Newsletter: Organic food for every taste at El Paraiso Verde – Part 1

Newsletter El Paraiso Verde

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

What are the THREE most important things in life?
I mean on a physical level. The first 3 I meant…..

1. air to breathe
2. water to drink and
3. nutritious food.

That’s why we live with our friends at El Paraiso Verde.

  1. Here in El Paraiso Verde the sky is deep blue more than 300 days a year and streak-free all year. (No aluminum – barium – strontium broth from huge airplanes…..)
  2. We have clean water from 100-300 meters deep, 1A drinking water quality.
  3. We have healthy, organic food from soils that have never been treated with artificial fertilizers and pesticides, in a region of Paraguay that is hundreds of kilometers away from commercial farmlands at a nature reserve.

Organic food for every taste at El Paraiso Verde – Part 1

Sylvia takes you through our BIO food production and into our minimercado, probably the only store in Paraguay where you can buy alkaline OVIMED body care products, Jentschura- Wurzelkraft, Alkaline Bath and Dr. Goerg products.
Healthy nutrition and detoxification are the key to youth and health.

Afterwards we visit Janina and Christian in their beautiful house at Lago Pora (beautiful lake) in El Paraiso Verde. Our settlers produce yogurt, cottage cheese, bread (whole wheat) spreads and Janina cooks for special events (birthdays, anniversaries).

For herself and her family Janina cooks vegetarian, but on request other food is deliciously prepared and served as in a hood gourmet restaurant. Some of the ingredients she has from her own garden.


Life at El Paraiso Verde – a pleasure!

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Du willst mit sauberer Luft, sauberem Wasser und biologischem Essen leben?

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In Love

Erwin Annau

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