Newsletter: Noah’s Ark No. 16: Change in the Board of Directors

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

We released the following statement today:

We, the founders of El Paraiso Verde, Dr. Ewin Annau and Sylvia Annau, have signed on October 13, by mutual agreement, an agreement to replace the previous administration and management of RELJUV S.A.E.C.A. under the now former president Dr. Juan Buker and his senior staff (department heads, treasury, etc.).

This has allowed the transition to a new administration of the company and therefore of the El Paraiso Verde project under the leadership of the founders.

The outgoing president has committed to complete the outstanding projects within the El Praiso Verde urbanization.

These include:

1. issuance of all titles for the properties of El Praiso Verde.
2. asphalting of the road from Caazapà to El Paraiso Verde.

Since October 17th afternoon, the presidency has been handed over. With this handover, the checkbooks and the access codes for the bank accounts were handed over to the new administration.

The new administration will prepare a balance sheet of the company in the next few days, based on the original documents now available and the inspection of the accounts. An inventory, a physical inventory, and an inventory of all liabilities and other claims will be prepared.

The new administration will lead the company into a new phase of development as of November 1 (after the end of the legal transition period).

The first inventory of the new administration will be commented by Dr. Erwin Annau, the new President:

Erwin im Abendrot

“First and foremost, after signing the transition agreement, I made a preliminary assessment of the Company’s and the Project’s ability to fully settle all past liabilities and other claims.

The project has a multiple of valuable substance to pay all legitimate claims (made free of counterclaims).

How long this will take cannot be said exactly at this time. this depends on:

1. how calmly and orderly the transition takes place

2. how far all parties involved (settlers, alumni, etc.) have prudence, calmness and willingness to have reasonable discussions with the new administration. We will be ready for talks from the end of November (after the completion of the complete inventory)

3. how the demand for land in El Paraiso Verde is developing. It should be noted that since about 10 days (when information about the change slowly reached the public) the weekly inquiries have increased about fivefold. We expect – not least because of international events – an unprecedented rush from all over the world.”

The new president included the settlers of El Paraiso Verde in the administration at the beginning of his term. This is a gradual implementation of a wish expressed by the founders since the beginning of the project for inclusion, co-responsibility and a say.

In the future, financial decisions will be made with the help of a financial advisory board consisting of experienced settlers (lawyer, accountant, tax advisor, experienced entrepreneurs).

Accounting has been taken over by an advisory board for accounting and financial control (ordering, clearing, voucher control and bookkeeping) consisting of expert settlers.

Purchasing has already been partially transferred to settlers. The control of purchasing will be exercised by settlers in the future.

The founders issued the following statement regarding this change:

“We are pleased that our wish, which has existed since the beginning of the company, for the participation, co-responsibility and ultimately co-decision-making of the settlers can now be gradually implemented with the new administration.

We are touched and enthusiastic about the solidarity, the spirit of optimism and the – mostly unpaid – help of the settlers. Everyone wants the dream and vision of El Paraiso Verde to become a reality as a community of hearts of people from all over the world.


This solidarity and loyalty towards the project and the new administration was also expressed by the majority of the employees.

We, the founders, have come to stay. We will make sure that every settler and investor will have their legitimate demands met.

NOW the way is clear for a COMMON future. The founders, the new administration AND the settlers are in the same boat. We will overcome all challenges together.”

In Love,

Dr. Erwin Annau, President of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.
Sra. Sylvia Annau, Vice President of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

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