Experience Report by Hans Gröbmeyer

Experience report El Paraiso Verde

Hello people, today I would like to talk (write) about my new home and how everything has developed.

Looking for a new home

My friend Martina and I (Hans) had been dissatisfied with the situation in Germany and Europe for a long time. In particular the incipient socialism, the emerging planned economy and the now excessive arbitrariness of the authorities (experienced in person) were simply no longer acceptable. So we were looking for an alternative outside of Europe. We researched many countries for weeks, including Canada, USA, Panama, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. Suddenly Martina comes and says she has found a project in Paraguay. Germans and Austrians want to establish a large German colony called “El Paraiso Verde”.

Skepticism is the order of the day

My initial skepticism was great and, as usual in such far-reaching and difficult decisions, I did not only get information from the makers (EPV) but also from the opponents of this project in order to check the validity of the arguments.

EPV’s opponents couldn’t convince us in any way and so we signed up for an investor trip (at least we wanted to see it).

Our journey began on May 2nd, 2019. Due to a strike by French air traffic controllers, we missed our connecting flight in Madrid and were rerouted via Panama.

Delayed arrival

We informed EPV about it and they told us literally: “No problem, things like that happen, we will pick you up extra”. On May 4th, 2019 we landed in Asuncion at 4:30 am. A driver, an interpreter and a lawyer were waiting for us at the airport (for any customs formalities). After a photo together we drove to a hotel to have breakfast, afterwards we went to Caazapa to the hotel “Las Palmas” to freshen up after the long journey.

The travel group – “self-thinkers”

After a short regeneration period, we met the other members of the investor trip. All very nice people, older, younger, single people, families with children, probably from all walks of life. We talked to everyone and had very good conversations. As different as these people are, it runs like a “red thread” through, they are all “self-thinkers”.

People who do not want to be dictated what to think, feel and believe. We feel that we are in good hands between them and have never heard the sentence: “What do you want, we’re fine”. They just know that the music on the Titanic doesn’t last forever!

In the course of the investor trip, we were introduced to all the properties and possibilities and we decided to buy a property and build our house on it.


After a week of sightseeing, barbecues and singing evenings, we had to go home. We were brought back to the airport by bus and said goodbye to each other.

When we arrived at home, we first let everything “sink in”, many impressions and, above all, the extremely friendly locals impressed us. In Germany, where everyone just seems rushed and driven, that doesn’t exist anymore — unfortunately.

We wanted to move as quickly as possible and so we pulled out of our tents in Europe as best we could. On February 22nd, 2020 the time had come and we could start with a “one-way ticket”. Martina and I arrived in Asuncion on February 23rd, 2020 and were picked up from the airport. When we arrived in EPV, there was already an apartment ready which we will live in until our house is built.

Buying a car with the help of RELJUV

Mr. Henning (a manager from EPV) with many good contacts was very helpful to us when buying a car and handling it. Now we are independent – a dream. When we go for a walk, locals keep stopping and want to take us with them (nice :)). You can’t seem to imagine anyone going on foot voluntarily :).

Arrived in the new home

We absolutely do not regret having decided to take this step and are looking forward to all that is to come. After all, there is a lot in motion and growing here.

We can only encourage everyone to think about how much freedom they still want to give up in Europe – for an alleged security.

Thanks to everyone who started this great project and actively continued it

With loving greetings

Martina and Hans Gröbmeyer