Newsletter: 50: Immigrate to Paraguay – El Paraiso Verde NEW – So it is REALLY here!!

Newsletter El Paraiso VerdeDear El Paraiso Verde Friends,

Paraguay Emigration – El Paraiso Verde NEW – THIS IS HOW IT REALLY IS!


If you want to know what it’s REALLY like somewhere in the world, you should ask those who have been there for a LONG time, right?

Collie has experienced a lot in 4 years in El Paraiso Verde.

As a successful and busy Berlin lawyer, she was there for the third restart in January 2021. Thanks to her professional experience and her lifelong social commitment, she can separate facts from opinions. Collie stays out of conviction. Her home is El Paraiso Verde – a SAFE, and soon to be AUTHENTIC heart community of awakened, spiritual people.

When you build a community that breaks completely new ground in realizing the goal of ALL people – a life in peace, freedom, love, mutual respect and responsibility – you build such a community several times over. – El Paraiso Verde has been rebuilt 4 times in 7 years. Now, in 2024, the goal has been achieved.

Colli is doing exactly what you should do to be HAPPY in a community of the heart:

1. focus first on building your own ideal living space (your personal paradise in a green paradise).

2. build a house (or find the right rental apartment)

3. plant LOTS of trees: planting lots of trees roots you in your new home.

4. get involved in the community, get involved and thus arrive with your HEART.

Those who do this STAY at El Paraiso Verde and are permanently HAPPY. There are many people at El Paraiso Verde who have done just that. The vision of 2017 and 2018 was realized by us together – the dream of a happy life in a community of the heart with like-minded people was seen 8 years ago, set into the world as a vision 7 years ago and this vision is NOW – 2024 REALITY.


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Properties with TITLE in El Paraiso Verde – latest news:

We are expecting 8 titles to sign next week. Yesterday and today I have again sent 3 orders to the notary for the title deeds.

EXTRA Travel in JUNE 2024
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Come to El Paraiso Verde now: get to know El Paraiso Verde:

  • Info week: Appointment under
  • Visit: 2 weeks for the price of one!
  • Caracol plots with 30% discount (also UNDER 5000 EURO), Tiny-Houses from approx. 30.000 Euro
  • The remaining RELJUV plots (many have been sold) minus 15% until the end of June 2024
  • Plots per hectare in Pirapo 1 and 2 minus 30%
  • Investor program with up to 27.27 % yield
  • Special investor program: on request

Get your money out of the bank and invest in a property with TITEL.

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The first steps: El Paraiso Verde – Emigrating to Paraguay -2018

You can still see Peter Fischer (deceased) and the original Pira Tava Lake and – lots of green…


EPV Germans and Austrians in Paraguay:  2019


EPV from the bird view – May 2023


EPV from the bird view – April 2024


P. S.: Who can help us become self-sufficient? Our vegetable production needs you if you have experience, entrepreneurial spirit and a “green thumb”.


House building professionals wanted!

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