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Second visit to El Paraiso Verde – We are curious to see what has changed….

The February 2020 investor trip is our second visit to Paraguay. We visited the Paraiso Verde for the first time in May 2019. It is a huge project that Erwin and Sylvia Annau have tackled. And we’re curious to see what has happened in the past nine months. To get straight to the point: a lot has changed, a lot.

The road, dam, lake and canal construction work has made enormous progress, countless plants have been planted, which at the moment are still small, but will soon develop into meter-high trees in the Paraguayan climate. A first settler community is already living on site, some already in the finished house, others lend a hand themselves, supported by local construction crews, still others just keep an eye on the construction progress and live in one of the three hotel blocks or in the container village.

First visit to our property in Paraguay

Our property awaits us freshly mowed and marked out so that we can more easily make the decision where exactly our house should be built. Erwin brings us personally in the pickup to our property and although it rained heavily the day before, the road is dry and very easy to drive on. As soon as we got out, we quickly got a three kilo lump of red clay on each leg – a good motivation to quickly create stable plants and good grass!

The days pass with exciting and informative discussions, Erwin and Joshua advise us on the design of our future house, Sylvia willingly lets us get suggestions in our own house, Juan tells us about the country and people, Rita leads us through the tree nursery and explains the special features of the Growing plants, Henning makes a tour with us through the neighborhood and Andreas will give us a visit later in Asuncion where you can get something.

Gourmet cuisine for every taste

In between delicious meals – there is always a vegetarian option – mostly under the ancient trees of the Madonna Forest.

It can get quite hot during midday – a cool bath in one of the lakes or a little siesta in a hammock under the mango tree can help.

Permanent residence permit with VIP support

Since we are doing the cedula (the lifelong residence permit) this time, we are busy with official visits and formalities for a total of three days. Everywhere we are accompanied, expected, and warmly welcomed – everything goes like clockwork.

There is still so much to experience in El Paraiso Verde …

On the last day at Paraiso Verde we realized that we didn’t even get to try the alternative medical treatments that were already available!

The decision is made:

next time we will stay longer!

Dr. Kerstin Hübner-Christenson, Vienna

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