Water-the building block of LIFE

The Guarani Aquifir is located 300 to 1200ft beneath the surface of Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil. It is the second largest underground lake in the world. Some of its waters are millions of years old and have filtered through hundreds of layers of earth and rock, making it some of the cleanest, most mineral rich water on the planet. The Aquafir holds close to 9000sq. miles of water, and could sustain 7 billion people with artesian drinking water for over 400 years. El Paraiso Verde has gotten approval by SEAM (Environmental Authority) to drill thirteen deep wells. One well supplies water to 20-80 households, at this time eleven wells have been completed. We are proud to bring the best and purest drinking water into the homes of our settlement.  We are especially happy to have helped our neigbors by the donation of a deep well and water tower to provide clean drinking water to surrounding farms.