Noahs Ark Nr. 11 – Confirmation of the Submission of the first 15 Land Registry Applications in the Cadastre

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Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

It took 7 years and 2 days.
On August 22, 2016, RELJUV S.A. was founded.
Now it’s here – the document thousands have been waiting for.
The confirmation of the submission of the first 15 land registry applications in the Cadastre of Paraguay…


Thousands who have followed us for years through the newsletter, our YouTube channel and social media are now confirmed in their trust in the founders and the Board of REJUV S.a.e.c.a..

We are delivering on our promises. Even if in real life everything takes longer, in the end everything is much more difficult than you ever imagined, even if you are thrown sticks between the legs, if you are slandered, bad-mouthed, insulted in the worst way and demonized – just then you have to muster your own ethics and discipline all the more, not to lose sight of the goal and to fight until victory. Without ifs and buts.

“Great roads you always walk alone.”

We have promised that everyone who meets the criteria according to the condominium contract will be registered in the land register.

Here’s the proof: with dates and times – accurate to the second – these first 15 applications from our settlers now have PRIORITY in the Land Registry. This means: any application made after this date (time, minute, second) by any other person regarding the submitted plots will be rejected as having been received later and therefore as invalid, because of the entry recorded with date and time in the land register.

The priority principle (also priority principle) is applied in various areas of law and describes rules according to which, among several similar transactions, only the earlier in time is to be taken into account (prior tempore potior iure – earlier in time, stronger in law).

In the case of dispositions, the consequence of this principle is that if a person entitled to dispose of the same right makes several dispositions, only the oldest is effective, while subsequent dispositions are ineffective, since the ownership of the right ends when the first disposition takes effect.

The principle goes back to the general legal idea that one cannot transfer more rights than one has (nemo plus iuris ad alium transferre potest quam ipse haberet – D. 50, 17, 54).[1]

In land register law, the principle of priority under land register law applies. Germany: According to § 17 GBO, applications for registration which concern the same right are to be dealt with in the order in which they are received by the land registry. This is no different in Paraguay.

Also the notarial act of the purchase of a property establishes the priority in the transfer of ownership by the entry in the notary book. The entry in the Land Registry establishes the priority in the Land Registry and therefore the privilege in the publicity of the transfer of ownership documented by the notarial deed.

Noahs Ark – El Paraiso Verde

The RUN on the remaining 250 plots has begun….

Already in the last weeks some (of course uninoculated) interested parties have bought plots, also such interested parties who have never been with us before. These wanted to secure a plot in the best locations still available – also as a plan B and also in view of the expected price increase for all plots due to the completion of the road and the issuance of the titles.

Therefore, there are only a few lots left vacant in the Paraiso Verde district.

This is the state of the plots BEFORE the info week that starts today:

Bild PV

Since the last screenshot about 6 weeks ago, almost 20 plots have been sold (marked red) or reserved for purchase in the near future (marked orange).
Still available are the white plots (free) and the purple plots (resale by investors). For the gray lots, a project must be submitted (e.g., an arts and crafts, a pub, rental apartments, shops…..). The one red, large plot in the gray field, for example, will become a meeting place, a special children – care and a pottery, as well as rental apartments on the second floor.

Quickly secure a plot in the district of Paraiso Verde near the school, café and minimercado?

Please contact here

Bild P1

Also around the new village P1-43 some plots were sold. There are still about 25 low-priced plots for sale. In this village are currently being built about 10 houses, one house is almost finished (advertised for sale). This week the works for permanent electricity supply and activation of the deep well already drilled in P2 – 41 were released.

The settlement of Pirapo 2 – 10 to 13 and Pirapo 1 – 40 to 43 will also be sold out soon.

For Pirapo 1 – 40 to 42 we are still looking for settlers who would like to build an establishment (ice cream store, cafe, gallery, store, etc) at the village center in the planned pedestrian zone. The park there will be planted. A restaurant will be started soon (this is our next ground plate) and 2 settlers would like to build a bar in this village center.

Interested in an affordable lot in the Pirapo 1 or 2 district near the new town center?

Please contact here

INFOWOCHE: The First exclusively for SPANISH – speaking guests

From September 28th to October 5th we will hold the first SPECIAL Info Week for Spanish Speakers. There is great interest, especially from Argentina. Advertising for the trip has begun through our television and radio stations.

The way to the land register – title for all our settlers who have been faithful to us is clear! We thank you for your trust.

All love

Erwin Annau

P.S. On the subject of our last newsletter: Vaccination: love is lost, Mr. Fuellmich

Video here

Wanted: Marketing Specialist

1. good knowledge, English German, at least the will to learn Spanish quickly.
2. experience in website design, SEO, social media,
3. marketing experience
4. relocation to EPV

Ask here

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