Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 38 – Youtube – Redesign – International Community

newsletter el paraiso verde 2Dear El Paraiso Verde Freunde,

Thank you very much for the many wishes and the many positive reactions to our last newsletter. Many thanks for the many birthday wishes to Sylvia.

Everything will be new at El Paraiso Verde.

El Paraiso Verde will become an international community of un-pieced, freedom-loving, awakened, responsible and drug-free people.

We affirm LOVE as the basis of creation and as the common denominator of all religions and world views, which we are already experiencing at EL Paraiso Verde in fruitful dialogs and peaceful togetherness.

We affirm man and woman, family and our spirituality.

With El Paraiso Verde we have created an entire country (8 times larger than Monaco) that is now ready to be populated by people who share and want to live our life principles from the HEART. We have been through inhuman things and freed ourselves from the Deep State.
Now we can bring El Paraiso Verde to full bloom together.

Our Youtube channel goes international

Our main Youtube channel is currently being converted into an international Youtube channel.
In future, all titles, texts and descriptions will only appear in the language you have set on your computer.

All videos published on the main channel from mid-June 2024 will appear with English or German subtitles, depending on the language of the video. Some videos will also appear with Spanish subtitles. We are working on continuously expanding the library of these videos into 3 languages. The videos will be clearly organized so that you and your friends can get answers to all your questions about El Paraiso Verde.

All videos will be revised. Topics or images that are no longer relevant will be removed.

We have uploaded the most important videos as a REUPLOAD on another channel until the end of our renovation. There you will find the edited videos so that you can watch and share videos with your friends until around mid-June. Please watch the videos, send us a LIKE and share them with as many people as possible.

Some videos will be removed from this channel as soon as the newly designed main channel of El Paraiso Verde is activated again.

Interview Erwin

Erwin Gespräch



indira 1


Este vídeo ha sido editado por nosotros para que puedas enviárselo a amigos que hayan visto el vídeo del chantaje TIK- TOK a los MASON. El contenido es ahora PG-rated……






Julius 1

More REUPLOADS in the next newsletter.

We expect another full April trip. Sign up, especially from Europe. The window of opportunity to get your savings to safety is closing. The EU only wants to allow the transfer of 10,000 euros per month to non-European countries (draft law).

Share these links, watch the videos and LIKE them.

And write to us at:

In Love,
Erwin Annau