Great service when buying a car in El Paraiso Verde!

Just arrived … a new car is needed

Just a week after moving to El Paraiso Verde, I wanted a new car. We have no idea about pickups, four-wheel drive, vehicle registration, notary matters, insurance and the usual customs of the country, and that with ZERO knowledge of Spanish – an almost impossible undertaking. Help was needed!

Erwin and Sylvia Annau help immediately

We got an appointment with Erwin and Sylvia on the same day (Wednesday). When we asked about buying a car, Erwin Annau gave us his personal assistant, Señor Henning, to help us buy a car. Henning grew up in Paraguay. He speaks Spanish, Guarani and also perfect German. In addition, he had been working with cars for years and was able to give professional advice, as it turned out later.

On Thursday we already had an appointment with Henning to discuss our wishes. On Saturday we wanted to visit a trusted dealer near Villarrica. However, the dealer informed us that he would do his annual inventory on Saturday and would therefore be closed.

… and then everything went much faster ……

When we communicated this to Erwin and Sylvia on Friday morning, Erwin suggested, to our great surprise, that they buy the car that same afternoon!

Erwin released Henning from duty for this purpose.

To our astonishment, we received the money taken into custody by RELJUV for the car purchase immediately in cash.

We later realized that paying cash in Guarani can have a significant impact on the negotiation of the sale price ……

With a backpack full of money and good advice, we set off on Friday at noon. On the drive to the dealer, Señor Henning gave us detailed instructions on how to behave in order to support him in the negotiations. When we arrived at the dealer, we were able to benefit from the professional competence of Erwin’s personal assistant.

Buying a car with the help of the specialist in El Paraiso Verde – an experience!

Henning explained exactly the advantages and disadvantages of the individual brands. His advice also took into account the fact that we as a married couple have different requirements for our car in some areas. Señor Henning proved to be very empathetic on this point and, after his explanations, always gave us enough space for a private meeting by withdrawing discreetly in visual contact and waiting until we were in agreement. We really appreciated that!

He also brought the fact of cash payment into the negotiations at the most favorable time, so that we could still get our dream car, which was offered significantly above the limit we set. Otherwise we would not have wanted to afford it.

We were very astonished that he was able to negotiate the price so low. We have to say that he gambled hard and skillfully!


Decided to buy on Wednesday, discussed Thursday with Erwin and Sylvia, on Friday handover of the newly acquired vehicle without license plates (with the necessary papers for the police), with one-month comprehensive insurance and all the necessary bells and whistles (including the preparations for the notarial purchase contract, as in Paraguay usual) up to our apartment.

So in the evening we sat on our veranda with a lot of gratitude (through the management of El Paraiso Verde and the entire service team), with a big grin on our faces, and enjoyed the magnificent sunset, knowing that we were in good hands here on the square to be.

Oh yes, we had adjusted to “Tranquilo” and learned that things can also take a different course than expected!

When it comes down to it, there is a lot of gas here!

So at this point again specifically:

Thanks alot!


(satisfied new settlers for a week in El Paraiso Verde)

Experience Report Dr. Kerstin Hübner-Christenson

Second visit to El Paraiso Verde – We are curious to see what has changed….

The February 2020 investor trip is our second visit to Paraguay. We visited the Paraiso Verde for the first time in May 2019. It is a huge project that Erwin and Sylvia Annau have tackled. And we’re curious to see what has happened in the past nine months. To get straight to the point: a lot has changed, a lot.

The road, dam, lake and canal construction work has made enormous progress, countless plants have been planted, which at the moment are still small, but will soon develop into meter-high trees in the Paraguayan climate. A first settler community is already living on site, some already in the finished house, others lend a hand themselves, supported by local construction crews, still others just keep an eye on the construction progress and live in one of the three hotel blocks or in the container village.

First visit to our property in Paraguay

Our property awaits us freshly mowed and marked out so that we can more easily make the decision where exactly our house should be built. Erwin brings us personally in the pickup to our property and although it rained heavily the day before, the road is dry and very easy to drive on. As soon as we got out, we quickly got a three kilo lump of red clay on each leg – a good motivation to quickly create stable plants and good grass!

The days pass with exciting and informative discussions, Erwin and Joshua advise us on the design of our future house, Sylvia willingly lets us get suggestions in our own house, Juan tells us about the country and people, Rita leads us through the tree nursery and explains the special features of the Growing plants, Henning makes a tour with us through the neighborhood and Andreas will give us a visit later in Asuncion where you can get something.

Gourmet cuisine for every taste

In between delicious meals – there is always a vegetarian option – mostly under the ancient trees of the Madonna Forest.

It can get quite hot during midday – a cool bath in one of the lakes or a little siesta in a hammock under the mango tree can help.

Permanent residence permit with VIP support

Since we are doing the cedula (the lifelong residence permit) this time, we are busy with official visits and formalities for a total of three days. Everywhere we are accompanied, expected, and warmly welcomed – everything goes like clockwork.

There is still so much to experience in El Paraiso Verde …

On the last day at Paraiso Verde we realized that we didn’t even get to try the alternative medical treatments that were already available!

The decision is made:

next time we will stay longer!

Dr. Kerstin Hübner-Christenson, Vienna

Experience Report Daniela Jost

2 years growth of El Paraiso Verde

Mixed feelings on the first visit – spring 2018 – information trip

I would like to share my experiences at El Paraiso Verde with you. It was in the spring of 2018 when I went on the investor trip. And I have to admit that I had mixed feelings. On the one hand there was the enthusiasm that the videos had aroused in me about the project, on the other hand there was also a healthy mistrust. Above all, I was deterred by what felt like a very offensive sales strategy and so I was excited to be able to get an idea for myself.

When I met the tour group, I was immediately taken with the spirit of these wonderful, similarly ticking people. It was just wonderful to meet like-minded people. I was also incredibly enthusiastic about the unconditionally positive spirit of the first “pioneers”. From the first second, it was the people who made the project for me. However, I remained skeptical about the really visionary plans of Sylvia and Erwin Annau.

The idea of ​​a health center, its own youth village, a school, healthy restaurants, a hardware store, etc. sounded impressive. But I was looking at a lot of undeveloped land. Nature as far as the eye could see. The enthusiasm generated by the wonderful people I met continued. But also the skepticism regarding the implementation of the idea.

Experience the pioneering days – residential containers

In the following, I was lucky enough to be able to follow the course again and again through visits and not just via videos. I admired the people who actually endured living in containers for months and working for an idea that was far away from me. I myself was through with this adventure after three nights in such a living container. From the outside it still seemed to be moving slowly.

Surprise January 2019 – a “real apartment” – a look behind the scenes

So I was all the more surprised when I came to visit El Paraiso Verde again in January 2019: there were actually more houses than I had ever expected. Lo and behold: I was able to spend the night in a real apartment instead of a living container!

We spent a really nice night there and had Sylvia and Erwin show us the construction progress and the new type of welcome house. A lot had changed since the spring of 2018. It was especially enriching for me to get to know the two minds behind the project a little better. Many approaches that seemed a bit strange at first glance suddenly made sense through an understanding of the background.

An example of this is the aspect that you couldn’t just come as a visitor, but only as part of an investor trip. Just visiting, so without knowing the background, you would probably actually be rather scared looking at the still wide open country. I know that there are many critical opinions about El Paraiso Verde and I myself always had my doubts.

It just seems too big … But after this visit I have to admit that I went home with the thought that I had often done the project an injustice over my faint doubts. I pay my respects to people like Sylvia and Erwin, who have bitten their way through so many obstacles over such a period of time. And maybe it’s like everything in life: there are an infinite number of color gradations between black and white. Nothing is just light or just dark.

The Hermetic Principle

The Hermetic Principle of Polarity teaches us “Everything has poles. Everything has a couple of opposites. Equal and unequal are the same. Opposites are essentially identical. ”There is no light without shadow and no shadow without light. One could also say: every truth is always only half the truth. We will not find a project – either here in Paraguay or anywhere else in the world – that does not show any polarities.

And isn’t it precisely these polarities that ultimately make us grow? “You cannot see the stars without the darkness.”

I sincerely wish El Paraiso Verde that it will shine in all its light in the near future.

Daniela Jost


Dear Daniela, thank you very much for your report,

Yes, that’s it. We have done everything we can to make this vision a reality. We cannot do more and we do not want less.

Erwin and Sylvia Annau

Experience Report by Steffi and Sebastian Zehner

Our thanks to you

Dear Sylvia, dear Erwin,

we have arrived at El Paraiso Verde. We actually made it earlier than we thought before the first trip. Back in Germany it was clear to us that we wanted to come to you as soon as possible and we did everything we could to make this happen.

Live immediately in the PIRA TAVA apartment until your own house is ready

We have now been in El Paraiso Verde as a family with two small children for a good two months and live in an apartment until we can move into our own house. Time goes by very quickly, because we take care of our children, want to get to know the country and the surrounding area and finish our planning for the property and building the house. Much is new territory for us and an interesting adventure.

First, it turns out differently….

Often we have certain ideas and sometimes things turn out differently than you think, but it’s still good, if not better, as soon as you reflect more closely. In the short time we have already done a lot to get by on our own in Paraguay.

Arrival and Cedula

But it is also important that we always feel that we are in good hands and welcome here at El Paraiso Verde. It started on the first day when you met us at the airport. We were then given the cedula and we were able to collect our deposit directly from the national bank. Afterwards we were driven to El Paraiso Verde and were allowed to move into our apartment immediately. Unfortunately, the kitchen was still missing, but the most important thing for us after the long journey was the bed and everything else comes later.

Gourmet cuisine in El Paraiso Verde

At first we ate in the front of the kitchen and you can praise the ladies. The food tastes very good and you feel good in this nice atmosphere. I think you hear this often. In the meantime our own kitchen is ready and we cook ourselves but still come back every now and then.

Bringing them into the community and building an existence as a self-employed person

Stefanie was able to familiarize herself with the health center surprisingly quickly and now has regular customers whom she can successfully help with their pain. In addition, her own new massage table was delivered today. Your patients will certainly be happy about it the next time they are treated. Meanwhile, I take care of our children and finalize our plans for the property and house. In the meantime, the dredging work has started on our property and we are very pleased that you are making such great efforts so that we can move into our own house as quickly as possible. Our house plan is about to be released and we are really looking forward to the start of construction.

The El Paraiso Verde community is growing rapidly

More and more people come to El Paraiso Verde and a nice community of people is created with whom one likes to spend time together. You do your shopping together in Caazapa or Villarrica. There is a great exchange and that is very important, especially at the beginning in a new country. We would like to express our gratitude to you again for the foundation of this project and for your daily commitment in the everyday madness.

We think we will all have a wonderful future at El Paraiso Verde and what has been achieved in the past few years is amazing. I always like to ride Pira Tava’s motorcycle out into the entire EPV area and watch the progress on site. This is completely different from obtaining information from a distance from Germany. It is very important to be here on site. In any case, we do not regret that we are already living in El Paraiso Verde, we love it and feel good. Every day is a new adventure and we are in contact with some people who will also be coming here soon. As soon as the new houses are ready, the newcomers will, in my opinion, go in quick succession.

Many thanks again to you and the entire Reljuv team. You are doing a great job. Unfortunately we cannot put everything into words, but I think that you can feel for yourself how well we are here.

Warm greetings

Stefanie and Sebastian with children