Newsletter: Noahs Ark 19: Condominum with Land Titles

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

The documentary about El Paraiso Verde from the platform „The Wandering Investor“ has already been viewed over 324,000 times:

Result: in the last 4 weeks, approximately as many interested parties have enquired with us as in the whole of 2022. The inquiries in the last 5 weeks are higher than the plots still available.

The sale of the plots could accelerate as, in addition to the platform “The Wandering Investor”, two other owners of large platforms for emigration and Plan B residences have already asked whether they can also film a documentary about El Paraiso Verde for their platforms.

One of these platform founders visited us last Sunday and Monday after visiting several settlement projects in other countries.

His statement: “In my opinion, the EPV is the only large settlement project in the world with a functioning community and infrastructure.”

We shot almost 10 hours of video footage, which he will show to the 25,000 members of his platform. The links to the videos will also be sent to his more than 120,000 email addresses. More on this in the coming weeks.

Even if one makes a conservative estimate and assumes that 5% of enquirers become investors and/or settlers, by the end of 2024 it will only be possible to buy a plot if someone wants to sell it.

Supply and demand in such a situation also make an investment in land in El Paraiso Verde or the construction of a Plan B house a sensible alternative.

Motto: away from NWO, Great Reset, “own nothing and be happy”, CBDC, bankrupt banks, chemtrails, graphene oxide and insect food, into a unique, protected, self-sufficient and spiritually awakened community.

The settlement area of El Paraiso Verde has been divided into almost 2,000 plots of land. This includes roads, waterways, public areas, parks and lakes.

Between the end of November and mid-January, 1,711 land titles are issued simultaneously on one day by the land registry. Anyone who meets the requirements of the condominium agreement can draw up the public deed with us and have it stamped by the cadastre. This IS the title.

The project is approved by the cadastre as a condominium. The condominium is part of the title deed. Therefore, the condominium contract must be signed and honored if you want to live here.

Of the 1,711 titled plots, only 288 plots are currently available for direct purchase. The rest of the plots still need infrastructure. These plots will therefore be developed in stages over the next 1-5 years. The necessary excavators and heavy machinery are available.

These plots, which will be developed over the next 1-5 years, will be…

Invest – Building plots

sold to people who are looking for a capital investment for up to 5 years with a possible increase in value of 4.3 to 7.3% and invest NOW. Living in the EPV and vaccination status are not a prerequisite.

For more information:

Land Register – Status Report November 7, 2023

(based on the information provided by the previous administration, which is contractually obliged to settle, and based on the report prepared by the independent notary Dra. Marta Fanego to check and verify this information)

Martha B. de Fanego, Escribana Publica, Registro No. 191   



The company RELJUV S.a.e.c.a., with tax number 80095083-6, has deposited in the Notary’s Office, under my supervision, the documents relating to the property located in the district of MACIEL with tax number 80095083-6, FRACCION PARAISO VERDE, INDIVIDUALIZED AS REGISTER No. G04/1027 OF MACIEL AND CTA. CTE. MATRIZ No. 22-0054-02, which are in the process of assignment and registration, and I am pleased to inform you that they have been verified by the National Cadastre Office and the surveyors are currently working to correct the last inconsistencies in the measurement of some plots, promising to deliver them within ten days at the latest.

Thereafter, it will be returned to the said office and once processed, it will be registered in the General Directorate of Public Records for the assignment of matriculas to each parcel, and thereafter we will initiate the procedures of public deeds for the transfer of the lands to each of the purchasers.

At the request of the interested party and for other reasons, I issue this document in the city of Villarrica de Espiritua Santo, Republic of Paraguay, on the seventh day of the month of NOVEMBER of the year TWENTY-THIRTEEN AND TWENTY-THREE.

Marta Bogado de Fanego, Notary Public Reg. no. 191.

Unusually for Paraguay, the surveyor’s corrections were already completed on November 8.

On November 9, 2023, I signed the input lists of the 1,711 titles (in 6 copies). A public holiday with an “autograph session” that would put any rock star or bestselling author in the shade. (Hand still hurts…).

Here are the photos of the truly historic event. 7 years of blood sweat tears, frustration, disappointment, malice………… are over.

Erwin und Benigma 1
We (lawyer Dr. Benigna Sanabria and the new President) are ready for the historic act.

Cover Sheet
This is the cover sheet of the cadastral submission for our condominium “Paraiso Verde” signed by the City of Maciel and the sworn surveyor.

The following pages regulate the transfer of rights (right to registration for book ownership). It is dependent on compliance with the condominium agreement.

Erwin Unterschrift

get to work: sign 34 pages, times 6

Each property is listed separately: Plot size with 4 decimal places of the total plot, proportionate share of the public area and total share (plot and public area)

Liste Zoom Liste fern

This photo explains something important about the future value of the plots:

For each plot in the El Paraiso Verde condominium, 50% public areas are planned.

This means that for each plot in Paraiso Verde there are approx. 50% communal areas that can be used by all residents. This proportion is stipulated in the land register. This means that all plots of land alone will be upgraded by around 50% and will be worth almost 50% more. This hopefully puts paid to the rumors that the sponsoring company would erect toll booths on the clay roads.

Listen mit Unterschriften

1711 titles in 6 identical copies. 204 signatures and 408 stamps

And a lot of work over the next few years to implement everything as you know it from the plan. NOW El Paraiso Verde will look the way you imagine it and know it from the plan. Work for the next 100 years. You are invited to work with us.

Unterschriften Zoom
Signatures of the Municipal Assembly Maciel, Secretary General, President and Secretariat, as well as our surveyor

Ende Liste

A look at the end of the long list: 1711 titles

And on Friday, November 10, 2023, I signed the final plans of the El Paraiso Verde condominium, which had already been signed by the mayor of Maciel.

Erwin mit EPV Plan Erwin mit EPV Plan 3
These 6 files and the plans will be sent to the cadastre on Monday, November 13, 2023. The corrections are entered there and then…… 1711 titles are issued by the cadastre.

The first public certificates will be prepared next week so that we can submit and display the first title – conservatively estimated – before the end of this year. The last commitment from the previous administration, the authorities and the President of Paraguay regarding the issuing of the titles was at the end of November.

The historic event summarized:

El Paraiso Verde – Codominium – with land registry title

After 7 years of consistent work, through all resistance and difficulties, the Community de El Paraiso Verde has succeeded: 1,711 titles are issued by the Land Registry.

A historic day: the signing of the titles and final plans of the El Paraiso Verde Paraguay condominium.



We, the NEW administration and the founders, have the following goals for the future:

  1. to return to the roots of El Paraiso Verde as a spiritual project in which everyone can follow their personal path of development according to THEIR life plan and their ideological convictions.
  2. all other activities, such as cash cow and politics, which have nothing to do with the spiritual community at heart level, which was planned from the beginning and is independent of religion and ideology, have been discontinued.
  3. all buildings commissioned from October 17, 2023 will be completed in the previously usual construction time (6-12 months), all construction orders from the previous administration will be completed as quickly as possible. The average construction time for these buildings from the previous administration is currently 15.9 months.

“How do you manage that?”

Visitors keep asking us: how do you manage?

Everyone can take from the following article what they need for their “heart project” and their own life plan.


The most powerful force in the universe is the creative force. It was used to create universes. It stands outside and above the universes.

We are all connected to each other, and we are also connected to this creative power – whatever you call it. We are “God’s children”.

How do you develop your own creative power? With growth through challenge. But first and foremost with enthusiasm. Because it is our emotions that CREATE. That means it is the strong emotions of love, gratitude, joy and enthusiasm that create.

BUT BEWARE: negative emotions also create. That is why it is so important to pay attention to your emotions.

There are sometimes calmer times at sea and sometimes stormier times at sea.

Do you remember Pipi Longstocking?

Thomas and Annika call out to her at sea: “Pipi the storm is getting stronger” and she calls back loudly and forcefully: “Never mind, me too!” And that’s exactly it.

Never mind, us too.

Our path is the path of love, of clarity, of truth, of conscious being, of awareness. Every moment: the more conscious you become, the clearer you become and the more you realize that love and clarity, consciousness, awareness, freedom, free thinking, creative power, creativity, joy, abundance, fulfillment, being fulfilled, being strong, taking responsibility and yet loving, compassionate, serving with humility – are ONE.

Love means saying YES and YES in cosmic law always means 100% YES.


100% YES means: your whole heart, your soul, your entire life energy, your entire creative power are focused on one goal: this is how you achieve everything you set out to do, including something like

El Paraiso Verde, this is also how entire universes and unimaginably gigantic and almost “eternal” cycles of creation were created.

Either you say YES and then it may, it must be 100% YES according to the cosmic laws of creation and then you go in with your heart, with your love, with your joy, with your visions, your feelings, with your inner images – and then you create.

That is manifesting, that is creativity. If you say 100% YES, then you also manifest.

Creation is very simple, but creation is always 100% YES and then you manifest. Or you say 100% NO and then you also manifest.

And love also means saying NO, saying STOP, saying OFF, saying WITHOUT ME, saying OFF and PAST and NO also means 100% NO.

If you can’t say 100% YES to something, then you’re not saying YES and then it’s not coherent.

Then it is a hidden NO, which sucks the life and soul energy out of all those who want to manifest with creative power – BECAUSE – the real creators assume that the OTHER who says YES also means 100% YES.

A 90, 80, 70… percent “YES” is actually a stop, a hidden NO.

Because the person who says “I see that El Paraiso Verde is going through a few stormy months, I’m going to retire, call me back when everything is ok” is hindering the COMMON creation process.

That is why it has always been important in the history of El Paraiso Verde. To have clarity.

LOVE – CLARITY – TRUTH (truck): Do you still remember the huge semitrailer truck “rubber duck” that breaks through all the roadblocks in the music video “the convoy”? Our truck – love, clarity, truth – is unstoppable.


So we, the founders and the many settlers, whom we thank for their 100% help and support, know that everything will be fine. Everything IS already good.

We, the founders, need to step back sometimes, not respond to every anxiety WhatsApp or panic telegram. We need our energy for all of us, for the community, for a clear head to execute a highly complex project.

“MANIFESTING means: drawing the seen future into the experienced present.

Manifesting therefore means cause over matter, energy, space and time.”

Manifesting means saying 100% YES to something. If you don’t say 100% yes, then it will always be wasted energy and nothing will ever come of it.

For El Paraiso Verde this means: BE CLEAR!

  • you stay as a visitor, as a tenant,
  • you set up YOUR plan B NOW so that you have a home when your current home falls apart or
  • you come – like us – to stay and create the Green Paradise with us.

In all these cases you are welcome. but please: be CLEAR and TRUE.

Contact us here and let us know which of the 3 options you would like to choose:

We will create El Paraiso Verde as we have seen it from the beginning.

The storms of the past have been strong and could become even stronger worldwide in the coming year. But…..

“Never mind, we too.”

“We have come here to El Paraiso Verde to stay.”

Your Erwin Annau

(Newsletter inspired by Gabriele Kathleen)

Contact HERE



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