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Professionals wanted!
Dear El Paraiso Verde fans. In my Skype interviews, which already number more than 2000, I am often asked what one can do in El Paraiso Verde to feed oneself and one’s family. Or: what can our 16-30 year old children do in EPV?
We could write books about our experiences with these questions.

It would all be so simple: You come here, find out what is wanted and needed and you deliver it. It WOULD be that simple. Everyone who has worked according to this recipe has found his or her place here, does what suits him or her or – in many cases – what he or she enjoys most and makes a living from it.

This is also much easier in a country with one fifth of the taxes and one fifth of the cost of living and without trade police, market office and bureaucracy. If you have your own plot of land and a small house in the EPV, 400-500 euros are enough for one person and from 1000 euros a month for a family (as of June 2022). You can earn a living in El Paraiso Verde. Many people are already doing this.

Those who don’t have the money for a plot of land and a little house need a “proposal we can’t refuse”. Those who can do something that we really need can contact us even if they don’t have the money for a house and land.

What is the catch for self-employment in El Paraiso Verde?
(actually, for any self-employment, no matter where in the world)

You need a lot of patience, stamina and the iron will to make it.
Do you remember my very old video “from vision to reality”? And what have we been through? 2 building stops, 4 fires, 4 floods, 10 months without a bank account, 4 x starting from scratch with new settlers who REALLY wanted to come to us because of our vision…

What is the difference between illusion and vision?
Illusion and vision start in the mind. You imagine something you would like to be, do and what result you would like to have.

Then you come with this (still ILLUSION) to El Paraiso Verde (or wherever) and you start doing. And now the corn is separated from the chaff. After 4 months at the most, unfortunately, most people run out of steam and the illusion, which may have been a “baby illusion” for a short time, has become an illusion again. The air is out of the “balloon with many holes”.

Then one is DIS-illusioned or “disappointed” (one has also been deceived about oneself) and many then look for the culprit outside. This is easy to find, for example in the author of these lines…

And you leave without considering that you will take yourself with you when you leave, or that your own self (ego) will catch up with you in the new place.

What then is a VISION?
An illusion becomes a VISION through the unconditional WILL to pursue the vision until it becomes REALITY. Is that possible? Mhhmmmm, watch some Paraiso Verde videos. Anyone should be able to do what we have done (we are all God’s children, aren’t we?).

Part of the vision is:

“No matter what, failure is not an option: I WILL, I SAY it IS and it WILL BE.”

This is popularly called an ACT OF CREATION.

Read the Bible, “God said let there be light and there was light.” Basically, we are just performing an act of creation like the one in whose image we were created (according to the Bible).
Fortunately, the demands on us are somewhat less crass than lighting up the whole universe…)

Where is the difference between “thinking positively” and “manifesting”?

Another difference to esoteric “manifesting”: One must first BE something (e.g. baker). That is the conclusion, to take on a being a personality. Then one must DO something according to one’s BEING (bake, and do it as well as possible) and only then will one HAVE (great smelling pretzels, delicious cakes and, as a consequence, money, house, car, .…).

Ever since I was a child (60 years ago), our youth has been polarised only towards HAVING. We wanted to have a car, a new toy railway set, money, a wife/husband, just have, have, have.

It is difficult or even impossible for most people to imagine doing something that corresponds to the desire of the objects they want to HAVE. We didn’t learn anything about that at school. And that one MUST first identify oneself FULLY with a task (that is the SO BEING) is something I didn’t learn at school either. And that would be the FIRST step.

As always, in our world everything is twisted 180 degrees.

This means that if someone wants to BE something in El Paraiso Verde and DOS it, he or she will have what he or she wants, provided one DOES enough.

An important point

– that most people forget

– which is especially important in El Paraiso Verde and

– which stands out with us BECAUSE we are such a small community, although it is

– it is actually indispensable in every community of people:

The basic spiritual attitude of being useful to the community before being useful to oneself.

Successful entrepreneurs WORLDWIDE have always wanted to be of service to their community (community, city, country, certain groups of people) first WITHOUT asking for money.

Making money is always the result of doing something that benefits other people and that they need. Usually everyone earns exactly what they are worth (to the community). Probably NEVER immediately. The American Amway millionaires called this “delayed gratification”.

Delayed gratification is a factor to consider up front in Paraguay. Here, all the clocks go slower than in Prussia. And the clocks are not as precise. Mañana doesn’t just mean “tomorrow”, but also “if possible, in the foreseeable future”. But the harvest always follows the seed.

Those who persevere until success always succeed.

Those who are hard-working in Paraguay and have AVERAGE will live well, perhaps earn a small fortune, and those who are particularly industrious, work hard for a long time with a good or service that is REALLY needed and who do this efficiently and serve many people with it – will even become rich.

Many immigrants from Europe and the USA have already achieved this in Paraguay.

Paraguay is like Germany in the 50’s when my parents and their friends became wealthy or rich. Because back then in Europe there was NOTHING and EVERYTHING was needed. Today in Germany everything is there and NOTHING is needed. Especially not independent thinkers…

Current opportunities for business start-ups in El Paraiso Verde:

Professionals wanted

– Master craftsmen with experience in furniture and window construction, doors,

– alternative practitioner or doctor with experience in dark field microscopy

– Teacher for self-determined/free learning. Experience is an

– advantage, internal further training is possible.”

– Lower, middle and upper school teachers of mathematics and science subjects.

– PERMAKULTUR- experts with experience especially in growing fruit trees

– Shoreline design and watercourse maintenance.

– Garden design

– Interior design, bathroom design

– Fish farming

– Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”.  Specialists in Schauberger, Tesla and Reich technologies.
Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of employment to

Other business areas:

  • Who would like to take over the insect protection division? We have mosquito traps from Europe and a proven biodegradable insecticide with over 30 years of successful use.
  • who can produce tiles? We have enough clay.
  • Who can produce leather? We have enough cattle hides.
  • Who can make parquet flooring from bamboo?
  • Who can make beautiful gardens (self-employed gardener)
  • Who can make clay plaster (venetian plaster) stucco work?
  • Who can make columns, capitals, railings out of stone?
  • Who can make artistic wrought-iron doors and fences?
  • Who can do artistic carpentry (we have one workshop, soon 2)?
  • who can do fine metal work (lathes, milling machines, etc. will be in EPV by the end of 2022)?
  • who can…


What is BIOS LOGOS? Check out these links so you know if this “unusual gymnastics method with amazing results is for you- as a patient or now as a therapist.
We would like to apply BIOS LOGOS in EPV, teach it and document it scientifically.
Keep in mind: the most important successes (especially with MS, but also with cancer, diabetes, chronic disc disease, pain of all kinds…..) are NOT on the internet anymore due to the many attacks.

All about BIOS LOGOS:

I was most touched by this video: Must see!—rueckenprobleme.html

Corona pandemic survived – Bios Logos Thailand ventures a new beginning

Multiple Sclerosis Talk with Dr. med Olaf Hebener

For five years I have been in contact with the founder of the BIOS LOGOS method, Reiner Nießen, in order to bring his therapy to Paraguay, so that it can be spread around the world through the university we are founding.
Bios Logos was developed in Thailand and was so successful that the small institute in Bangkok had to endure great attacks from the medical industry.

When we at EPV were finally ready to bring BIOS LOGOS here with the health centre, COVID intervened and Thailand was cut off from the outside world for almost 2 years.

Now Mr. Nießen has agreed to train a FEW THERAPISTS who will learn as much as possible in terms of knowledge and practice so that they can apply BIOS LOGOS at El Paraiso Verde.

Interested? Write to us at

1-3 therapists
A trip to Thailand would be good to get an idea of the possibilities. Such a trip would also be representative for me as founder of EPV, as I am currently unable to make this trip.

Previous education is NOT necessary. Enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to learn are sufficient. Language of instruction: GERMAN. UN-vaccinated and NON-SMOKERS.

Of course, previous education in alternative medicine, possible (partial) medical studies, practice in a healing profession, practice in physiotherapy is an advantage, but these are necessary for someone who has to bring the VISION Bios Logos into the world.

Duration of training: 4-week training blocks of the sub-areas of therapy. In between practice in Thailand and in El Paraiso Verde (foot pain, back pain, then successively more tasks).

Training time: by arrangement, the trainees are trained individually, dates also depend on the availability of the corresponding patients.
Goal: Application of theory and practice with the ability to reproduce theory and practice.

Costs: by arrangement: it is important to us that the trainee pays at least part of the costs to ensure that the will to complete the training and to apply the knowledge in EPV remains strong enough (VISION…).
We would prefer someone who intends to teach BIOS LOGOS once at our university on a chair BIOS LOGOS of the medical faculty.

Who is interested in this task?

Unpaid, but of immeasurable value to the future of humanity

As you may have heard, we have bought 2 cable TV channels and 1 radio station. With this we can reach all the people in Paraguay, South America and worldwide on the same basis as the current mass media. We already have the most listened radio station and our events always attract all the mass media in the country.

Our TV stations also potentially create paid jobs for experienced TV news anchors (announcers, presenters, newscasters, interviewers). A Robert Stein or a Götz Wittneben could reach millions of people if they were here. But perhaps others feel called to be presenters or “news anchors”.

URGENT – IMPORTANT: Volunteer to be a “Digital Soldier”.
We urgently need people who can summarise the verifiable facts and data from the many news items in the alternative media (with pictures or videos, where available, and with precise references) and write short articles. Please translate these (if you can’t do it any other way with deepl or google translator) into Spanish, English and German as a WORD document AND send the same as a pdf document to
For those who are interested in this task, I am sending some of these news bulletins that I have made for the press and politicians of the country in 3 languages as a template. I just don’t have the time anymore to forward these important articles to the politicians in this form.

We use these news items for our new news programmes on our TV stations. Therefore, always do accurate research. We want to spread the documented truth about pandemics, IIvaccination, pharmacy, medicine, action, human rights, world politics, health, society, etc.

So: who has the strongest VISIONS? Become CREATORS of your own lives!

All love
Erwin Annau

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