Newsletter: Noahs Ark No. 48 – El Paraiso Verde – NOW the SETTLERS are talking! – Heinz – Predicate: TRUE – deleted from Youtube within hours

Newsletter El Paraiso VerdeDear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Predicate: TRUE – deleted from Youtube within hours

Censorship has struck: we have uncovered the lies of fake news. Thousands of people were still watching the video at 19:30 on Thursday, but it was deleted by YouTube during the night without sufficient justification. Everyone is allowed to lie like crazy on YouTube, but if you expose the lies with documents, you will be deleted because of “data protection”. Protection of perpetrators also comes before protection of victims on YouTube. How can you expose a lie if not through DOCUMENTS? Without documents, it’s just a counter-claim, isn’t it?

All the more reason to come to El Paraiso Verde and secure a place where you can live in peace in safety and in an awakened community while the world out there slowly crumbles.

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The MDR report “Corona emigration: “Green paradise” becomes a case for the judiciary | Umschau | MDR” is a masterpiece of media manipulation!

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El Paraiso Verde – NOW the SETTLERS are talking! – Heinz

Anyone who founds a community of the heart in which people of every skin color, religion, worldview and philosophy of life can live in peace, freedom, joy and abundance has many enemies. And if you then say where you are AGAINST (certain syringes, ideological rainbow colors…) and if you stand up to the evil in this world with truth and clarity, you are a small project with just under 250 settlers in the world press and on international television.

The slander against the EPV is already so abstruse and illogical that one can only shake one’s head. But this sick smear campaign has awakened the “sleeping giant”.

NOW the settlers are talking! HEINZ: has been at El Paraiso Verde for 3.5 years. Has had many experiences. He speaks openly about ex-settlers who used rumors to dissuade newcomers from staying, about the “master of manipulation” BUKER (Bücker, Büker), who blinded almost everyone – including the founders.

Even in front of all the settlers, Buker took sole responsibility, but in October 2023 he fled to a 400 m² house in Maciel that he had built with settler money. Heinz talks about the pressure Erwin and Sylvia Annau were under and how NOW, together with the founders and the settlers, everything is being put in order.




A wonderful weekend!
Erwin Annau

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P. S.: Who can help us become self-sufficient? Our vegetable production needs you if you have experience, entrepreneurial spirit and a “green thumb”…

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