Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 14: Land Register – Progress with „Warp Speed“

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

The most important area for the implementation of the El Paraiso Verde vision are the titles for the plots of our settlers.

“Warp Speed” we know from many science fiction movies as an over-speed of light where seemingly the whole universe bends to speed up or shorten the trip.

The expression is not an exaggeration. In the following screen shots, we show you the individual steps in the Catastro…

In these steps you can see what has been done with date and time. There are often only days or hours between the individual steps. Steps that were not completed in years under the previous president, Marito.

These are the steps of the cadastre that are publicly visible:

Kataster 1 Kataster 2  Kataster 3

And here is the confirmation of these steps by Catastro:

Katastereintragung neu

Fruits of years of political work.

We – the spiritual project El Paraiso Verde – never wanted to interfere in politics.
But the project had to be saved, there was no alternative. The political work was grueling and not only time-intensive, but it was worth it:

On September 7, 2023, Senator Salyn Buarquis (PRLA) called the Land Registry (Catastro) a disaster (Catastrophe) in the session of the Parliament and demanded the end-bureaucratization of the Cadastre. I wonder from whom he got the idea for this speech?

Bild Parlament

The extent to which we have objectified the party discussions with our public relations work and have sworn all parties to the REAL PROBLEMS of the country can be seen in the fact that even the senator of the left-wing party PRLA, Salyn Buarquis, demands the opening of Paraguay to the outside world and the controlled immigration of qualified people from all over the world, completely in the sense of the government. This includes an orderly and fast-acting land registry, in order to clarify ownership quickly and also to be able to secure loans. Every country needs an unbureaucratic land register. This serves to ensure legal certainty, both with regard to ownership and to possible encumbrances and claims by third parties.

Catastro has been a nightmare of bureaucracy and delay for decades for every local, but especially for immigrants. NOW – all parties and the government agree – the land registry is to become a model agency in terms of precision and speed. To demonstrate this positive change, work is now beginning on over 950 El Paraiso Verde properties.

To date, it has taken an average of approximately 2 years from the filing of a land registry application to the issuance of title.

At the current pace, we expect the titles to be issued this year. We may be able to issue the public deeds with the first settlers as early as November.


The plot of the week:

We will feature certain particularly interesting plots in future newsletters, some also with a special discount valid for a short time. These are the “gusto pieces” that are only available for purchase once.

Paraiso Verde – 50 A – A paradise of tranquility – in the middle of the action

In the development of a housing estate there are only a few cul-de-sacs that allow absolute tranquility far away from the traffic. When 1 week ago the last plot at the end of a cul-de-sac in this district was sold, we started to search if we could not get plots back on the market from people who cannot come for family reasons or – because they prefer to rent rather than build due to their age.

Here is Paraiso Verde – 50A:

Bild 50 A 1

Main settlement area district Paraiso Verde:
Red: sold
Orange: reserved (purchase in 1-3 months)
Purple: released for resale,
Gray: closed, for special use (stores, eateries, event spaces….)

You can see how little here is still white or purple.

Bild 50 A nah

PV-50A is located in the almost completed settlement area PV-49, 50, 18, 19. Here are 75% of the houses We will make the road there. The last plots in this settlement will surely be sold this year.

PV-50A is a special plot: 855 m² at the end of a cul-de-sac 100 meters from any thoroughfare road around are already some houses. The plot is drained by the ditch of the cul-de-sac. By constructing a building platform, the lot will be raised to the level of the surrounding lots. On 855 m² pueblo you can build up to 290 m² maximum of buildings (under roof).

BUY (cash or wire transfer only) UNTIL October 15, 2023: 10% special discount on the list price.

Insider tip for those looking for a larger lot. PV-50B could also be for sale. Owners live in rental in EPV and no longer want to build.

Yes, I am interested in PV50A:

Please contact here


There is another highly interesting property in this district, currently with special discount for purchase until October 15, 2023


Bild 49 B nah

727 m² on the side road. To the east (shady side) absolute quiet location. To the west through the small square view of the sunset. The lot is suitable for a duplex, it can also be built 2-story, also with terrace. View of YPY lake and infinite long distance view to the west (currently in all directions). Yes and by the way. 49 F can be purchased in addition if the family is larger and a 2nd or 3rd house is needed. You see, the PV18, 19, 49, 50 development is being completed.

Yes, I am interested in PV49B:

Contact HERE please


Finished houses in El Paraiso Verde

Of the over 100 homes in El Paraiso Verde, there are currently 3 finished homes and 1 almost finished home for sale. A very small percentage for housing development projects.

Here is a gem of a house….

Anastasia Circle 5D:

Bild AC 5D
This is the Anastasia Circle at El Paraiso Verde

Bild AC 5D nah

Luxury Oasis at El Paraiso Verde – Anastasia Circle 5D. AC-5D has a size of 2439 m².

The property is located directly on the Laguna de Madrugada (Lagoon of the Sunrise) district. Since this development area is not expected to be developed for 10 years, the new owner will have an unobstructed distant view to the east of the breathtaking sunrise over the jungle on the Pirapo River.

The property includes a quarter share of the approx. 900 m² lake, a luxurious pool a covered container for storage and workshop The villa is of the very best. But see for yourself….

Bild Haus Dominik

Yes, I am interested in AC-5D:

Contact HERE

Bitte rasch melden, es gibt bereits 2 Interessenten. Wer am schnellsten kaufen kann, bekommt dieses Paradies im Grünen Paradies.

Living at El Paraiso Verde – a dream come true. Here are a few of our countless pictures from the Green Paradise….

Erwin Annau

Bild Schmetterlinge

Bild Kolibri in Hand

Bild Abendstimmug EPV

Wanted: Marketing Specialist
1. good knowledge, English German, at least the will to learn Spanish quickly.
2. experience in website design, SEO, social media,
3. marketing experience
4. relocation to EPV
Ask here

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