Newsletter: Noahs Arch No. 34: El Paraiso Verde IS international

newsletter el paraiso verde 2Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

You can only experience something like this in a few places. People from all over the world are in a great mood at Bambambo. Awake and enlightened people with whom you can talk about any topic – AND – they have one thing in common: love for each other…



US  Bermuda

France  US2

And this is what an international surprise birthday party at El Paraiso Verde looks like:

Birthday Party

In Love
Erwin Annau

PS: Of course Youtube censored our post on the Mason case. The dark side doesn’t want the truth to come out. After a series of unauthorized copyright claims on Youtube, we have partially taken down the channel so that we can file our lawsuit against the unjustified Youtube complaints. The channel will be online again in about 2 weeks.

Until then you can find us on Bitchute and on Rumble with our videos.




It’s time we told people that REAL information can’t be found on Google or YouTube.