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el paraiso verde newsletter paraguay 1Dear El Paraiso Verde Friends,


Emigrating to Paraguay – with TITLE –

How much does it cost to live in El Paraiso Verde?

In the 2nd interview of the series, I answer Dominic O’Brien’s most important question:

What does it cost to live in El Paraiso Verde?

Facts, figures and data that everyone who is thinking of emigrating needs.

A) RENT: live for a trial period or rent permanently

Contact us for a trial stay at:

B) Plan B: Buy a plot of land, buy or build a house and rent it out profitably.

If your home country no longer offers a home, you will have a roof over your head in the only safe and self-sufficient community of “unsmuggled people” if you need it.

C) PLAN A: Buy a plot of land, build or buy a house and live in El Paraiso Verde.

Our NEW El Paraiso Verde under the leadership of the founders is the best option for emigrating to Paraguay. We offer an all-inclusive package for everything, i.e. taking care of all the bureaucracy for the complete immigration process, buying land, building a house, food, accommodation, and all this on a 16 square kilometer private property with lakes, rivers, many beautiful houses, local minimercado, school, library and – the most wonderful “woke” community of soulful, warm people from all over the world you can imagine.

El Paraiso Verde – is ideal for anyone who wants to stay physically healthy, develop mentally and spiritually and live in peace and freedom in pure air, with pure water and natural food.

D) INVEST in El Paraso Verde.

For everyone, WITHOUT living or living in the EPV,

regardless of your status, up to 27% profit possible.


1. real estate value: The largest urbanization project: properties worth more than 150 million U.S. dollars can be sold in the next 1-2 years.

2. management by the founders and owners: You know where you stand with us. Under the management of us, the founders, we will realize El Paraiso Verde TOGETHER as we have envisioned and created it and as you have wished.


1. clarification of the names and titles of the former and current Presidents of RELJUV S.a.e.c.a.

Birth certificates Civil status certificates, title certificates of the former and current president with precise explanations

“Documentation beats argumentation”

2. clarification on the radio broadcast of Mr. Juan Joaquin

(Surname unclear, title cannot be verified)

Publication in the weekly newspaper:


3. The Case Mario Bracho

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The Settlers of El Paraiso Verde

“We, the settlers of EL Paraiso Verde are here for you, so that YOU have a home when you need one.”

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