Great service when buying a car in El Paraiso Verde!

Just arrived … a new car is needed

Just a week after moving to El Paraiso Verde, I wanted a new car. We have no idea about pickups, four-wheel drive, vehicle registration, notary matters, insurance and the usual customs of the country, and that with ZERO knowledge of Spanish – an almost impossible undertaking. Help was needed!

Erwin and Sylvia Annau help immediately

We got an appointment with Erwin and Sylvia on the same day (Wednesday). When we asked about buying a car, Erwin Annau gave us his personal assistant, Señor Henning, to help us buy a car. Henning grew up in Paraguay. He speaks Spanish, Guarani and also perfect German. In addition, he had been working with cars for years and was able to give professional advice, as it turned out later.

On Thursday we already had an appointment with Henning to discuss our wishes. On Saturday we wanted to visit a trusted dealer near Villarrica. However, the dealer informed us that he would do his annual inventory on Saturday and would therefore be closed.

… and then everything went much faster ……

When we communicated this to Erwin and Sylvia on Friday morning, Erwin suggested, to our great surprise, that they buy the car that same afternoon!

Erwin released Henning from duty for this purpose.

To our astonishment, we received the money taken into custody by RELJUV for the car purchase immediately in cash.

We later realized that paying cash in Guarani can have a significant impact on the negotiation of the sale price ……

With a backpack full of money and good advice, we set off on Friday at noon. On the drive to the dealer, Señor Henning gave us detailed instructions on how to behave in order to support him in the negotiations. When we arrived at the dealer, we were able to benefit from the professional competence of Erwin’s personal assistant.

Buying a car with the help of the specialist in El Paraiso Verde – an experience!

Henning explained exactly the advantages and disadvantages of the individual brands. His advice also took into account the fact that we as a married couple have different requirements for our car in some areas. Señor Henning proved to be very empathetic on this point and, after his explanations, always gave us enough space for a private meeting by withdrawing discreetly in visual contact and waiting until we were in agreement. We really appreciated that!

He also brought the fact of cash payment into the negotiations at the most favorable time, so that we could still get our dream car, which was offered significantly above the limit we set. Otherwise we would not have wanted to afford it.

We were very astonished that he was able to negotiate the price so low. We have to say that he gambled hard and skillfully!


Decided to buy on Wednesday, discussed Thursday with Erwin and Sylvia, on Friday handover of the newly acquired vehicle without license plates (with the necessary papers for the police), with one-month comprehensive insurance and all the necessary bells and whistles (including the preparations for the notarial purchase contract, as in Paraguay usual) up to our apartment.

So in the evening we sat on our veranda with a lot of gratitude (through the management of El Paraiso Verde and the entire service team), with a big grin on our faces, and enjoyed the magnificent sunset, knowing that we were in good hands here on the square to be.

Oh yes, we had adjusted to “Tranquilo” and learned that things can also take a different course than expected!

When it comes down to it, there is a lot of gas here!

So at this point again specifically:

Thanks alot!


(satisfied new settlers for a week in El Paraiso Verde)