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Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

An eventful 7 years of El Paraiso Verde

When I sat with Robert Stein in 2016, we briefly discussed what topics should be covered before the interviews. Several times Robert Stein cautioned that we should not exaggerate. I should argue “froth-brained.” Thus, I should NOT talk about a possible war as a cover-up for a broken monetary policy. However, the reality since then has not been “frothy-eyed” at all, but much worse than we could have imagined at the time….

Since 2017 Immo crash, recession, inflation, riots and migrant crime and then still another Plandemic with injection of a bio-weapon. How violent the attack of the dark forces on humanity would be, was not imaginable even for us “conspiracy theorists” at that time.

The attack on humanity and the “desecration” by the interaction of an artificially produced virus with an injection of self-reproducing poisons, which change the genetics AND can also permanently damage people and make them infertile, if they are together with vaccinated people on a daily basis, would have been dismissed as a cheap doomsday movie in 2016.

A Refuge in Paraguay

Since the lockdown, El Paraiso Verde became a refuge for people sensitive to radiation, toxins, and spike proteins.

The settler population was and is mRNA-unvaccinated, and the settlers soon realized how toxic regular residence among vaccinated people was. I myself became ill 2x due to being around a vaccinated (former) co-worker.

Some of our settlers get sick immediately when they get near vaccinated people, some can even tell you how often and with what vaccination these people were injected.

The settlers have decided to make El Paraiso Verde the only “country” (the only large, contiguous and self-sufficient settlement area) in the world where only unvaccinated people can settle. UN-vaccinated people also have human rights!

How about:

  • The right to keep and pass on your own God-given genetic code?
  • The right to protection from daily infection with gene-modifying substances?
  • The right to breathe air free of nano-particles, Morgellons and nanobots?
  • The right to protect one’s children from perverted ideas, images and videos?
  • The right to be protected from radiation weapons (5 G, HAARP)

etc. etc….

We have excellent Remedies

We have much fewer health problems at El Paraiso Verde. Parents no longer worry about their children’s fertility and health and – if someone does get sick – we have MMS, CDL, ivermectin and zinc, vitamins C, D, K2 and Sangre de Dragon, an indigenous remedy.

Slowly, more and more scientific studies are coming to the public, proving that close and frequent contact with vaccinated people in the long run causes health damage, which in severe cases resembles the disease symptoms of vaccinated people. Very frequently tested individuals have symptoms similar to those of vaccinated individuals.

Nothing has divided humanity more than COVID mRNA vaccination. The division cuts across all families, including ours. Turbo cancer has appeared in many families (including ours) and in some families relatives have died suddenly.

The Vaccination created TWO Worlds

So described in the interview of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich with Harald Kauz-Vella.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is probably the best known lawyer in circles of resistance against COVID and vaccination. In the largest class action lawsuit in history, he, along with over 10,000 doctors and lawyers, are suing Big Pharma for administering COVID tests that were not only wrong in a large percentage of cases, but highly toxic. Those who have been tested often can ALSO suffer permanent and most severe health damage. Some say: “often tested is also vaccinated.”

Few know that Dr. Fuellmich is a spiritually awakened man who interviews alternative scientists even on controversial, spiritual topics.

Harald Kautz-Vella is such a scientist. I watched the 2.5 hour video in its entirety. Not that I agree with everything Mr. Kauz-Vella says, but his viewpoints on spiritual issues are an interesting enrichment of one’s own viewpoint on the questions “Who are we?” and “Why are we there?”.

Kauz-Vella’s comments on spike proteins and what they really do are hard science.

Especially explosive are his scientifically based views on the worst effect of mRNA vaccination – the permanent separation of the soul from the body. The vaccination and the contagion of the unvaccinated by the spike proteins constantly secreted by the vaccinated lead to a creeping dehumanization and separation of the eternal, divine consciousness BEING from the avatar (body).

According to him, the inoculated slowly and insidiously “inoculate” the uninoculated through their constant contact.

Listening to this interview, one slowly realizes that we are in the midst of a world war against humanity, the Divine in man, against the eternal consciousness that we are, against our God-given Love-Light Body and against our Soul.

Nobody must believe the following, certainly not with us:

According to the opinion of some alternative historians, humans – have been living on a prison planet for 400,000 to 500,000 years and are enslaved, dumbed down, degenerated and made sick. If one observes the developments of the last 3 years and examines the poisoning with nanochip, graphene oxide, highly poisonous Morgellons, but also with spiritual poisoning over LGBTQ and transhumanism more exactly, one gets the idea that these dark forces ruling since eons want to convert the prison planet Earth now into an eternal soul prison of transhumanism.

Who looks for the hell and finds thereby the earth – lies at least at present not far from the truth.

BUT: It is only up to us to recognize and act decisively. Then the earth can again become the paradise it once was. El Paraiso Verde is the beginning – a toxin-free habitat.

The Satanic Agenda will not succeed for the dark ones IF we wake up and say NO – OFF – STOP – BEFORE to this diabolical goings-on.

Video HERE

El Paraiso Verde 5.0 – The only country with the RIGHT to humanity and sonship to God.

The following definitions are from the Internet:

What is humanity in philosophy (lat. humanitas: humanity)? The term designates the possibilities inherent in man, whose development corresponds to an ideal conception of being human. Particularly addressed are his spiritual development through education and the development of a moral attitude.

Humanity or humanity (lat. humanitas) is the most fundamental human basic value. It means the practical implementation of the ideas of humanism. Humanity refers to general humanity, love of humanity and love of one’s neighbor.

What constitutes humanity?

Humanity is usually seen as the positive attitude towards fellow human beings. Qualities such as empathy, consideration, attentiveness, tolerance and respect for others make up humanity. It is expressed when a person understands and empathizes with another.

Characteristics of humanity:

Mindfulness – Mercy – Empathy – Respect – Consideration – Tolerance.

El Paraiso Verde – the only non-sectarian, tolerant and toxin-free settlement in the world.

What do the AMISH people have in common with the settlers of El Paraiso Verde?

amish people 1 epv people 1

At first sight quite little: We dress colorfully, celebrate parties, we like to drink a good glass of beer or wine, we discuss about flat earth, round earth, torus earth, with us there is no taboo subject. We have Christians, new Christians, esoterically oriented, as well as open to eastern philosophies settlers, but also simply not philosophically or religiously oriented, empathetic and sympathetic settlers among us – in other words: quite normal PEOPLE.

So, what do the settlers of El Paraiso Verde have in common with AMISH?

We live in a toxin-free, mRNA-impact-free, and at least radiation-free settlement, and we look to everyone to have the right to a toxin-free and radiation-free life.

Radiation-FREE is hardly possible today, not even for AMISH People, but we don’t have a cell phone tower in the settlement, use more and more cable (fiber optics) in our houses and our settlers are not allowed to radiate with their WiFi over the property line or in Pira Tava the WiFi should be switched off from 10-6 pm. We are not perfect but (hopefully) neither are the Amish People…

Our food is organic and toxin-free. Our water is absolutely clean and free of chemicals.

We, the citizens of El Paraiso Verde, therefore offer mRNA-unvaccinated people from all over the world a retreat and habitat, free from the ubiquitous toxins that humanity is exposed to worldwide today.

El Paraiso Verde has:

  • No chemtrails and weather manipulation
  • No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
  • No chlorine, fluoride or other toxins in the drinking water
  • No poisoning from 5G and only minimal 4G radiation
  • No poisoning by spike proteins
  • No mental garbage, such as LGBTQ, early sexualization, pedophilia, and moral degeneracy

At El Paraiso Verde there is:

  • Freedom of speech (with mutual respect).
  • Free practice of religion and spiritual practices
  • Free development and realization of one’s own life plan or soul plan
  • The right to happiness

We therefore formulate the…


We, the settlers of El Paraiso Verde, believe and determine that every settler has the following rights:

  1. The right to live without fear in a safe, secure living space.
  2. The right to be who you are without having to play a role.
  3. The right to express one’s own opinion without having to pay attention to “political correctness”.
  4. The right to clean, toxin-free water and food.
  5. The right to live in a rational, reasonable community, free from destructive worldviews such as racism, LGBTQ, and early sexualization.
  6. The right to live without being poisoned by spike proteins, graphene oxide, nanobots, Morgellons, and other toxic substances
  7. The right to a sky free of nanoparticles, barium, strontium, and aluminum

If you want to live in a place like this, secure a plot at El Paraiso Verde NOW. We have about 250 lots left until we close the pods and sail into the new times together with the “Noah’s Ark” El Paraiso Verde.

Contact here!

All love

Erwin Annau

P.S. More about vaccination, spike proteins

Now Dr. Lanka is talking:
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Dr. Paul Marik:
Spike proteins are the most toxic substance known to mankind because they alter genes.
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3. marketing experience
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