Radio 98.1 FM Caazapá and TV Channel Tele7 Paraguay

A Vision becomes Reality

For almost 30 years we, the founders of El Paraiso Verde, Erwin and Sylvia Annau lived in the conviction that a radio and television station was needed if we wanted to carry the message of a NEW kind of society and community based on reason to the world.

We were almost there in early 1997, but the “Deep State”. Now, a quarter of a century later, that heart’s desire is becoming a reality.

The man who brought the vision to reality…

El Paraiso Verde Dr. Juan Buker

At the end of 2020, Dr. Juan Buker (l.) was asked to be interviewed on a radio program early in the morning at 7:30: “en foce de noticias” (in the news). The station is called: Radio FM 98.1, the oldest radio channel in Caazapa.

Dr. Buker was surprised that this radio took place in a small and very simple (not to say “very poor”) room. He met two journalists with many years of experience during this interview. Sumi Vega and Jorge Talavera.

He learned about the difficulties the two had with the management of the radio station. He then spoke with the owner of the radio at the time. 2 months later, Dr. Buker and our lawyer Dr. Ariel Rios bought this radio station after talking to Dr. Erwin and Sylvia Annau and the founders of El Paraiso Verde agreed that this was not an investment for RELJUV S.A. at that time.

Dr. Buker and Dr. Ariel bought the radio privately, moved the radio station to centrally located, bright, new space, and outfitted the studio with new equipment. Journalists were brought onto the team and signed on.

In March/April, they managed to sign Mario Bracho. Mario Bracho is one of the most famous investigative journalists in Paraguay, who enjoys enormous fame and popularity.

What was initially a 3-month contract became a permanent contract. We are very happy that Mario Bracho is now a permanent member of our team. He is the press officer of the radio.

logo caazapa poty 1FM 98.1 Caazapá-Poty

Our team has transformed FM 98.1 into a solidarity-based and socially critical citizens’ radio station. Thus, the citizens of Caazapa have a voice and always an open ear for their numerous problems in all areas of life.

The most important program of FM 98.1:

live senden buker El Paraiso VerdeHora de Verdad – The hour of Truth

“Hora de Verdad”, directed by Mario Bracho with the collaboration of Sumi Vega and Jorge Taavera, as well as the charismatic Dr. Buker with his enormous knowledge, wisdom and Argentine temperament, became the most listened radio program in Paraguay within a few weeks.

A host of other regional stations in Paraguay have taken over the Hour of Truth, which is broadcast LIVE every Friday from 6-9 p.m. local time in Caazapa and now throughout Paraguay and far beyond.

The “Hora de Verdad” exposes grievances, drags corruption to light and brings solutions to the problems of the people of Caazapá and far beyond.

Approximately from May 2022, the radio team also managed to broadcast on television…

logo caazapa poty wide

Cablevision Tele7 – Caazapá

Tele7-Caazapá broadcasts music, videos, news and features 24/7 over the cable network.

Dr. Erwin Annau, together with Dr. Buker, has meanwhile taken over both Radio98-Caazapá and Tele7-Caazapá.

In the future, both stations will address an ever-growing audience worldwide with more and more contributions in German, English and Spanish.

Starting Sept. 25, 2022, a new weekly program will be broadcast on both channels:

The “German Hour”

Time: every Sunday, 4 p.m. local time
Duration: 1-2 hours

The radio and television series will begin with the August 2022 interview of Dr. Erwin Annau, founder of El Paraiso Verde on the world situation and 6 years of El Paraiso Verde.

The “German Hour” will bring a view of the world, South America, Paraguay, the province of Caazapá and the “country” of El Paraiso Verde and will raise interesting issues.

This is only the beginning! On September 18 was the start of the newsroom for the two stations Radio 98.1 and Tele 7 will soon broadcast news in Spanish, German and English. For the time being weekly, later also daily.

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