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Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

August 2022: Traditionally a hot month, also in terms of what is going on in the world. Don’t forget to light a candle every day and pray briefly that the 3rd world war currently looming in the China Sea and elsewhere will pass us by. Then nothing will happen…..

We’ve just had an “Indian summer” at El Paraiso Verde in the midst of winter, which has been falling back into its seasonal pattern since Thursday with rain and cool temperatures. It was nice to go swimming, balmy summer nights in the middle of winter. By the way: this is not global warming – Greta- this is normal for us every year. A winter that always takes a break. On average, it seems to get a bit cooler over the years. The lapacho is already in bloom and over 3000 cattle graze peacefully in our pastures.

We are preparing for the rush of emigrants that may come in the autumn, when the people of Europe return from their short vacation out of their „ lock-down prison“ to their lock downs in their homelands. What do the high politicians think about the people in their country? If mad cow disease is a disease of cattle, who is monkeypox for?

Since Germany is planning to vaccinate the population in autumn with military action, it is to be expected that some people will wake up and (hopefully in time) and look for the exit. That would also be sensible, since Paraguay is planning to raise the bar for immigration.

All the more important is the completion of houses and flats, which is currently going full steam ahead. These are the numbers:

  • 71 houses have been built or will be finished in August
  • 24 residential containers
  • 161 housing units for our settlers
  • Health centre, school, cafe, one of the best kitchens in the country, a library with a small concert hall under construction and a profitable business enterprise, millions in machinery and equipment and world-leading technology in house building and energy.

Anyone currently looking at “projects” in Paraguay should first wait until the first 10 houses have been built. This dream number is almost never reached (“almost” was polite).

Since we started El Paraiso Verde, 8 people or groups of people have tried to start a project “like” or “better than” El Paraiso Verde. Do we hear from them today? Where is the money of those who invested there in good faith because they were told that it would be “better”? The chance of seeing such a project through these first 5 years and achieving what we have achieved is ……. less than 1:10,000. We don’t know how we did it and we wouldn’t feel confident to do it again. And… we would never have done it if we had known what was coming.

Quote from engineer Norman Toews, head of the Chortizer Associaion Civil and Colony, which has been in its fourth generation for 95 years and is now the country’s most important milk supplier with 11,000 people, among other things, in response to my question: “What do you see as the greatest threat for the possible destruction of communities? “The decomposition and treason from within.” Looks like Colonies are just mirror images of the world at large.

In a world in which everyone “out there” (outside El Paraiso Verde) lives only for themselves and everyone works against everyone else, building a community has become almost impossible worldwide. Sense of community, morality, ethics, caring for each other, compassion, solidarity, defence of common values…. All this has long since been burned with the history books and heroic sagas. Jungle camp is the religion of the 21st century. Everyone against everyone and always one has to be voted “out”. One winner at the expense of many losers.

El Paraiso Verde is probably one of the last places in the world where community is lived, as I pointed out to Robert Stein almost 6 years ago. I never thought it would be so difficult. If I had known, I would have cancelled the appointment with Robert Stein.

With the money that people have taken from us again, they could easily have started 7 EL Paraiso Verdes. Where are they?

No, even the three of us – Erwin, Sylvia, Juan – only made it because we had a fourth up there in league with us, who guided us through the 100 situations that no other project survives. Thank you for your guidance.


There is so much to report that newsletters are no longer enough. Therefore we bought a radio station and a cable TV channel. Both have their main studio now in Caazapá. In the next few months, a TV studio will be set up at EPV. We plan to broadcast in 3 languages. News, interviews, features and much more.

To speed things up, we have set up 3 news channels on Youtube, bringing the same news in 3 languages – also a great opportunity to learn Spanish!

Here you can read e.g. about the “state visit” of the Colony and Cooperative Corti, about other events in and around EPV and also regularly download articles in German, English and Spanish on daily topics (vaccination, masks, etc) to read, study languages and redistribute.)

Here are the links.

El Paraiso Verde News:
El Paraiso Verde News:
El Paraiso Verde Noticias:


As some of you may know, Robert Stein and all his videos were removed from Youtube in April 2022. Due to a transition in our server operation, these videos were not saved in our system, but only linked to the Nuoviso channel on Youtube.

The horror was therefore great when the videos were no longer available, the requests went down for a short time and we desperately searched the old hard drives. The two videos “Freedom through Emigration” and the video with me and Sylvia “Together into the New Era” were the ones that brought most of our settlers to us.

The great team from Nuoviso led by Steffen saved us. They had uploaded all on a secure server a few years ago. The historic and everlasting videos are back at now……. and now safely backed up and downloaded many times.

Here they are for you to download:

Have fun watching (AGAIN). Unfortunately and fortunately, most of our visions have become reality: Unfortunately: the world slowly going to hell out there, but fortunately: ONE (or 2) people had a vision and then did what they said they would….

All love
Erwin Annau

Professionals wanted

• Master carpenters with experience in furniture and window construction, doors, cabinetmakers

• Who is unvaccinated, wants to live in El Paraiso Verde and CAN build such windows? Double insulated glass, height of the doors 2.7 metres. Hinges will be bought in Germany. Please contact

• Lower, Middle and Upper School Teachers Mathematics and Science Items
• PERMACULTURE-Experts with experience especially in growing fruit trees
• People who want to work together on permaculture.
• Shoreline design and watercourse maintenance.
• Garden design
• Interior design
• Fish farming
• Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”. Specialists in Schauberger, Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of employment to:

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