Experience Report Ulrike Schmid

Dear Erwin

I got home safely.

The (train) connections to Italy were already closed.

Experiences with Paraiso Verde:

Acquisition of land as plan B

I did an investor trip with Cedula in 2019 after coming across the project on the internet. After that I was determined: this is my plan B – and I immediately bought a piece of land.

The new relationship changes everything….

But as life goes – my new partner didn’t want to know anything about Paraguay – he even had concerns that the money would be pulled out of my pocket.

I went on a second trip anyway and originally wanted to plant the property and put a small house on it so that we could have an alternative in times of need.

It was only here, with the distance to everyday life, that I realized how much it strains our relationship when I am no longer in Europe with my thoughts and plans for the most part.

An open and honest conversation with Erwin

My conflict between partnership and security was then also an issue with Erwin when he asked how I was doing.

It was he who advised me to give up El Paraiso Verde completely for the time being so as not to endanger my partnership.

A prompt, pragmatic and unbureaucratic solution

I then received all of the money (property purchase + deposit) – except for the last EURO – within 2 days. Erwin didn’t even ask for anything for the renewed effort!

That is an accommodation! Try to undo a property purchase in Europe after a year! Erwin is a businessman and top seller – but has retained his empathy and humanity. I have also seen how quickly a solution is searched for and found for every problem.

The only thing left for me to do is to wish him, his wife, the entire team and the project all the best and much success.

– And I am grateful to be seen again if something should change in my or the European situation.

Thanks! Ulrike from Carinthia

Addendum 9/3/2020:

In Paraguay, it felt right for me to go back to Europe with all my heart. Now – after only 2 days – the rapid development in Europe is bringing my fears to the surface again ….. – I hope for myself that this whole reversal campaign was not a mistake …

Answer: Dear Ulrike, Thank you for your openness and honesty in dealing with your personal situation. And thank you for your experience report. Should this become necessary, we will find a piece of land for you in El Paraiso Verde. Erwin Annau

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