Experience report by Christiane

Even the arrival at the EPV on 08/12/21 was very touching (in the truest sense of the word).

So many people welcomed us warmly – that was good after the exhausting journey of 32 hours from Frankfurt via Madrid to Assuncion with Corona measures. The situation here almost seems to be born into another world.
During the investor trip, we are fully catered for: lectures, asado, sightseeing, health check and delicious food that is prepared by the kitchen ladies in a fun group and with music. The vegetables usually come from our own organic cultivation – me gusta mucho 😀. It’s still winter, but the temperatures are usually so comfortably warm that we can eat under the trees.

The founders of the EPV are very nice and maintain open and honest communication.
I came here with my sister, her husband, my niece with partner and child with a one way ticket.
The Skype conversations in advance and the numerous information on the homepage or YouTube convinced us.
We are proud to be able to participate in building the settler community. And it’s nice that everyone can contribute their skills in the way that suits them.
It is easy here to make contacts, exchange ideas and develop ideas together. We are curious to see which heart’s desire may unfold.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I am happy to see how quickly the children come into play with one another and are in nature all day long. They use the large swings, the sandpit, the large climbing tree, clay slush or the lake. Parents know their children are safe.

Now we are planning our houses on the lake so that we will soon have our own home again.
My concern will be to get involved again in the health sector and in teaching. I’m curious how it comes.
I would not have dared to take this step to Paraguay without the existing community, where structures have already been set up, you speak German, receive support and can feel safe.


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