Noahs Ark No. 9: The Reckoning with the Regime Marito begins

El Paraiso Verde - Paraguay auswandern - Auswandern nach Paraguay

Dear El Paraiso Verde Fans,

As I have told you in previous newsletters and in the Matrixxer interview: the last 5 years under Marito have been a disaster for Paraguay!

Marito apparently had the task of turning the country into a leftist-socialist Corona mandatory vaccination – 5 G controlled dictatorship. That succeeded in almost all states of South America.

Without El Paraiso Verde, our brave and loyal settlers and us (Juan, Sylvia and me) it would have succeeded. We thoroughly foiled the plot of Mr. Marito and the self appointed so called World Saviors of Davos!

What did the Marito regime mean for El Paraiso Verde and especially for Erwin, Sylvia and Juan?

For the three of us: unimaginable stress, deprivation of soul and life energy, and (as with any war) considerable costs.

But there was no choice: the war had to be won.

Strictly speaking, no true human being could make this thing up:
Almost weekly nonsensical or destructive legislative proposals, campaigns or decrees … and again, Juan had to go to Asuncion with the strategies and solutions suggested by us founders and developed by the 3 of us to avert the catastrophe for the country and therefore for us as well.

The planned “Body Discovery Zone” in kindergartens and elementary schools, financed by the E.U. with over 80 million euros, was still the most harmless madness.

But we have also turned off this madness with, among other things, the largest demonstration in Paraguay’s history against LGBTQ insanity. The “funding” for the dehumanization of people and the abolition of the divine laws of creation was rejected by the Parliament. The money did NOT go to Paraguay. Children are allowed to remain children in Paraguay. Our cost? Stress? Life energy? Who cares about that?

And so we have shut down or nipped in the bud face diapers, PCR-test-epidemic, bio-weapon injections, 5G, chemtrails, immigration restrictions, conversion to socialist economic laws, attempts to make access to weapons more difficult, and much more. Big thanks to the many other positive forces that have supported us, especially thanks to the late Dr. Luis Cartes, to Dr. Juan Buker, and to National Council Member Abelino Davalos.

During the past 5 years, there have been at least 10 attempts by the dark forces that would have hit El Paraiso Verde on the lifeblood (mostly immigration and monetary transactions) and thus broken it (e.g., 10 months of no bank account for EPV).

At least 10 times we did not know if EPV would continue. And then 2 months practically no money at all (SWIFT did not work for us and many other Paraguayan companies in April and May 2023).

The saddest part of it wall were the sneaky attacks of the envious and stinkers who did not understand anything at all, but spread the most absurd conspiracy theories about us in social media.

Such as . “Erwin and Sylvia are cloned and have brought suitcases of cash to Argentina”. I can’t remember, but that may have been my third clone, I’ll have to have serious talk with him…. Jokes aside: Just unnecessary disruption while we were fighting the war for a free country for these perpetual bad-mouthers too.

And for all of you who are now shouting “for God’s sake- Paraguay – how awful!”:

Don’t you have this madness every day in your own home country? Can you DO something in your home country against this perverted nonsense? Can you just go to your parliament and stop destructive laws? Do you have a voice in the Main Stream media? Can you loudly voice your protest in the main evening program of the mass media TV stations?

You don’t – YES, WE CAN.

What did this time mean for our settlers?

According to our condominium contract, every settler has the right to have a beautiful day. (By the way: the three of us are also settlers in El Praiso Verde). But we kept these attacks on our home El Paraiso Verde away from the settlers as good as possible.
Almost all could enjoy their “beautiful day” in EPV. It would also have been of no use to take the settlers “into the boat”. They could neither have rowed nor steered along. Therefore all the settlers with a positive mindset had a nice day at El Paraiso Verde. Many of them though sensed that there was something going on in the background. Some were certainly worried.

But everything is not only going to be fine, it’s already fine.
All we have to do now is clear away the rubble and garbage after the battle, heal the wounds and intensify the reconstruction that has already begun. And there we are already mighty far advanced: our houses are being finished faster again, the cattle herds are returning, the information weeks are back to normal size and amount of settlers is growing.

The war is over. Paraguay is free

And here comes the inevitable question of all those who are considering the idea of emigrating to Paraguay:

Who guarantees that this freedom won will not be lost after the term of Santi Peña? Do you want a PR-answer or do you want to know the truth?

ONLY YOU, ONLY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU – Yes, I mean you, you and you.

Sorry, the truth is not always pleasant. We all lost Europe and Canada long ago because we didn’t stand up and fight for freedom when it was still possible. And in the U.S. the system is corrupt and rotten to the core. Every government institution has been infiltrated by the Deep State.

We haven’t had a chance to fight the dark Empire of Evil in Europe and Canada since many decades. Believe me, I tried in Austria twice and failed. The network of the secret society octopus in Europe and in Canada is too strong. Anyone who stands up against it in Austria or Germany has at least a criminal „tax-evasion“ case out of nowhere on his hands or goes to jail, to a psychiatric ward or has a car accident….

Let me know how it is in Canada and the U.S.

In Paraguay we are about where we were in Germany and Austria in the 60-ies. From 1970 on, the war against the dark forces in Germany and Austria was already lost.

In Germany under Willy Brandt (kneeling in Warsaw – Nobel Peace Prize 1971),
Oh yeah, the „right people“ have always received the Nobel Peace Prize, such as Barack Obama……

In Austria, everything was over under Bruno Kreisky (Chancellor from 1970 to 1983). e.g.: 1970 beginning of the successive lowering of the education standard: State-ordered, systematic dumbing down of the people. The war was already lost.

Do you really think you elected your politicians from 1970 on? Good morning.

In the U.S. Probably every president after J.F.K.was rather installed than elected.

And just as a side note: What did 3 United States presidents have in common who wanted to change the source of evil in the U.S.?

The first one wanted to introduce the „Green Back“ issued by congress and not by a private bank posing as „Federal“. The second one wanted to go head on against the Deep State
And the third one wanted to audit the U.S. Gold Reserves…

1. Abraham Lincoln – shot and killed
2. John F. Kennedy – shot and killed
3. Ronald Reagan – shot and wounded

Just listen to JFKs words:

In Paraguay you now have a window of time of 5 years, maybe with Vice President and possible successor Pedro Alliana 10 years in which you can settle in Paraguay (now liberated by the patriots and by us) and cast permanent freedom for you and your familiy and generations to come in stone. It is your choice.

We have done the hardest part and saved Paraguay as a bastion of freedom in the greatest war against humanity (Covid-Plandemic), while the rest of Europe and Canada may go through an unimaginable valley of tears for the next 10 years.

I wonder if the U.S. will manage to break free in 2024? Whether Trump is really “the good guy and the white knight in shining armor?” I have some doubts about that, but we’ll see. At least I see much more hope for the U.S. than I can see for Canada and Europe.

This does not mean that the U.S. (Especially the Blue States) will not have quite a few very challenging years ahead considering the enormous problems like illegal immigration, inflation, unemployment, perverted education, and many others.

For a U.S. family it may not be the best time to raise a familiy during the challenging years to come for the Americans, EVEN IF the white hats win the war against the insurrectionists under the current P resident.

For all of you out there in Europe, Canada and the U.S. 2024 will be a year when you had better be 11,000 miles away from the gunshots, the riots and the civil unrest.

Your only guarantee for YOUR freedom is your determination to defend freedom by any means necessary and to remain vigilant, awake and informed so that humanity never again sinks into this collective madness.


“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan, Source: Town and Country Magazine

They sacrificed their families, their fortunes, their homes, their health and their lives for the freedom of speech, worldview, thought, privacy, the right to life, health and self-defense through the right to bear arms, so that the generations after them would have a life that those who gave their lives on the battlefields of Lexington, Concord, Bunker Hill and many others could not have for OUR freedom.

The Price of Freedom

Constant vigilance and the resolve and absolute determination to fight back. There is no other price.

Your freedom as an eternal, divine, spiritual being is more important than your current avatar (your body).

During the American Revolution the patriots or „Whigs“ went into battle against the British with the battle cry: “Give me freedom, or give me death”.

They sacrificed their families, their fortunes, their homes, their health and their lives for freedom of speech, belief and thought. They fought for the right to privacy, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They knew from personal experience how important the right to BEAR ARMS was to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.

They sacrificed their lives on the battlefields of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill so that the generations to come could enjoy peace and freedom, something these brave patriots were never allowed to experience.


El Repasador, one of the most watched political programs in Paraguay on Channel 13 is broadcast Monday through Friday from 10 pm to 0 am. In this program, current political issues are being discussed.

The host is Pipo Dios. With him, the show is shaped by a select group of political commentators, including those who swim against the main stream and represent different, alternative opinions. Most of these commentators are also well-known investigative journalists.

El Repasador is among the programs with the highest audience ratings in Paraguay
In the broadcast on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, the guests were Mrs. Maricel Thomen, Hugo Vera, Hugo Valenzuela and Dr. Juan Buker.

Juan really let them have it and downloaded some of his anger at the systematic blocking on the part of the Marito regime of all efforts to bring investors and qualified immigrants to Paraguay. And you bet, no eye remained dry.

The blocking of the asphalting of the road to El Paraiso Verde promised by Cesar Troche in front of running TV cameras for the end of 2017, which will now hopefully be carried out by January 2024 under Santi Peña, has probably cost us 2.2 million USD per year in investor funds.

To be successful despite all adversity – nice, but we would have liked it to be a little easier.

Dr. Buker also strongly denounces the immigration obstruction deliberately ordered by Marito.

Dr. Buker promises a turnaround in immigration, infrastructure and opportunities for immigrants with the new president Santi Peña. And we – Erwin and Sylvia think so too. We have talked with Santi for a long time and feel that his heart is in the right place.

How deep hatred and frustration about the lost Marito years sits with the people in Paraguay can be seen in the enthusiastic applause of the audience – it came from the bottom of their hearts….


See you soon in El Paraiso Verde!
Erwin Annau

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