Newsletter: Noahs Ark 48A – Heinz – Deleted from Youtube because telling the truth

Newsletter El Paraiso VerdeDear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Censorship has struck again: Heinz, who told the truth about the last president and about us, was deleted from Youtube within a few hours – because of a picture of Buker! And this in violation of YouTube’s own “fair use rules”!

We have uploaded the Heinz video again – without this picture. We have “nicer pictures” of Buker and especially of his 400 m² house in Maciel, which he presumably built with the settlers money.


New version on Youtube (with new photos of Buker and his house)

Alternatively on Odysee:

The Deep State knows it: Here is an international community where you can still be FREE to say and believe WHAT you want and realize your life plan – without fear, without poisons, without the madness “out there.”

What would happen if someone PROVES that people can live together peacefully in the same place, despite different worldviews, religions, skin colors and lifestyles, without “parliament, government, authorities and the whole jungle of laws and regulations”?

That’s right: the matrix would be finished, over and done with.
We, the settlers of El Paraiso Verde, have defied all attacks. We are here to stay and shut down this perfidious matrix.

We are realizing our common vision! Make sure you have a place on our Noah’s Ark. When the foreseeable world events arrive later this year, “everyone” will want to come. Contact us now at:

We are currently experiencing another info week. Tenor: the best thing about El Paraiso Verde is the people who have woken up and have an open heart.

Come to El Paraiso Verde now – get to know El Paraiso Verde:

Info week: Appointment under

  • Visit: 2 weeks for the price of one!
  • Caracol plots with 30% discount (also UNDER 5000 EURO), Tiny-houses from approx. 30.000 Euro
  • The remaining RELJUV plots (many have been sold) minus 15%
  • Hectare plots in Pirapo 1 and 2 minus 30%
  • Investor program with up to 27.27% yield
  • Special investor program: on request
Now on Bitchute and Rumble – uncensored

El Paraiso Verde Channel:

El Paraiso Verde Channel:




I signed more titles again on Friday. Today, Sunday, I have already signed 2 more applications for titles. About 20 titles are being processed at the registry.

We have been waiting over 6 years for the titles,
We, the founders and the settlers have been in control for 7 months.
We have had the TITLES since January 2024,
so NOW is the time to invest.

See you soon in the El Paraiso Verde

Erwin Annau


Take a look at these videos:

The first steps: El Paraiso Verde – Emigrating to Paraguay – 2018
You can still see Peter Fischer (deceased) and the original Pira Tava Lake and – lots of green…

EPV Germans and Austrians in Paraguay: 2019

EPV from bird view – May 2021

EPV from bird view – April 2024

P.P.S.: Who can help us become self-sufficient? Our vegetable production needs you if you have experience, entrepreneurial spirit and a “green thumb”.

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