Experience Report Gesine Osthold

Sale plot in El Paraiso Verde – Repayment of the purchase price

My husband and I bought a plot of land in El Paraiso Verde a year ago. It was more my husband’s decision, as he likes to work in the garden. As a determined city dweller (I always wanted to live in Paris …), I rather had doubts about this project. And so it happened: My husband gave in and we decided to sell the property again in order to find a solution closer to the city.

Since you can always talk well and honestly with Erwin and Sylvia Annau, I presented our concerns and asked for understanding for my personal situation. Indeed, everything went very smoothly. Erwin tried to find someone interested in our property and – in order to accelerate the resale – bought our property back immediately and without any problems and immediately refunded us the money in the form we wanted, in a friendly manner, without any stress.

Our decision to sell the property again was not an easy one for us emotionally.

We are very grateful to the Annaus for handling the matter in such a friendly and unbureaucratic way.

Gesine Osthold, March 10th, 2020

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