Noahs Ark No. 17: Gigantic Wave of new Settlers expected!

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

In the last 7 years we had on average about 15 requests per week. In good times 20-25, in bad times 3 requests per week. The highest number of requests per week was 49 in one week a few years ago.

Last week, as the news slowly leaked out that founders Erwin and Sylvia Annau would now take over the administration, we experienced an incredible number of requests.

Namely 125! ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY requests!

That’s at least 6 times the long-term average!

And this week it was: 303 (three hundred and three) inquiries – 15 times the long-term average.

That’s 428 inquiries in just two weeks.

More inquiries in just 2 weeks than in the last 2.5 years!

Our caseworkers are working around the clock. 3 additional caseworkers for the English inquiries have begun their work, one of whom will also be handling the Spanish speaking prospects.

We ask our prospective customers for a little patience. We will surely answer your request.

What does this flood of inquiries mean?

Approximately 6 months after a flood of inquiries, investment in land is beginning to rise sharply. The increase has already started.

With 428 inquiries in only 2 weeks, it is expected that in 3-6 months we will have an interested party or buyer for every saleable lot in El Paraiso Verde and that all saleable lots in El Paraiso Verde may be sold much earlier than the originally planned date of the end of 2024.

Therefore, our recommendation is to come NOW for an info week. If necessary, we’ll squeeze in additional info weeks. Everyone should have the opportunity to REALLY get to know El Paraiso Verde, to be able to talk to the settlers and to us, to apply for permanent residency and to find a place in Green Paradise.

Your investments will be managed by the founders (Erwin Annau President, Sylvia Annau Vice President) and our financial advisory board consisting of a lawyer, a tax consultant, an international accountant and an experienced entrepreneur since Tuesday, October 17, 2023 in the afternoon. Financial decisions are made in consultation with the financial advisory board.

Now it makes sense to build again

Each NEW construction project is realized at the technically and organizationally possible speed. The financial resources we receive for such a project are managed separately.

The income from the new construction projects and, in part, proceeds from land sales are used to complete the current construction sites.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of land goes to the settlement of claims from the time of the retired administration and infrastructure.

El Paraiso Verde has started new.

This is OUR paradise:

We are ready for you and look forward to your coming!

Erwin und Sylvia Annau

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