Experience Report Shiva and Jonathan

We lived in Austria until 2019 and then emigrated to Cyprus. We stayed there until June 2020 and due to the plan chemistry measures we then flew to Mexico. We liked it there very much and we had already resigned ourselves to the idea of ​​staying in Mexico. We are very spiritually oriented and always listen to our inner messages, which suddenly appeared after six months and told us that we should better emigrate to Paraguay, preferably to El Paraiso Verde. At first we weren’t very enthusiastic about it, because El Paraiso Verde is occasionally criticized on the Internet. Still, we dared to take the step and listened to our hearts rather than our heads.

When we arrived at El Paraiso Verde and stayed there for some time, it was immediately clear that these reviews had no substance and were only dispersed by competitors who also offer properties in Paraguay and an immigration service. El Paraiso Verde is in first place here in this regard, the most successful and has the best connections.

Rumors that it was a sect, for example, were completely unfounded, because the community there is very personable, open, freedom-loving and everyone is independent. There is no guru, no strange spiritual rules and laws, no small groups trying to convince anyone of a certain belief, etc. It was just like a village with many German-speaking people who had transported a piece of home to a distant country and made it possible for the settlers to live there freely, happily and worry-free.

To our surprise, after almost eight months in El Paraiso Verde, we still like it very much and we don’t regret for a second that we arrived here and that we decided to stay permanently, to acquire a plot of land and to build a house . The whole of life in Europe was always structured in such a way that there were countless laws and prohibitions that stood in your way, freedoms were increasingly restricted, taxes and bills piled up and became more expensive from year to year. Here at El Paraiso Verde we experienced for the first time that no stones were put in our way. For example, we did not have any documents for immigration and the team of Sylvia and Erwin Annau helped us that we could get all the documents together to be able to immigrate to Paraguay. Everything went smoothly, legally, quickly and very professionally. It is very nice to have such an excellent team who provide such a prompt and well-organized service. For people who are as bureaucratic and comfortable as we are, this was a great blessing, because everything was done to the best of our satisfaction.

And we really enjoy being here now. The country is somewhat reminiscent of the Münsterland or the Lüneburg Heath, there is a magical jungle nearby with ancient trees, an unbelievable variety of birds, fantastic sunsets, 300 sunny days a year, no 5G, no chemtrails, no fluoride-contaminated Water, almost only organic food and a spectacular starry sky.

We were pleasantly surprised by the prices, you can get a coffee and an omelette for the equivalent of 70 cents, even a pack of cigarettes costs only 45 cents and the gasoline is around 70 cents. The cost of living is very low here if one can forego luxury, and a person who comes here with some fortune can even tug it down so that he never has to work again. In Paraguay everything is still being searched for, e.g. in Europe everything is already there and if you want to open a business, you have to run the gauntlet through many offices until you can get started. None of this exists in Paraguay. You hang a sign on your fence, maybe with the words “pizza maker” and then you are a pizza maker. You do not have to submit titles, master craftsman’s certificates, certificates, trade office registrations and other documents. This gives a sense of freedom unimaginable. Not to mention the driver’s license for Paraguay, you pay around 65 euros for it and the driver’s license is only obtained within a few days. Then you have your driver’s license without ever actually driving a car or studying traffic signs. Are there more accidents in Paraguay than in Europe? No, it does not exist.

Of course, the influence of the pharmaceutical cartel, the big media and the big tech giants can also be seen in Paraguay, but a mandatory vaccination or a ban on naturopathy is not possible here. The people of Paraguay are free in their decision to choose their own treatment in the event of illness and almost always rely on alternative healing methods.

It is a tradition here to simply collect herbs, boil them as tea and then drink them. Nobody gets up then and demands any kind of license, health certificate or doctor’s title, everyone is responsible for himself.

Life in El Paraiso Verde is also very pleasant and beautiful. You can walk around freely on 16 square kilometers, live in a protected and guarded area, also ideal for children, have access to a supermarket, cook for yourself or go to a restaurant, can swim freely in the lakes, explore the forest for miles Walk across meadows or just sit relaxed in a café and get to know other settlers. The settlers consist exclusively of politically alert people, many are spiritually oriented, you will also meet ingenious inventors, naturopaths, practitioners of alternative medicine, rebels, celebrities and all kinds of other freedom-loving people. The list is very long and the nice thing about it is that they are all personable and open to new ideas. Conversations often go on into the night at the most pleasant temperatures, 300 days a year.

Of course, there are also occasional problems in such a large community, people come and go and those who leave were recognized as those who just wanted to see discord and division. It is therefore not surprising that it is precisely these people who speak badly of El Paraiso Verde in retrospect, because they had different intentions when they came here. It is important to the community that only people live here who also fit here and who respect the peace, freedom and happiness of the people and work to ensure that this sense of community is maintained.

As I said, we are happy to be here and we now have a core of settlers around us, all of whom have understood the project. They recognized that El Paraiso Verde will play a significant role in the future and that the project is made for people like us, for people who want to live in freedom, peace and friendship, far from a world who ruled by tyrants.

For this reason: Many thanks to El Paraiso Verde, to the settlers and to Sylvia and Erwin, who have set up an incredible project here and for which we can only be grateful.

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