Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 18: Everythings new in EPV – Investment in Residental Plots

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

The reactions to the news from EPV are overwhelming!

Hundreds of enthusiastic EPV fans, settlers, staff and also many former settlers have congratulated us on the biggest step in the history of EPV.

People from all over the world express their gratitude and solidarity to us. With this step, our community of hearts is now finally possible as we, the founders, have always wanted it to be.

Many have told us they are praying for us and that El Paraiso Verde will now be the place they have always sought. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. THANK YOU!

The new presidency in EPV

With the new presidency, actually everything becomes new – or better said- everything goes back to the roots – back to the original vision of El Paraiso Verde….

  1. Since Tuesday, October 17, 2023, in the afternoon, the financial control lies exclusively with the founders, supported by our treasurer (a German lawyer) and the financial advisory board of the settlers (lawyer, tax consultant, controller and entrepreneur). We make sure that in the future every Guarani will benefit El Paraiso Verde.
  2. From the beginning, we wanted a self-sufficient community. The agricultural land was to be used for the cultivation of vegetables, grains, herbs, medicinal plants, etc. Commercial cattle farming was not originally planned and never felt right to us founders.

Therefore, as of Friday October 27, 7pm, cattle fattening will not be expanded any further. Only the existing CashCow packages will be continued and billed according to the contract. Whether individual packages will be extended and under what parameters is still under review. No further CashCow packages will be accepted. Cattle fattening will be reduced to approximately the level of self-sufficiency within one year.

To all enthusiastic vegetarians: We also have settlers who eat meat. This is also available to anyone who wishes to do so (see Life Principles). Therefore, it is important that these settlers be able to purchase and consume mRNA and graphenoxide free meat. We can already produce organic beef, chicken and sheep meat. Fish farming would probably allow one or a few expert emigrants to make a living in the new homeland of Paraguay.

Back to the self-sufficiency vision

Back to the roots also means: originally only the investment in plots and house building was planned. Each settler creates his personal paradise on his plot and the sum of over 1000 paradises then make up the Green Paradise.

The individual settlers on their plots, but above all the community on the communally used areas makes this settlement to a very high percentage self-sufficient and in possible times of crisis to 100% self-sufficient.

This original goal of El Paraiso Verde – self-sufficiency – is the focus now and for all future.


Many of you are faced with the decision of where to invest and secure your savings, as the “Great Reset” will apparently be attempted in the coming year. Large banks, such as Erste Bank are already starting to close their branches completely.

With the planned digital currency, the banks will determine where you can still invest your money. In France, this has already been common practice since 2017.

Due to the incredible request – rush and the world situation, by abandoning commercial cattle fattening, all the land that is now easily developed will be sold in 1-2 years, so that we can complete the infrastructure according to the original plan. We have the machinery, the personnel and the experience. We have already built enough on lakes and waterways to say that the infrastructure shown in the plan can be built in about 5 years.

In the last 3 weeks we have had 641 inquiries from all over the world. This is at least the number of inquiries we have had in the last 1.5 years.

The inquiries level off at more than 100 per week, about 5000 per year.

By returning to the original vision, we now have the opportunity to sell and develop 455 plots by the end of 2025. An additional 472 lots can be sold and developed by the end of 2027. The lots to be developed in 1 to 5 years provide an excellent opportunity to invest funds in real estate now. We anticipate that all lots will be sold out in 2-3 years.

ONLY 4.55% of the inquirers will actually be able to purchase a lot in El Paraiso Verde.

So that we can start the infrastructure (the beautiful waterways, lakes and lagoon landscapes) NOW, pure investors, regardless of whether they want to live in EPV, also have the opportunity to invest in land and share in the increase in value through land registry, road and infrastructure.

The returns for investors are (depending on the amount of the investment) 2-4 times higher than comparable real estate investments in international comparison.

Those who want to invest in safe real estate in booming Paraguay in view of the upcoming “Great Reset – own nothing and be happy“, or those who want to secure a property for a Plan B – and of course all those who want to emigrate to us:

Get in touch and ask for the…:

INVEST – CONSTRUCTION – Property (IBG) in El Paraiso Verde

Our EPV experts will invite you for a preliminary discussion and – if everything fits – for an appointment with me.



Investing in an INVEST PROPERTY is possible for anyone, whether you want to live in El Paraiso Verde, build a second home, or invest funds in safe and resalable real estate. An IBG is purchased to be sold within one to five years with an interesting profit margin to a buyer who THEN wants to live on that property.

However, due to the interposition of the investor, THEN the infrastructure is ready and the settler who wants to live on this plot can immediately start building the house. The proceeds from the Invest building plot are freely available after resale and can therefore also be reinvested in the EPV in a residential plot or house, if the requirements are met.

The payment transaction takes place DIRECTLY between the investor and the buyer.

Living in the EPV is NOT a prerequisite for investing in an INVEST building plot. Therefore, the investment in an INVEST building plot is also independent of the investor’s vaccination status. More info in the next newsletters.

Contact us now here and ask for the: INVEST- BUILDING PLOT in EL PARAISO VERDE – CLICK HERE:  


  • Residence for demanding people in El Paraiso Verde
  • Residential project for a large family, 4 or more families or
  • hotel complex, assisted living, housing estate
  • Residence in (green) paradise!

Luxury residence or housing project – HAUS CHRISTIAN PV-62 and PV-63

HOUSE CHRISTIAN is located on the west side of El Paraiso Verde in a planned villa neighborhood with large hectare lots and wide views of the daily breathtaking sunset.

Lots PV-62 and PV-63 are 5010 and 9969 m2 respectively, for a total of 14,979 m2. Both lots form a stately estate, with 5 raised platforms, suitable would be several houses or apartment buildings.

The houses are arranged around the lake of 2.963 m2. The park is landscaped. Between the platforms on PV-63 a vegetable garden has been built with a semi-shade.

The west side of El Paraiso Verde is reserved for villa lots or upscale hotel and residential developments. The location in the Paraiso Verde district is ideal – 3 minutes walk to Ypy Lake, 10 minutes to the new village on the jungle and about 15 minutes to Pira Tava. The park-like garden of plots PV-62 and 63 has a crescent-shaped lake of 2963 m2 framed by palm trees and equipped with a swimming platform The shores are still designable, e.g. for a sandy beach.

Living in the house Christian offers both a shady east terrace and an infinite distant view to the west and thus the daily experience of sunset in El Paraiso Verde.

House Christian is “turnkey” including an indoor AND an outdoor kitchen, a carport, a storage room and large storage areas, a large vegetable garden with partial shade and a total of 5 large clay platforms on which houses, villas, apartments or other buildings can be built.

Haus Christian
Christophe und Kinder

OKI – 6 months visiting EPV

Trial and permanent rent at EPV: Wonderful people from all over the world come to visit us, spend some time with us and some will probably stay here.

Oki und Enke

OKI is originally from Mongolia. She has lived in Germany for many years and now, as a single mother with her 4-year-old daughter Enkhee, she wants to experience life at El Paraiso Verde.

OKI is a gifted clothing designer and seamstress.

Who wants to start a project with her – fashion design in El Paraiso Verde with online store?

Get in touch. OKI will be staying at EPV until the end of February 2024. Maybe she will stay if she can establish herself in the new home with her skills….


Erwin Annau

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