Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 39: Victory over fake news and slander

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Dear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Our settlers are simply GREAAAAT!

On April 1, 2024, our settlers beat back a sneak attack on our home of El Paraiso Verde on the internet with flying colors and dealt a serious blow to one of the most mendacious fake news internet newspapers:

You remember the Mason video.

In that video, we were outraged by the shameless nude photos of a pregnant lawyer who posted those photos HERSELF on the internet and was publicly warned by Paraguayan women and mothers to “keep your hands off married men.

We wanted to show what ethical attitude the lawyer of the TikTok video slanderers and blackmailers has. You should know that if you’re planning to hire a lawyer…..

The fake news internet newspaper and the lawyer attacked us with two unjustified YouTube strikes for alleged copyright infringement. We therefore took the entire main channel offline to prevent a third strike and thus the deletion of the entire channel, even though we knew that the two strikes were legally untenable.

The alleged copyright infringements were legally indefensible under fair use laws in the US and around the world.

Even a legal layman could recognize this as “far-fetched” in 5 seconds.

However, the YouTube A.I. was unable to recognize this and imposed the strikes. The interviewer on the fake news website knew this. And also knew that complaints are very rarely upheld. Obviously, it must be a complaint that proves that YouTube’s terms of use have been abused for other purposes.
The owner of Fake News Zeitung then called on chat participants on Telegram chats to report a 3rd copyright infringement and thus permanently destroy our channel.
Tips were already being exchanged on how best to do this, the deletion of the El Paraiso Verde YouTube channel was being celebrated and new conspiracy theories about us were being spread.

However, the dark side did not count on the settlers defending their homeland.

Naturally, we lodged a complaint against the two obviously abusive strikes.

And YouTube accepted the complaint (because it was so clear). Incidentally, YouTube rarely accepts appeals against strikes.

The other party was asked to comment. The counterstatement had nothing to do with copyright. Only further accusations.

As a result, YouTube lifted the two strikes.

This means we can open our main channel immediately and release our videos again as planned after revision and gradually with edited (proofread) subtitles in 2 and later in 3 languages.

The truth comes to light. The lies will be exposed.

We will realize El Paraiso Verde as we always wanted to create it.

Many thanks to the many settlers who have helped us in this defense of our homeland.

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All love
Erwin Annau
The settlers of El Paraiso Verde

“We fight for you so that YOU have a home when you need one.”

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This video has been edited by us so that you can send it to friends who have seen the TIK- TOK blackmail video of the MASONs. The content is now PG-rated…


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