Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 37: The Truth comes to Light Wahrheit – Mr. “Buker”

Dear Settlers, dear plot owners,

El Paraiso Verde has been going uphill again since the start of 2024. We have now had our 3rd trip with an international group, mainly from English-speaking countries.

Once again, one finished house and one ready-to-build house (without windows, doors and tiles) were sold. Reljuv plots were sold, but four plots also found a new owner through resale. The project, which we founders have brought back to the original purpose of the EPV, is showing more and more success.

With the main focus on the future of EPV, it is also necessary to bring truth and clarity to the past.

It is important to know: With the administrative cut (Corto Administrativo) of October 17, 2023, a new company was effectively launched from an economic perspective:

Until October 17, 2023, the former President was solely responsible for the entire economic management of the company, for all financial, entrepreneurial and personnel decisions and was also fully responsible before the law. He therefore also had absolute decision-making power in these matters.

This absolute control over the company’s assets and management was transferred to me on October 17, 2023. My first task was therefore to stabilize the company and focus on the original goal of EPV in order to preserve the value of the properties and the assets of the settlers and investors in El Praiso Verde.

Investments from October 17, 2023, especially construction contracts, will be managed independently of the past. The new buildings will be built at the technically possible pace (depending on the weather).

I took over 49 “old” construction sites on October 17, 2023, where all funds for further construction, namely 17,232,557,537 Guarani, were missing. That is approx. 2.14 million euros or 2.41 million USD.

Nevertheless, I have reduced the number of “old construction sites” from 49 to 35. And this despite the discovery and settlement of over 6,000 million PGY (approx. 745,000 euros or approx. 839,000 USD) in liabilities that were not included or specified in the handover report of October 17.

Despite the enormous burden of the heavy legacy of the last administration, we have begun to work through the past and get clarity. Accusations, suspicions and conspiracy theories are counterproductive and detrimental to settling the past.

I will not do in public what others have done to both of us over the years: wild suspicions, accusations, crazy and sick conspiracy theories and smears with millions in damages to investors and settlers.

We have asked our auditor to prepare a preliminary balance sheet for 2023 AND we have contracted an independent auditing company, which is also specialized in forensic auditing, to get clarity about the financial situation and the management of 2023. This company will also prepare the 2023 balance sheet. This company has carried out the entire 2023 bookkeeping again completely independently of our auditor on the basis of the original documents.

The new booking was also necessary as we received all the computers from the former president’s office in a completely deleted state. The accounting computer was also handed over to us in March 2023 by the assistant to the former chief accountant in a completely deleted state. This meant that all financial and accounting data was destroyed. The same applies to the correspondence of the president, his office, the finance department and the accounting department. The computers were seized as evidence.

Indicated persons:

1st Juan Joaquin Buker, alias Juan Joaquin Bücker, alias Juan Joaquin Büker.
For me, the former president was Dr. Juan Buker. It was not until November 2023 that I received the secret Jesuit oath and the information that this man should have a different name. It was not until Saturday, March 23, that I had the evidence of the two name changes (without a verifiable name change procedure) in my hands. No proof of a doctorate could be found, despite researching and checking the doctoral degree lists of the universities he had specified. As we learned on March 23, 2024, he himself had omitted the doctorate when the banks verified his identity after they requested proof. In my home country, the presumption of an academic title is a criminal offense.

Partners in crime:

Weitere Verdächtige bei der mutmaßlichen Verschiebung veruntreuter Gelder: Nilda Pereira.

Suspicion of embezzlement:

Amount of loss: more than 15000 million guarani, which is approximately 2.08 million USD just for the year 2023.

These two expert reports will be submitted to the public prosecutor’s office shortly. They will be asked to prepare their own forensic report.

The suspects will be given the opportunity to repay the missing funds. We are not interested in punishment or revenge, but solely in the restitution of the allegedly embezzled funds. Paraguayan law provides for restitution before punishment.

Our work was obstructed by a small group of landowners and former settlers through a vile smear campaign against the EPV and against me and my wife (including photo montages of the worst kind).

The approach is actually sick: Imagine you had a stake in a pizzeria and wanted to get out of it, and then you stood in front of the pizzeria and told everyone who wanted to go in that the pizza was crap. is crap. Insanity.

The damage caused by this organized character assassination by lawyers and real estate agents who want to destroy EPV, buy it up cheaply and make a profit from the loss of the settlers’ life savings, and to this end abuse former settlers without their knowledge for their perfidious plan, exceeds 15 million dollar.

This is far more than the investments of former settlers and people who are frustrated by the alleged disloyalty of the former administration and want to leave the project. Without the character assassination, they would have long since recovered their investment by selling it on to new investors.

Our new settlers see El Paraiso Verde as what it has always been: a love and light project in which we can trust each other.

Almost all other projects worldwide go through such a phase – betrayal and disintegration from within – and almost all projects are destroyed by this, not by attacks from outside.

We have overcome all 7 plagues in 7 years:

1. natural disasters such as floods and fires
2. government obstructions, e.g. road construction delayed for 7 years
3. loss of bank account, obstacles in payment transactions
4. corruption, theft, fraud by a few employees and suppliers
5. alleged embezzlement by senior employees including (allegedly) the Chairman of the Board of Directors
6. defamation of character, libel, slander
7. betrayal and disintegration from within by a small group of settlers and property owners.

So much for the question “How safe is my investment in El Paraiso Verde?”

We are here and stronger than ever.

You don’t recognize the security of an investment as long as everything is going well, but only when you have seen the reaction of the managers of the investment to the crisis. We noticed the damage and acted decisively and consistently. The loss is – in relation to the more than 1000 properties still being sold in El Paraiso Verde – a small single-digit percentage.

I have had the hardest time of my life, knowing what has happened but not being allowed to say anything and being unjustly attacked every day because documenting the truth takes time. Only the lie is quick. It is painful that even a few settlers have passed on the lies unchecked. Fortunately, most of the settlers are behind us. This time has made us settlers into a family that stands by each other.

Personally, I am deeply saddened by the fact that Mr. Buker, or Bücker or Büker or whatever his name was, never told us his name. In other words, we didn’t even know the name of the person who said for 7 years “You are my only family, I love you, I’ll give my life for you, Sylvia you’ll leave me if you’re not there for 2 days, if you’re in danger I’ll get you out myself…”.

As an academic who has earned the title of Magister Juris and Doktor juris after years of intensive study and passing many rigorous examinations, it is particularly painful when the “brother of the soul”, as he called himself to me, still cannot prove that he has a doctorate, even though he insisted on addressing all employees as “Mister Doctor”.

In 2016, he told us that he had studied economics, philosophy and theology. I therefore listed him as Dr. Dr. Buker on our website in the legal notice and in the text. It was only a few years later that he asked me to remove a doctorate from the website, as the Dr. Dr. would seem too pretentious.

We will continue to create El Paraiso Verde as we have planned. We will sell plots of land until we only have more settlers who want to stay with us. And we will continue to bring clarity to the events of the first 7 years.

The truth will come to light. WE, the founders and the many settlers who have helped us get through this difficult time, are part of the great LOVE-LIGHT PROJECT. Together with other Love-Light projects we will change the world.

Erwin and Sylvia Annau

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