Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 36: Truth to Light 1 – El Paraiso Verde 2024 with Certificate of Ownership

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

El Paraiso Verde 2024 – NEW!!! – With title deed – Truth to Light 1

In the first interview of the new series “Truth to Light”, I talk about the cruel first 7 years, about the challenges, such as having to completely change the management 3 times and finally taking over the management myself with Sylvia.

I make it clear who is welcome and wanted in El Paraiso Verde – and who is not!
I explain why some settlers were successful and happy and others failed, spreading lies and blaming Sylvia and me for their failure. The truth will come out, love will prevail.

Your hard questions are asked:

In Love
Erwin Annau

P.S.: We have a NEW Youtube Channel:
You can find new videos there every day, as well as old ones from the early days. It’s very interesting to see what has changed in El Paraiso Verde in such a short time and how statements from 2016 are even more valid today than they were back then.

REUPLOAD | El Paraiso Verde Paraguay In times like these
This is what it looked like in Anastasia Circle back then, Minimercado opening.

Go to these videos, click on them (check out what it was like in the pioneer days) and don’t forget to like the post.

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This is how you find us via our Paraiso Verde channel on Rumble and Bitchute (English):

In the future, we will publish content that is likely to be censored on Rumble and Bitchute.

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