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Dear Paraiso Verde Fans,

many activities at El Paraiso Verde are in preparation for the onslaught. After the summer holidays, many in Europe will realise that they are getting serious. Fortunately, Paraguay (you can speculate as to why) is not taking part in this charade. That’s why we don’t have monkeypox here.

This is how we are preparing for the rush to EPV:

1.Almost 40 building sites, 30 of which are houses under construction. This year we will have 100 houses finished or under construction. This will make us the largest private construction company in Paraguay.

2.the foundations for the 8 rammed earth terraced houses are under construction. Next week walls will be put up again – this time with our new equipment, the telehandler and the big mixer from Canada.

3. next week the walls of our first 3D printer house will be put up. They will be ecologically filled with sawdust – an ideal insulation, both for heat and sound.

4.The dam is being built to the southern tip of El Paraiso Verde. This will secure almost 1000 hectares of pastureland against possible floods. After the flood is before the flood: so now, during a dry period, final touches are being made to the dam around the settlement area.

5.With our new machines (a huge new tractor, special disc harrows, drainage plough and much more) our pastures are now being built. The preliminary work is done by our excavators. We now have a total of 6 big excavators working 6 days a week.

6.The first 1000 cattle have been sold. We have become the largest beef producer in the State of Caazapá. Cattle breeding and fattening are the backbone of our financial independence as the door is slowly closing in Europe.

7.Our settlers, who saved their assets to EPV in time before the Great Reset, are building more and more flats. The demand is immense. Most flat owners have found their tenants long before their flats are completed.

More and more houses of those willing to emigrate from Europe are being sold with difficulty and only with financial sacrifices. The planned changes in the law (equalisation of burden -property tax, wealth tax, expropriation laws, rising interest rates) in Germany could make emigration impossible within a few months. We are prepared. Our settlers have a strong sponsoring company that can continue undiminished, whether there is an influx of further settlers from Europe or not. Flats in El Paraiso Verde yield 10-12 percent, and that – as with any rent – is inflation-protected.

8.the security of our settlers is close to our hearts. The world is no longer as safe as it was before COVID. There are robberies not only in the cities of Europe, but also here in other communities that are not protected. Our settlers want to live with their families in peace and safety, but also without disturbances from outside. They appreciate the paradisiacal peace we experience here every day.

Sixteen square kilometres of recreational land where you can move around in complete safety. An advantage that only ONE gated community in the world can offer. For this, part of our security team was trained last week in VIP personal security and the use of firearms. Here are some photos of the graduation ceremony. We had help from National Council Member Avelino Davalos in distributing the certificates. Read more on El Paraiso Verde News ( )

Check our news channels regularly. There you will find pictures and videos on these and other issues.

9. At our info week we have 3 guests from the USA and 2 guests from Norway! EPV goes international.

10. El Paraiso Verde now has only ONE cadastral number. The merging of the 3 farms (fincas) is through all instances, legally binding and published in the electronic cadastre. What does this mean? Experienced EPV fans know that. This will be the best “good news” since the existence of El Paraiso Verde.

In conclusion:

Purple Lapacho: Children’s birthday party at El Paraiso Verde.

El Paraiso Verde – a place where children are still allowed to be children. Where “everything” is still allowed. Where you can be happy, carefree and safe – just be a child. AND – where adults can learn to become children again.
OR: (backup channel)
I’ll be in touch again after our info week.

All the best
Erwin Annau

Professionals wanted

Master carpenters with experience in building furniture and windows, doors, cabinetmakers.

Who is unvaccinated, wants to live in El Paraiso Verde and CAN build such windows? Double insulated glass, height of the doors 2.7 meters. Hinges will be bought in Germany. Please report…

  • Lower, middle and high school teachers math and science items.
  • PERMACULTURE-Experts with experience especially in growing fruit trees.
  • People who want to work together on permaculture.
  • Shoreline design and water body maintenance.
  • Garden design
  • Interior design
  • Fish farming
  • Technicians and precision engineers for “alternative energy devices”. Specialists in Schauberger, Tesla and Reich technologies.

Please send applications with curriculum vitae, certificates and proof of work to:

El Paraiso Verde News:
El Paraiso Verde Noticias:


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