Experience Report from Anneliese

My name is Anneliese and I’ve been with the EPV since August 21. Fortunately, my husband, my daughter and boyfriend and my little granddaughter and sister accompany me. Our 16-year-old dog and my daughter’s dog also survived the flight well and feel comfortable here.

Here I can also feel good and slowly relieve all the stress of the past months. The people here are all very nice and courteous: the founders of the settler community, the settlers themselves and also the staff. Music can be heard from the kitchen and when you look through the large kitchen window you can see that the cooks are enjoying themselves.

It is good for me that, as a newcomer, I can always rely on help with many questions, both among the settlers and those responsible in the organizational area.

Until we have built a house, we live in different apartments near the lake. We have set up tables and chairs in front of the two apartments (my sister lives right next to us). I enjoy the silence and the starry sky with a view of the Milky Way and I realize that a new phase of life begins in a new time, in a new development. We can look forward to our new life in El Paraiso Verde.

Yes, I have time for myself and my thoughts and I feel comfortable and secure. You can still take walks in the dark – without fear!

Since people from German-speaking countries come together in the settlement community, no major changes are required. I can talk even if I don’t know any Spanish at first and we get translators when we go to the authorities.

Nice to know that Spanish courses are also offered within the settler community, which we definitely take.

We were also able to experience that the agreement to resolve conflicts with those affected was not only signed by every settler, but was also acted upon.

Different opinions are allowed and desired here and help to get into conversation and find solutions together.

Everyone is allowed to contribute their abilities and explore their talents or desires of the heart.

I would like to emphasize that there are large cultivation areas in the EPV that are organically farmed – you can taste that at the extensive buffet at lunchtime and in the evening.

I am happy that our dogs, along with some other dogs, are very welcome and that everything is going peacefully.

We live here quietly and in the morning I hear the birds first and when you step out of your door into the open, I see the cows with their calves and sheep with their lambs and in between the pigs with their little piglets run around cheerfully. Everything is so idyllic and harmonious. The animals show us that one can live together peacefully despite the differences.

I like to watch the children when they play and romp around with each other and have experiences in nature. Many simply play with naturally occurring things, be it leaves, sand, clay and water, from which bread or pots are formed and dried in the sun, some also roll around in the mud or meet in the sandpit in the park, including the Madonna Forest called, or swing themselves up on the swings, while other children climb trees. The good thing is that the children can run around and play freely without their parents, without the parents having to be afraid.

In hot weather you can take a refreshing dip in the lake, some of which are already here and are still being planned. So our wish comes true with a house on the lake.


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