and he was there with his colleagues in 15.min record time and that on a “Sunday”!
They repaired the damage quickly and easily so that I simply had water again. Two more employees came this morning without being asked and did the rest or exchanged parts.
I just want to thank you for the quick help!
Thank you, especially to Magno! I haven’t even experienced that in Germany and we’ve had quite a few burst pipes in the apartment and practice over the past few years.
The guys are always helpful and there when you need them!
This is not a matter of course and shows me how great this project works here!
I wish everyone a good start into the week.

Warm greetings

There is a lot going on

Dear friends of El Paraiso Verde!

A lot is happening at El Paraiso Verde

The development of El Paraiso Verde is going faster and faster. I know some people think everything is “too slow”, but when you consider that we currently have the capacity to build 70 buildings a year in brick, we will soon be building 6-8 buildings a year with sirewall and when the big hall is finished we will also be able to offer houses with pressed mud bricks, you get an idea of how huge this project has become.

In our new video we give you a (far from complete) overview of what’s new at EPV. First of all, we invite you to our monthly birthday party of our settlers. It’s nice to see all the smiling people who can live happily and in peace with us. Then we show you life in our Block D Hotel with its communal outdoor kitchen, boating at YPY Lake and the construction of the first large villa on the east shore. We will give you a whole new perspective from the southern tip of our El Paraiso Verde. New machines are being bought almost weekly so that we can speed up construction. The trees are growing faster due to the rain, a new park is being created in Pira Tava.
First pictures of the “Rainbow-Bridge” made of Sirewall clay. Sirewall has found its new home in El Paraiso Verde. El Paraiso Verde will be the first place where a lot of Sirewall houses will be built. Once we have our university, we will teach these and other ecological building methods to students from all over the world.
Have fun watching!

See you soon at El Paraiso Verde!

The May trip is practically full. The June trip is also filling up. So sign up RAPIDLY!

All the best
Erwin Annau

Professionals wanted

  • “2-3 teachers for self-directed/free learning. Experience is an advantage, internal training is possible.”
  • Lower, middle and upper school teachers in maths and science subjects.
  • PERMAKULTUR-Experts with experience, especially in growing fruit trees.
  • Shoreline design and lake maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”. Experience in photovotaics Specialists in Schauberger-Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of work experience to

We are the fire brigade – not only in EPV

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

We are the fire brigade – not only in EPV

After the end of the COVID measures and the lifting of all measures by the Ministry of Health, only one day later the Senate in Paraguay has also drawn the line under the planemie. The law, commonly known as “nunca mas” – “never again” – was passed with a 2/3 majority.

This law prevents another authority or ministry from bypassing the legislature and taking measures that de facto suspend fundamental rights and the constitution. Read more

Paraguay is free!

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!




On 18 April 2022, all COVID measures in Paraguay were lifted by the Ministry of Health.Domestic testing, masks and vaccination are a thing of the past. In line with our wishes, vaccination and masks remain voluntary. Paraguay is a free country again.


It was a long struggle. 2 years of convincing politicians at state, federal and municipal level, countless hours of research, translation, forwarding the current TRUE information about Covid, tests, masks and vaccination. A fight against a global “omnipotent” octopus with an unlimited budget, led by a handful of “Jedi Knights” with relatively paltry resources of money, staff and time.

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Entry in Paraguay

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

Entry restrictions to be dropped no later than April 21

In a war, it is difficult to be precise. We are in a war, World War 3, which fortunately is being fought by other means (propaganda, injected drugs,…..).
Propaganda is fast and blinds the eye. However, in such a war, truth always wins.

This is also the case in Paraguay. For 2 years we have consistently represented the truth about the p(l)andemia, the useless face wear and the injections. Since day 1, we knew what was being played. Our consistent course of truth has won.
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Uwe, Doctor Naturalista: the interview – Sylvia, the celebration

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends

Visit of Senator Silvio Adalberto Overlar Benites at El Paraiso Verde
– the video

Here is the video of the visit of Paraguay’s most influential senator. And also the proof: He asks the gatheredi workers in Guarani if they are also 100% registered with the social security and the gathered workers confirm this with loud applause. Unbelievable for such a large company in Paraguay, but: we set a good example.

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VICTORY for El Paraiso Verde and for Paraguay

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

The “tide of war” is turning.
VICTORY at the international level: The plan is being seen through

Worldwide COVID is abolished and the true plan of the (still) powerful becomes visible. Worldwide people wake up. Worldwide the mass (=lies) – media are recognized as propaganda – machines of warmongers, agitators and merchants of fear and catastrophes.

Thus also the planned, world-wide “extermination campaign against El Paraiso Verde” became the largest advertising – campaign for our colony. From all over the world people are coming forward to join us, even from Japan! El Paraiso Verde is known all over the world. The smear campaign against us became an atomic pipe burst for the forces of Evil. This time the good guys win.


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Raw food cafe, report Telenoche

Dear El Paraiso Verde friends!

Our popularity is on the rise!

Last week one of the biggest TV stations in Argentina, telenoche was with us. They were allowed to film and interview settlers in English and Spanish. The coverage was positive, although telenoche is part of the main stream media sent out to report negatively about us. “the colony of the chosen anti-vaccinationists.” Should sound negative, but for the Main Stream press the report was another shot in the knee:

Views of our videos are now up 230% in the 28 day period. Requests come from USA, Canada, and thanks to telenoche from Argentina, as well as from other South American countries.

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