Newsletter 49: Full steam ahead – into the new Era of El Paraiso Verde

Newsletter El Paraiso VerdeDear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Full steam ahead – into the new era of El Paraiso Verde

After 2 weeks of unusually cold weather in Paraguay (8 degrees Celsius at night), fall is back with wonderful temperatures ranging from 22 degrees at night to 29 degrees during the day, with a fresh breeze and a wonderfully bright sun…



I signed more titles again on Thursday. Every day I sign 1-2 applications for more titles.

Safe and secure ownership in a unique community of like-minded people.

EXTRA TRAVEL for English speaking visitors:

Due to requests, especially from Canada, we have slipped in an extra trip in English during the 3rd week of June. If you want to know why:

Here is the reason provided by the President Bank of Canada:

Therefore: Ask for an appointment and book your trip with or without Cedula:

You can see how beautiful the journey is in the following video:

Emigrating to Paraguay:

Visitors talk about El Paraiso Verde

We all celebrate together

We go ahead and celebrate our wonderful community with lots of fun karaoke. Hear what our settlers, our staff and our guests have to say about El Paraiso Verde.

Episode 1: Claudia and Melanie


Fancy singing along?

Then come soon! Next karaoke evening on the June trip


Erwin Annau


Come to El Paraiso Verde now: get to know El Paraiso Verde:

Info week: Appointment under
Visit: 2 weeks for the price of one!
Caracol – plots with 30% discount (also UNDER 5000 EURO), Tiny-Houses from approx. 30.000 Euro
The remaining RELJUV plots (many have been sold) minus 15% until the end of June 2024
Plots per hectare in Pirapo 1 and 2 minus 30%
Investor program with up to 27.27 % yield
Special investor program: on request

Get your money out of the bank and invest in a property with TITEL

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3 Channels without Youtube censoring.

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Where do you go?

Have you seen the videos yet?

The first steps: El Paraiso Verde – Emigrating to Paraguay -2018

You can still see Peter Fischer (deceased) and the original Pira Tava Lake and – lots of green…

EPV Germans and Austrians in Paraguay:  2019

 EPV from a bird’s eye view – May 2023

EPV from a bird’s eye view – April 2024

P. S.: Who can help us become self-sufficient? Our vegetable production needs you if you have experience, entrepreneurial spirit and a “green thumb”.

House building professionals wanted!

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